B red and davido relationship test

I’m not jealous of Davido’s success —B-Red – Punch Newspapers

b red and davido relationship test

Labinjo, who claimed that the alleged relationship started at a club in Until recently, when his cousin, BRed connected with me and asked me to a new independent DNA test and I have urged Davido's father to make him. If you say Davido is the biggest Nigerian and African act of , you won't be exaggerating. Margaret Adeleke, but that marriage has since ended, after he filed for divorce in Labinjo, an Oyo State based woman, but DNA tests proved otherwise. Throwback - Davido, B-Red and Sina Rambo. Old pic of Davido with his cousins, B-Red & Sina Rambo Law Student Kills Female Lecturer After She Caught Him Cheating In An Exam (Photo) Presidency Opens Up On Alleged Blood Relationship Between Aminat.

b red and davido relationship test

When he called me, I explained what happened between my daughter and his son and he arranged for the DNA. He said his son told him that he did not know my daughter. We met him and his brother Wale, his cousins B. Shina told him he would not be a party to this paternity tussle.

b red and davido relationship test

I was suspicious of the whole set up because there was no indication that the facility could handle DNA test.

My daughter was called upstairs with Davido and the child. My daughter was left outside a door but out of curiosity, she opened the door and saw Davido giving lots of money to the doctor after his father had already paid for the DNA test. They asked us to come back after two weeks but the result came out after seven days.

Davido had left the country then.

b red and davido relationship test

The result showed that Davido was not the father but my findings after that showed that only blood test was carried out and not DNA test. When Saturday Beats paid a visit to Clina-Lancet Laboratories and had a chat with Sogbola, the young man said he remembered the case and the test result was genuine.

He said it would be quite impossible for him to be dubious with a DNA result as the samples were taken to their South African branch for testing. He also denied ever collecting any money from the music star. If I should check the system, I am sure I would still have the details.

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We also have a sister company in South Africa where the blood samples were tested and if you go to South Africa, you would get the exact same result we gave her here in Nigeria. They came in from Ibadan and the samples were not taken here. It was done in Verdic Hospital in Lekki, they paid for home service so I had to go and take the sample from Verdic Hospital.

I remember the girl said she was in school and I asked her where she met Davido but I could not keep asking questions because it was none of my business. He might have come for a show in her school and something happened between them. That was what he said. Before the test was conducted, the man had been sending money to them. He sent a car to pick them from Ibadan for the test. I can tell you that I have never collected any huge sum from Davido ever since I have come in contact with him.

I asked Davido to wear condom but he refused –Alleged baby mama – Punch Newspapers

He has never given me even N2, despite the fact that he has money. He said that I was the one he wanted to see.

b red and davido relationship test

When we got to the room, we talked for a long while before we had sex. He is a very jovial person and he loves talking. He made me laugh a lot and we talked at length. Red was in the other room.

I insisted that he should protect himself by wearing a condom before sex but he refused.

b red and davido relationship test

He said that he does HIV test every two weeks. Then I asked him how sure he was that I did not have any disease but he said he was very sure I did not have a disease. After he had said all that, I told him to just do what he wanted to do and allow me go home in the morning. That night, he had sex with me twice.

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You would know he was in the mood to have sex that night and it lasted for a while. He has a big manhood and it hurt me a little. The second time was when he noticed I was leaving in the morning and he just wanted to have sex with me again. I do not drink or smoke but David drinks and smokes.

Labinjo told Saturday Beats that she was shocked that Davido said he gave her money as she claimed she had never received a dime from the singer since they met. The question I would ask is that what account did he pay the money into? He should bring out the bank teller. He has never given me money.

If they said they have given me money, there would be a record or evidence and they should bring it out. Even when we had sex, he never gave me money for transport.

David is a very stingy person and I would not be the first person saying this. When asked if she was certain that the pop star is the father of her child, she answered in the affirmative.