About a boy will and fiona relationship quiz

Shameless: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Fiona’s Relationships

about a boy will and fiona relationship quiz

Related quizzes can be found here: Shameless (US) Quizzes Karen never names (or doesn't know) who is the father of her baby boy, born with Asian features and Down's What did Fiona do that ended her relationship with Mike?. This quiz goes over more than 50 main, secondary, and guest characters. He was romantically involved with Fiona Gallagher on and off for the first . of his relationships will ever compare to the one he had with this guy. Will Freeman, according to a magazine quiz he has taken, has a “coolness” rating just when Will is wondering how to break up and still be considered a nice guy. Will meets Suzie, Fiona's best friend, at the meeting and is invited to a SPAT.

Okay, maybe a lot. He is hot and funny, though. He used to work at The Alibi Room, which he now owns. Plus, he's also one of the Gallagher's neighbors and a close friend of the families. He's got good paternal instincts, but he can get really shameless without his wife, Veronica.

Who is this guy? Question 15 You mostly saw this woman in her Southside home. Because she was Gallagher's agoraphobic neighbor. She was Lip's old flame, Karen's mother. She was also in a live-in relationship with Frank when Karen seduced him, although, she got Karen back later when she started sleeping with her husband. Oh, and I almost forgot about her fetish. She loved sticking things where things shouldn't go. Frank got so tired of having a sore butt that he gave up living the free life to get away.

Question 16 This little boy has been through some stuff. He's the youngest of Frank and Monica's children, although, his lineage was questioned at one point. It was proven that he is their biological child. He's also the one who suffered the most from Fiona's downward spiral. Despite all of this, He's turned out to be an okay kid. Frank even got him enrolled in a private school where he's currently a student. Can you name this Gallagher?

about a boy will and fiona relationship quiz

Question 17 This is Ian's love of a lifetime. Jamie Milkovich Terry Milkovich Mickey Milkovich The Shameless producers can bring in all of the new love interests for Ian that they want, yet none of his relationships will ever compare to the one he had with this guy.

about a boy will and fiona relationship quiz

He was the neighborhood bad ass. The brother of Mandy and Ian's on again, off again lover. He fought off coming out for as long as he could, even getting married on his father's orders. Still, nothing, not even himself, could stop him from loving Ian. Question 18 This guy took Fiona for a spin in his cop car. Do you know his name? The only problem was that she only had eyes for Steve, aka Jimmy.


He was a police officer on the Southside who would bring Frank home for Fiona and on occasion helped when her brothers got into trouble. Even if it only meant he could get a shot with Fiona. Fiona did date him once, or twice, then she just dropped the poor guy, but not before she gave him a ride in his cop car.

Question 19 This mother would do anything for her daughter. Her daughter, Veronica wanted to give her boyfriend a kid, but she thought she wasn't going to be able to conceive. That's when Kev and V asked her mom to be their surrogate.

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She agreed, yet they couldn't afford the proper procedure and went the old-fashioned way. This woman literally slept with her daughter's boyfriend to conceive a child for them. Do you remember her name? Question 20 The Russian prostitute with brilliant business sense. Sasha Sabina Svetlana This lady is pretty unforgettable. She slept with Mickey in front of Ian at the request of Mickey's father. She married Mickey and forced him to stay with her and their baby despite knowing he was in love with Ian.

The woman started off the show giving hand jobs, yet ended up in a throuple with Kev and V, while secretly stealing their bar out from under them.

She's cold-hearted, conniving, and witty. Who is this prostitute with brilliant business sense? Question 21 You should recognize this face anywhere! Can you name him? He's not going to win any father of the year awards, but he's their dad and they've consistently cleaned up his messes ever since the series premiere. Despite being an alcoholic, drug addict, this guy is actually a smart guy.

He was going to college with a major in psychology before he met Monica and she turned his world upside down.

about a boy will and fiona relationship quiz

Question 22 This Gallagher is in the best place when he's on his meds. He's the son of Frank and Monica Gallagher, although, his biological father is really Frank's brother, Clayton Gallagher.


He pretended to date a girl once after she was hurt that he turned her down because she didn't know he was gay. She then had a sexual encounter with him on the train, as well as at his apartment, before she came to her senses and called it quits.

about a boy will and fiona relationship quiz

Unfortunately, Mike found out after all, and everything went very badly for Fiona after that point. Ian Ian, the highly-motivated, disciplined and gay third-oldest, is the son of Monica mother to all the other Gallagher children and Frank's brother. Liam, the youngest, is Frank's, despite being black and looking like Frank's first parole officer. After her father humiliated her at the purity ball she set out to hurt him back in the worst ways imaginable.

about a boy will and fiona relationship quiz

What action did Karen take that causes her father to self-destruct? She widely distributes an online sex tape of her and Frank Gallagher Karen seemed to be on a better path at the start of season 2, with her participation in Sex Addicts Anonymous and her relationship with Jody, but she soon devolved back into her old self after discovering she was pregnant.

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She then made the rash decisions of marrying Jody before deciding she didn't want Jody or her baby. Mickey and Mandy Mandy poses as Ian's girlfriend to shield him from gay-bashing and they become good friends, with some true love tinged with regret that their orientations prevent more. Ian and Mickey, Mandy's brother, have a torrid and secret love affair that develops into true caring. Mandy Milkovich Karen disappeared for months after giving up her baby and when she reappeared, Lip was dating Mandy Milkovich.

Mandy was more than a little protective of Lip, knowing that their relationship was the one good thing in her life, but she went to extreme measures to keep Karen away from Lip, forever. V is furious when she finds Kev meeting secretly with another woman. What is Kev doing with this other woman? Learning to read Kev was shuffled among foster families and never learned to read - he has Lip do his taxes, Debbie writes his love notes to V, and he passed his driver's test because "they give those to anybody".

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Once V confirms this, she gives Kev her own brand of English tutoring. In an attempt to uplift her spirits, the family encourages her to join them for a wonderfully normal Thanksgiving dinner. However, what does Monica do that ends up ruining the holiday for everyone?

Attempts suicide in the kitchen during dinner Monica had been sleeping under the main stairs at the Gallagher house in a depressive slump for days before Thanksgiving. Once the kids found her hiding and sleeping there they forced her to join them for a family dinner. Unfortunately Monica disappeared shortly into the dinner began and attempted suicide in the kitchen; the aftermath was seen by all of her children and it was Steve that jumped in to try and stop the bleeding. To help pay for V's traffic tickets Veronica agrees to foster Ether only long enough to get enough state money to pay off her traffic tickets.

He offers nothing and expects everything, taking for granted all of those around him. Of all the disgusting things he did from seasonsand there have been many, which of the following is NOT one of them? Gave Liam to a stranger as collateral on an unpaid debt Feigned a romantic relationship with his daughter, Sammy, to get her to give him a part of her liver Destroyed Fiona's wedding by revealing her future husband to be a heroin addict Burned down the Gallagher household to collect insurance on a policy he didn't realize was expired From Quiz: Burned down the Gallagher household to collect insurance on a policy he didn't realize was expired There could be numerous quizzes all about the disgusting things that Frank has done on the show, but setting fire to the Gallagher household is not one of them.

Smothered by Sheila Peg is released from prison due to her terminal cancer. Sheila opens a hospice in her home and reluctantly takes on Peg as a patient. Sheila and Peg come to some sort of peace, and Sheila performs this last courtesy at Peg's request.

However, when they arrive they discover the offender is a woman and former teacher who had a sexual relationship with an adolescent student. Jealous after discovering Lip had slept with her, what did Mandy Milkovich do to eliminate this rival? Had her brothers dig a grave in her yard to threaten her to leave immediately Mandy again felt it necessary to protect Lip, or get retribution after Lip had a sexual encounter with the woman.