Batman and harley relationship

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batman and harley relationship

Though the Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie and its tie-in It's that part of her character that's always made her relationship with the. All I have to do is cast my mind back to the Batman: The Animated Series cautioned Harley against continuing her relationship with the Joker. Batman and Harley Quinn is DC's newest animated original movie, only Or check out her sexy and meaningful relationship with Poison Ivy in.

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In this movie, the Justice League is filled with violent thugs who are very different from the heroes we know and love. To promote the movie, producer Bruce Timm and company released a series of online shorts, and in one of them, we see a frightening vampiric Batman.

Here, he's a human-looking vampire and eventually sets his sights on Harley Quinn. Harley is a serial killer who keeps heads in her refrigerator and poses dead bodies in her home. Batman defeats her, and when she surrenders, he bites her.

batman and harley relationship

What makes this terrible is how ambiguous it is— it is not clear if Batman is converting Harley or simply feeding on her blood. Whether he kills her or converts her or lets her go, they are both complicit in her killing rampage. Batman didn't bother to try to stop her until he got hungry.

While these games do use much of the voice cast from the Animated Series, they are set in their own universe, and these games often kill or significantly change major characters. For the first two games, the threat of the Joker looms large, with him threatening the entirety of Gotham City. Despite this threat, both Batman and Harley work to save his life! In the second game, Arkham City, we discover that Joker has been poisoned by the special Titan formula he created in the first game.

Freeze reluctantly develops an antidote, but Harley soon steals it to get it to the Joker. The antidote is stolen from Harley and eventually gets back to Batman, who cures himself with part of it and saves the rest for Joker.

Chaotic to the end, Joker attacks Batman and inadvertently destroys the antidote, leading to his death.

batman and harley relationship

While Joker sealed his own fate, his greatest ally and his greatest enemy did their best to save the life of the most dangerous man in the world!

In that movie's "Knightmare" sequence, Superman seemingly commanded a vast army, and heroes like Batman were the sole resistance to his global domination.

batman and harley relationship

To gamers, though, this was old hat: The game provides different endings for each character, including a truly weird one with Harley Quinn! After Batman, Harley, and the others defeat Superman, the Harley of this dimension goes to our dimension so she can rescue and marry the Joker.

Before things can go happily ever after, though, she murders him with a cake-cutting knife after her pushes her face into the cake. Everything about this ending is as crazy as Harley: Either Batman didn't care what Harley did with Joker or he was rooting for her to kill him, making this a dark ending either way!

batman and harley relationship

That is the case in the Batman: The episode is actually broken into three different Christmas-themed stories, including one focusing on Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Harley is lamenting being bored, but Ivy has a plan to shake things up: With a dose of some mistletoe mojo, Ivy takes control and Bruce Wayne must now obey their every command.

So, what do they do when they have one of the world's most powerful men as their slave? And like all good love stories, it starts with nearly being burned alive, then winding up on an abandoned island. Realizing their outlooks mesh better with each other than they do with normal people, the two villains eventually ditch their clothes and decide to have fun on their private island.

By the end of the episode the Joker is so freaked out that he literally begs Batman to arrest him so he can get away from the Creeper. In the Injustice comic books Green Arrow is one of the heroes working to fight Superman's tyranny in the wake of Lois Lane's death.

Harley Quinn

Oliver initially views Harley as another threat due to her connection with the now deceased Joker, and takes her back to his Arrow Cave. The two quickly wind up bonding, though, and Harley even suggests a better name for Oliver's hide out would be the Quiver. Even in this alternate timeline the Green Arrow is still in a relationship with Black Canary, so Harley respects that. But she does later admit to having a bit of a crush on Green Arrow. It shows too, because even after Green Arrow is killed, Harley still returns to the Arrow Cave to commiserate with Black Canary and form an alliance to help stop Superman.

Harley actually winds up sticking with the good guys since Superman killed the Joker early on in his change of allegiance. So Harley wants to help how she can, and wants to recruit any of her friends to the cause.

Their dispute over sides leads to a series of fights across the issues, each basically trying to beat the other into seeing their side. Eventually Harley gets tired of fighting, though, and she gives up on Shazam, riding off on a motorcycle feeling heartbroken. Gods Among Us, Superman actually winds up killing him. So in a way, DC is making fun of their own character with Red Tool. And since Red Tool basically has the personality of Deadpool, that means his craziness is intense even for Harley Quinn.


Harley first meets Red Tool when he begins stalking her and he decides to abduct her to introduce himself. Red Tool moves extremely fast, so from there he quickly moves on to wanting to marry Harley, even surprising her with a fully set up wedding. Initially Harley just views Red Tool as a nuisance, but she does eventually get used to him enough to view him as a friend.