Anna and elsa meet greet disney world fastpass reservations

Meet Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus | Epcot

anna and elsa meet greet disney world fastpass reservations

The duo has moved from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom in Princess Fairytale I did make a FastPass+ reservation online to meet Anna and Elsa, just after The same Cast Members were still stationed at the meet-and-greet and .. but the thing is the paid fast pass systems at parks like Universal and Six. Where to see Anna & Elsa, from Frozen, at the Walt Disney World This ride is drawing long lines so be sure to get a FastPass+ reservation, if at all possible. Where to Meet Anna & Elsa at Disney World the Frozen Ever After ride, Anna & Elsa meet-and-greet. and Princess Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Royal Sommerhus is a new Character Greeting experience with 'Frozen' characters Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, located within Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort. Show In My Plans. Reminder: this is not a reservation. Select Time.

We certainly had done nothing of the sort, but obviously could not explain how or why our day-old booking had simply vanished. Unfortunately, after a very similar conversation with them and several phone calls and scans later, they were also unable to help.

How We Met Elsa and Anna at Disney World with No Wait Time

After disappearing backstage for a few minutes, I was once again denied, as she told me that IT had absolutely no record of me ever booking a reservation to see Anna and Elsa.

As a last ditch effort to salvage my Easter morning, I showed her the tweet I posted 30 days ago in the hopes that she would see I had indeed made the reservation. So I decided to head back to Princess Fairytale Hall one more time with the hopes of finding anyone who could assist me. The same Cast Members were still stationed at the meet-and-greet and they confirmed there was still nothing they could do.

anna and elsa meet greet disney world fastpass reservations

It was time to give up. I intended to visit the Magic Kingdom today only to see Anna and Elsa, planning to leave immediately after. After an always-excellent trip through my favorite Disney attraction, I was walking toward Main Street to leave the park when my cell phone rang with an unfamiliar local number.

anna and elsa meet greet disney world fastpass reservations

I thanked him profusely and headed back to Princess Fairytale Hall to wait for my new reservation time. This is how the system is supposed to work and it would have been a wonderful experience at Even with the glitch, the time I spent wandering the park trying to get it all sorted out was still less than the posted wait time when I arrived in the morning, so it was ultimately a positive result.

Though I was mildly disappointed and rather annoyed that the system had initially failed me today, I would have been far more upset if had been traveling with a little girl whose one dream was to meet Anna and Elsa, only to be denied and repeatedly told to simply enter the hour standby line.

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These are the types of bugs that can be expected during any major software rollout. This is not the case. I never once mentioned my site by name, except when I was asked for my e-mail address by Cast Members to access my account on their system.

anna and elsa meet greet disney world fastpass reservations

When I showed the City Hall Cast Member my tweet, I did not mention or emphasize my name or site in any way, simply showing her the content of the message and timestamp to affirm that I had booked the reservation 30 days prior.

To the best of my knowledge, PR had nothing to do with the positive outcome.

Meet Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus | Walt Disney World Resort

As far as I can tell, it was simply Walt Disney World doing their best to follow up on a poor situation, admitting their fault and making it right. Though it took a couple hours to get fixed, and I was nearly out of the park when it did, I was ultimately happy with the result and even more satisfied that they followed through.

anna and elsa meet greet disney world fastpass reservations

While it is entirely possible that someone could do that, it should not be mentioned. Our daughter was bummed, but once the tears dried, we made a plan.

anna and elsa meet greet disney world fastpass reservations

Fast forward to the night before our second Epcot day. My husband had been looking at restaurants to have a special sit-down meal splurge.

Meet-and-Greet with Anna and Elsa at Princess Fairytale Hall | Magic Kingdom

There was a reservation time at Akershus, the restaurant in Norway, for 9: Then, just as I was drifting off to sleep, it dawned on me that this might be our chance. That means that we could have breakfast at 9: I nudged Havarti and told him to make the reservation. Technology is so cool. So we got to Epcot the next day at 8: Epcot other than the World Showcase opens at 9: The only other people were those who also had breakfast reservations around 9: We got over to Norway at just before 9: And then the heavens parted, and the Norwegian angel checking people in told us that Elsa and Anna were going to start meeting guests in a few minutes—if we wanted to get in line, we could be a few minutes late for our seating.

Are you kidding me??