And lelouch relationship

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and lelouch relationship

Code Geass is an anime known for many things including mecha, militant themes , supernatural powers, and interpersonal relationships. Lelouch's feelings on the other hand are up for debate. . completely ignore the very unique relationship between Nunnally and Lelouch. With his strategic personality, it is safe to assume that Lelouch would find love in love anyone romantically, but he definitely has a special connection with C.C.

The witch gives power to the devil, and is on the side of the devil.

and lelouch relationship

When the horizon is stained with blood and everything is changed The contract between the devil and the witch does not change. The devil is on the side of the witch, the witch is on the side of the devil.

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An immortal who will resuscitate even if her head is shot by a bullet - that is C. While keeping a human appearance, she uses magical power upon others.

The fear of unknown existence soon converted into aversion. The unexpected word of gratitude from Lelouch. I thought her head was shot with a gun, but she was actually still alive. Why does she always eat pizza anyway? And she pays for them with my card! Sigh, there is no end talking about her bad points. Thanks to this power she gave, Geass, my plan has been greatly ahead of schedule.

Lelouch vi Britannia

She also saved my life. An indispensable existence… though her sense of clothes is the worst. At times like this should I order pizza to feel better?

It might be like a curse for her. No matter how deep her wounds are she would not die, an eternally young girl who cannot live in the same time as human. Sometimes there are parts of C. And yet she also tinkers with the kiss shared between Shirley and Lelouch.

Perhaps the real C. However, there is no doubt that C.

and lelouch relationship

The fate he should live. I have two kids now, work is super busy, all the normal excuses people give for putting things off. The reason for my return is just to provide a counter balance to some of the things I read today, which is in regards to one of the most important relationships to happen in the last decade: I'm not sure what started me down this rabbit hole, but as I have been rewatching Code Geass upon the announcement of part three being released, I started paroozing online just to see what the fandom thought on the shipping wars of Code Geass.

Some of the "definitive" answers I saw online in regards to questions like, "Do C. I don't know what show you watched, but to accept any possibility other than Lelouch and C. It starts at Episode 11, where Lelouch specifically says to C.

He uses a snow metaphor, but it's clear as day because C.

and lelouch relationship

Then he says the snow is beautiful. It doesn't mean they are boning Who would forget this scene? The moment he saw her hand bleeding, he immediately went to her and appease for what he did. In order to save him a few minutes and from the infuriating wrath and wig of Emperor Charles, CC transported Lelouch to her own memories wherein Lelouch saw some glimpse of her past.

There, Lelouch figured out her true wish which was to be loved. Also, there was an episode similar to this in R1 when Lelouch accidentally crept into her memories. This episode, I think, took place after Lelouch accidentally crept inside her head. CC was badly injured as she has gotten a real sharp stone stabbed in her chest while protecting Zero from Suzaku dang it Suzaku, lol.

They were in a cave and Lelouch was mending her wounds, quite astounded that she was healing incredibly fast. When she was asleep, she was mumbling her true name and he found out.

and lelouch relationship