Agron and nasir relationship problems

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agron and nasir relationship problems

Rated: Fiction M - English - [Agron, Nasir] - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1, didn't work out so up until now he has never had a lasting relationship. It wasn't like it was a problem or anything Nasir just didn't feel like having their. Agron doesn't act like that to anyone else that Nasir hangs with.. that with Nasir than a snowball in hell, he'll stop trying to ruin Nagron's relationship. Nasir only a forced, sad little smile and a bit of an advice, nothing else. Non-Fictional. STILL ALIVE, HAVING SOME PROBLEMS BUT MOSTLY HAPPY TOGETHER killiansjjones. “Agron and Nasir's relationship symbolizes love”.

What I am trying to point out is that Agron is an impulsive young man. Nasir know who Agron is. I find it really hard to believe that Nasir and his new tentative alliance with Castus, wouldn't understand how that could be interpreted by Agron or why he wouldn't think it wouldn't hurt Agron.

agron and nasir relationship problems

Castus is a total dick to Agron. Nasir should be a little more sensitive to this situation.

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Agron doesn't act like that to anyone else that Nasir hangs with. I am not even condoning Agron's actions. I thought he overreacted and was a dick I am pretty positive that our boys get over this, but not without more mis-communication and fights. Yes, Nasir is a bit inconsiderate for being friendly with Castus. The pirate is a very smooth talker and he tries to charm the subligaria off of Nasir and he find this a little bit flattering. All his life before Agron he was treated nothing else but a possession and for someone like that it can be a bit gratifying.

But he would never do anything that jeopardize his relationship with Agron. And I really don't think that Nasir knows what goes on between Castus and Agron when he's not around.

agron and nasir relationship problems

Despite Crixus and Naevia's best efforts Nasir found Agron appealing as well so imagine Agron's surprise when at Naevia's next party Nasir cornered him and made the first move. The kiss was full of teeth, heat, passion and everything Agron wanted and more.

Ever since the two could not get enough of each other and soon Agron found himself in his first lasting relationship.

The two argued, mainly because Agron was a possessive man who didn't like sharing, but Nasir found he liking it and he liked what followed when Agron got jealous. Agron getting jealous is what led to the current predicament. Since getting together Agron found any and every excuse to manhandle Nasir and fuck him against a wall. The amount of times the two of them fucked against the wall was more then either of them could count. The two had gone to the grocery store earlier for food when a man hit on Nasir.

Nasir kept insisting to him that he had a boyfriend and that he wasn't looking for anyone else but the man didn't care and still flirted, well that is until Agron came back from getting the milk and pulled Nasir to him like a wolf claiming it's mate.

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Once getting home Nasir found himself where he was now. Agron growled and had picked Nasir up without warning and slammed him against the wall. Nasir could do nothing but wrap his legs around Agron's waist as the bigger man assaulted his neck.

Agron bit Nasir's earlobe causing the man to let out an inhumane groan.

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Nasir's tried to move his hands but Agron growled out and held them above his head in one hand while his other hand joined his mouth in devouring Nasir. This was the part of their relationship that Agron loved the most; being able to pick Nasir up so easily and just take him against a wall and by the moans the other man was releasing it seemed he didn't mind.

Agron growled out in anger like usual when he had to release his hold on Nasir's arms to rip their clothes away. Once the clothes were gone, some having been ripped, Agron didn't give Nasir a chance to move away before he was picking the man up and slamming him back into the wall.

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Nasir let out a groan and soon the groan came out louder when Agron entered him without preparation. It didn't really hurt because just last night the two of them had fucked but there was a slight sting but Nasir really didn't care.

Ever since getting with Agron his whole perspective on sex and relationships had changed and while Naevia had been concerned when she first found out what their sex life was like she accepted it because it was the happiest the two of them had been, those were her words anyway and Nasir couldn't agree more with them. Nasir tried to move his hands but Agron growled and held them above his head once again as his mouth moved across Nasir's neck.