Aeryn sun and john crichton relationship tips

aeryn sun and john crichton relationship tips

Amongst them, Officer Aeryn Sun It's revealed that She says that she was a Peacekeeper then, and her life, relationships and priorities were very different. Flashback to a Aeryn tells Crichton what's done is done, she can't talk about it. . Memorable quotes Edit. John: Makes ya wonder how bad things were back then. John Crichton Aeryn Sun Farscape best science fiction love story really blue eyes, and he's all full of emotions and caring and terrible advice They let a coin toss decide the fate of their relationship, John goes on drugs. Talent Names - John Crichton, Claudia Black most of all, the incredibly interesting relationship between John Crichton, the human astronaut.

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aeryn sun and john crichton relationship tips

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