Akito and leila relationship test

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akito and leila relationship test

Akito and Leila. Edit Or perhaps I am just fooling myself that you love me not as X Code, but as Akito Ryu? ” –Akito [Expand] Relationships Navigation Box. Read Hypnotize from the story Code Love: Akito the Exiled by NhaChi (Nya Chi) Good grades isn't what's only coming for (Y/N),but maybe a relationship with her best friends. "Just a test run," Yukiya said mischievously. +. Leila Malcal (レイラ・マルカル, Reira Marukaru) is the deuteragonist of Code Leila's relationship with Akito can be compared to the likes of Aina Sahalin, Nina .

akito and leila relationship test

Akito the Exiled is a series of five hour-long films that saw theatrical screenings in Japan and recently concluded after five years of releases. Collectively they tell an epic war story set between Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1 and R2, bridging the gap between the two anime series.

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As a side story Akito the Exiled complements the original Code Geass narrative well. The setting is moved from Japan to Europe, where a corrupt aristocracy rule and war rages against the Britannian Empire for those new to the series, or who may need their memory refreshing, this was originally America in the super-complicated Code Geass alternate timeline. Akito meanwhile is a Japanese refugee with a troubled past, and he pilots a mecha on a series of dangerous and action-packed missions.

akito and leila relationship test

His brooding personality reminded me of Makoto in Persona 3although due to the influence of Geass his character frequently flips between melancholic and completely psychopathic.

As with the original series, the exact specifics of how this power works are unsatisfactorily vague, although this time around the confusion somewhat compliments its uncontrolled and increasingly chaotic use. In particular in The Wyvern Arrives film 1 her plights are interesting and multi-layered, especially compared to Akito who reduced to the role of moody bodyguard.

Their transition from cold-blooded murders into soldiers completely loyal to the person they were initially trying to assassinate is unconvincing, and as the show continues the modus operandi seems to be a mission of converting and recruiting the bad-guys, rather than actually killing them. Who was this mystery man? About that time, Captain Anna Clement opened the door.

Anna and Akito had accompanied Leila to Paris. Anna was gathering plans for new weapons for the Alexanders, and Akito was going to be testing the weapons. Anna noticed the flowers and chocolates in Leila's hand and Akito standing by her desk.

Leila noticed a stack of papers in her hands. It must have been the blueprints for the weapons. Minutes ago she had been thinking about Akito and their kiss. Now she was wondering about this secret admirer.

akito and leila relationship test

To top it all off, Anna was now here, and she was surely going to convince Leila to go meet this new man. She ran and read the note. Leila watched as Akito leaned up against the wall and crossed his arms, waiting for Leila's answer. Leila thought about it for a moment but then shook her head.

Leila Malcal

She didn't want to meet with this secret admirer. She had feelings for Akito. She looked over at Akito again. He was just standing there. He didn't seem to care about it, so what would it hurt to go on a date for one night? Anna smiled and said, "I'll go get your things and be right back!

Leila then turned to Akito. He got up off the wall and headed to the door.

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She then sat back down to finish her paperwork. However, she couldn't do it. She was still so divided on going. One side told her it was fine to go, but the other told her to stay here…with Akito. She threw her pen down and laid back in her chair. She closed her eyes and breathed. Just for Valentine's Day. She felt his lips brush her own. She felt his hands on her face. An hour pasted, and then Leila heard another knock.

Anna walked in the room.

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She was carrying a pair of red heels, a red dress, a tube of lipstick, and a hairbrush. Anna looked at her and could tell something was wrong. She knew right away what it was about.

Hyuga, but it's time to think about yourself. Just go out with the man. He obviously likes you.

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It fells weird to be going on a date with someone. It's not like you are going to lose your feelings for Lt. Who knows maybe you might like this guy? He already likes you. Put this on and go out. Call me after and tell me how it goes. Leila locked the door and slipped into the dress. It was a dark red, cap sleeve dress that stopped just above her knees.

She then grabbed her hairbrush and fixed her hair. Finally, she put on the dark red lipstick to match her dress. She was never one for wearing much makeup but a little on a special occasion was fine. She then put on her heels and her coat and walked out. She headed over to the elevator and pressed the button. The door pushed open, and she saw Akito standing there.

He stared when he first saw her but quickly looked away. She stepped in and pressed the button for floor one. She smiled and said, "Thanks, Lt. She rode down to the first floor and then grabbed a cab. Couples were going in and out, holding hands and laughing. Leila walked up to the host's desk. How may I help you? We've been expecting you.

A rose and a candle were on the table.

akito and leila relationship test

Leila smiled as she looked around. Forty-five minutes came and went. No one had shown up to sit with her. She had two glasses of wine and was about to start on her third when she heard a voice she recognized. She glared at him. He grabbed her glass of wine and took a sip. In fact, I encourage it, because I sure as hell won't go out with you. I'm here to see someone important.