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Ashmit Patel, Veena Malik Torn Between Love And Hate Relationship

Jul 23, Asif's match-fixing scandal to her much-talked about relationship with Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel and her nude Veena Malik,Mohammed Asif's match-fixing scandal to her much-talked about relationship . Quote Room. Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik are a couple in the Bigg Boss house that are torn between love and hate in their relationship. Sep 27, After a rumoured breakup, both Veena and Ashmit agreed to do each other, so taking the relationship to the next level was out of question.

Are they even serious about each other? Going by rumours, they aren't. Such was the bond between Amar Upadhyay and Vida Samdzai that the model cried when Amar nominated her. Vida was so upset that she even asked Amar to swear on her to make her believe that he didn't nominate her. Shockingly, neither of the two are burdened with professional commitments.

Ashmit Patel, Veena Malik Torn Between Love And Hate Relationship

So what was this publicity aimed at? They may have shocked the viewers by sharing a passionate kiss and getting oh-too-intimate on the show, but they haven't given an official statement on their bond yet. After a rumoured breakup, both Veena and Ashmit agreed to do 'Supermodel' together. What do you expect when two controversial celebrities - Sambhavna Seth, Raja Chowdhury get attracted? A scandalous love story, right? The two going lovey-dovey irked many viewers. Yes, Ashmit had also kissed Sara Khan in front of everyone during a wrestling game on the show.

Agreed, they hit the headlines, and managed to do a film together, but their so-called closeness was just a tactic to build interest levels. Both used the third season of the reality show in the best possible way. Pravesh, who would croon songs for Caludia and help her learn Hindi, never looked serious about their bond. As expected, Pravesh told mediapersons that Claudia was just a friend. Since their romance came across as a publicity gimmick, the viewers couldn't have expected anything positive out of their bond.

A lot was said about the closeness Tanishaa and Armaan share. While their detractors were happy taking potshots at them, Shilpa Agnihotri had told in one of her interviews that Tanishaa was using Armaan to gain support. According to what she said in her interview, the two would never meet each other, so taking the relationship to the next level was out of question. She also accused Asif of doctoring his medical report after he tested positive in a dope test in the IPL. Soon after, she claimed that the fast bowler was threatening her and in an interview with HT City, she even revealed that the cricketer had beaten her up so much that she started bleeding.

It was while this controversy was still ripe that Bigg Boss announced the entry of the Pakistani actress in its fourth season. Even before her entry, political party Shiv Sena wanted a ban on the show because it objected to the two Pakistani celebrities, Veena Malik and Begum Nawazish.

Veena Celebrates b'day with Ashmit In Bigg Toss Part 2

However, the show went on, literally. But soon after her entry, the actress was again in the news for blatantly lying on national television. However, her spokesperson Sohail Rasheed, insisted that the two were still together. Soon after, there were rumours of something going on between inmates Veena and Ashmit Patel. The two were apparently seen getting cosy and in fact, some of the media even reported that the two were getting 'touchy-feely' and even smooched each other.

The footage was not broadcasted on television because it was deemed too explicit. Later, one of the evicted contestants even alleged that the two made love on the show, although Ashmit denied the claim. The lady then revealed that she had a crush on another inmate Hrishant Goswami.

Meanwhile, she got blacklisted by Pakistani clergymen, some who even claimed that she was a threat to Islam. Veena, later even locked horns with a Muslim cleric on a Pakistani TV show where she poured out her entire side of the story.

Ashmit was never my friend: Veena Malik

Read the full interview. Controversies thereafter After her Bigg Boss stint, Veena reportedly got death threats from militant organisation Taliban, although she didn't seem too bothered in her interview with us.

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The actress, who later declared that nationality was no bar for received over 71, entries, surpassing her predecessors by a huge margin. She revealed she was overwhelmed that the maximum entries were from India. However, in this too, Veena found herself struck by controversy as the All India Muslim Tyohar Festivals Committee in Bhopal issued a fatwa against the actress for showing disrespect towards the sacred institution of nikaah marriage by signing a contract with a channel for her wedding on National TV.

Ashmit was never my friend: Veena Malik

However, the show was eventually called off as the channel itself was shut down. The cover, which shows a naked Malik sporting a prominent 'ISI' tattoo on her arm, and the actress faced harsh criticism back home. However, the actress denied going commando, "It came to me as a big shock and I am really upset. The photo is morphed! I never shot the picture like this, I got it clicked with some clothes on.

My lawyer is looking into the matter and we plan to take legal action against the magazine for ruining my image. She sued the magazine, who in turn, sent her a legal notice. Meanwhile, several petititons were filed against the Pakistani actress for obscenity. But what really happened?

Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik at Sara Khan’s wedding in Bigg Boss | Dale Bhagwagar Media Group

Find out here Missing Veena Veena then made headlines when she went 'missing' from the sets of her film Mumbai KM after informing the director that she was unable to concentrate as she was disturbed. Complaints were filed, speculations were rife and both nations were anxious before it was reported that she never went missing and just wanted to shut out the world for some time and be with herself.

Her manager said she did because she wanted to keep herself in wraps for some time after the nude FHM scandal. She was apparently, resting, not missing. Veena got her first role as the leading lady in Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai, where she plays a budding actress.

The film, however, failed to create any interest other than the fact that it was Veena's first full-fledged Bollywood role. Incidentally, Veena Malik is also singer and nurses a dream to do so professionally. The calls turned out to be from an Indian man involved in match fixing.