Being human aidan and sally relationship goals

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being human aidan and sally relationship goals

If the first season of Being Human solidified who Aidan, Sally and Josh The problem with Aidan engaging in a relationship with her now is that Aidan's goal of becoming a better man and kicking the habit in turns of the. 4 top Being Human podcasts for in which Aidan and Kat take their relationship to the next level; Aidan encounters someone from his past; Sally uses her. Being Human star Sam Witwer discusses the sacrifices that the show's actors and crew by complicated character arcs and intensely fraught relationships, on their own terms. Sally (Meaghan Rath) makes her move on Aidan. "That was the chief goal, to portray that metaphor through the vampire thing.

They embrace and then Aidan drives a stake through her heart.

being human aidan and sally relationship goals

Several days later, Aidan is reunited with Celine, a young woman he had fallen in love with while he was living in Montreal in the s. She is also the same Celine whose name he bears as a tattoo directly over his heart.

Celine tells him that she has come to Boston to live with her daughter while she receives treatment for lung cancer, even though she does not plan on living through the treatment. He offers to turn her into a vampire, but she declines. When he asks why she had not left Montreal with him when Bishop had found them, she does not reveal the truth to him. In flashbacks it is shown that Bishop had kidnapped her, drank her blood, raped her, and threatened her family if she left Montreal with Aidan.

Later that night, after Aidan saves the house and Sally from a fire set by Danny to get rid of her, Bishop crashes through their living room window and stakes Aidan, narrowly missing his heart. Josh has Nora treat Aidan, without telling any specifics, but he remains weak and Bishop plans on fighting him, notifying him through Josh.

Celine goes to comfort Aidan,and decides to offer him her blood.

being human aidan and sally relationship goals

Reluctantly, Aidan drains Celine of her blood, killing her, but allowing him to heal completely. Unaware, Josh has managed to convince Bishop that Aidan plans to fight in a room in the hospital basement, where he plans to kill Bishop when he transforms during the full moon.

Aidan predicts the plan and has Sally trap Josh in the basement, not wanting his honor stained. Aidan and Bishop fight to the death, with Sally's interference allowing Aidan to gain the upper hand, ultimately decapitating Bishop. Aidan is crowned by Heggeman as the new head of the Boston vampires and notifies him that "She" wants to meet with him. Season 2 Edit Aidan is ordered to a meeting where Mother will decide who is going to lead Boston.

Despite Heggeman's promotion of Aidan, Mother decides that her daughter will be ruling Boston with Aidan as her second in command. Aidan is reluctant to agree to this at first he can't refuse the offer to gain his freedom. If he helps Suren reclaim Boston, will be left alone. So over the next few months, Aidan helps Suren rebuild the Boston family by recruiting more people to help keep them hidden such as cleaners to clean up messes made by reckless vampires and police officers in high positions to redirect murder investigations caused by Vampires and keep the heat off the Boston family.

being human aidan and sally relationship goals

They also start shutting down illegal feeding houses and hunting down Bishop's rogue vampires that he planned to use to overthrow Mother's position. It is in one of these blood dens that Aidan finds Henry, the vampire he had turned a century earlier during the First World War.

Knowing that no one can know about Henry, he keeps his identity hidden while he finds a way to bring Henry back into the Family. Meanwhile, Josh is plotting to kill the purebred werewolf twins Connor and Brynn with Cecilia's help, and frame them as the wolves that killed Heggeman.

The twins discover this plot, and hold Cecilia hostage on the night of a full moon. However, they think it was Aidan, not Josh that made these arrangements, so they instruct Aidan to meet them in the forest if he wants Cecilia to live.

The twins had arranged a Vampire Hunt, a game in which Aidan and Atlee whom he had brought along would be chased by the transformed werewolves as they searched for Cecilia. Unbeknownst to Aidan, Josh and Nora are also with the twins, meaning that their wolves will unwittingly participate in the hunt as well. Aidan finds Cecilia, but she insists that he leave her behind because he would never escape with her slowing him down.

With great hesitation, Aidan leaves Cecilia behind to be devoured by Josh, Noraand the twins. The next morning, Aidan unflinchingly shoots Connor dead with Heggeman's werewolf rifle and presents his corpse to the Dutch as Heggeman's killer. Aidan facing off with the twins and kills Conner with a silver bullet.

A few days later, in a last ditch effort to save Henry, he makes a deal with Suren, who he knows needs his help in hunting down the rest of Bishop's rogue vampires. He makes Henry herd all the vampires that he knows were turned for Bishop's own goals into a house where he has been laying low for a while.

While Henry thinks that Aidan wants to smuggle them out of the city, the plan actually involves Suren buying the house from the owner and then uninviting everyone inside the house, incinerating everyone there. Aidan sternly tells Henry that this was the only way to save him, and takes him to Suren who will allow Henry to become a member again on that condition that he pays his "dues".

Suren then tortures him by peeling all of his skin off, leaving Aidan to hypnotize two human women into willingly be fed on by Henry so he can heal from his gruesome wounds. The hypnosis wears off, making the women scream in fear at Henry who is still feeding on them and hasn't regrown his skin yet. Not wanting to alert the neighbors, Aidan instinctively snaps both women's necks. This is very traumatic for Aidan, who had not killed a human in quite some time at that point. As a "reward" for getting rid of the orphan vampires, Mother makes good on her promise to Aidan to give him his freedom Infuriated, he makes a desperate attempt on Mother's life with Henry's help but is unsuccessful.

As punishment, Mother condemns him to be buried alive, while Suren is killed, Mother. Aidan, after a year underground, suffers from abstinence of blood and near desiccation. Aidan tried to drink Mickey's blood, but Atlee stopped him claiming that drinking his blood could kill him. Later Aidan began to hallucinate about Sally, Josh and Bishop, and Bishop convinced him to fight and he attacked Atlee, but Atlee was stronger than him and he began to feed on him to cure himself.

He later woke up weaker than ever hallucinating about Josh and Sally again and told himself that he was not going to die. Aidan survived by dragging himself to the crashed van and drink the pure blood. He later called Josh and he and Sally came to pick him up. Tending to Josh's wounds later, the back of his right hand begins to show signs of the infection beginning to spread.

After trying to figure out how Aidan realize that it is werewolf blood is the cure.

Aidan and Sally

When she asks him why he told her, he says that it's time for vampires to stop being afraid. He then goes to Kat and kisses her. Season 4 Edit They try to help Ramona and she kills her sister. Ramona then tried to convince them all to kill themselves as they are all trying to leave the house.

Ramona doesn't want that to happen cause then she will be left alone and needs the blood of the people who die in the house to survive. Henry pops in the basement and he then convinces Aidan to kill himself but Sally gets to him on time. Trent gets mad at Sally and disappeared from the room. Sally and Aidan go to a bar to unwind. Throughout this scene, Aidan keeps staring at a biker du Sally ressurected de who has what seems to be a tattoo of veins on his arm.

He follows him out leaving Sally by herself. Sally finds the biker dude and calls When she confronts Aidan about this, he says he doesn't care.

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As he is sleeping, Sally goes into his room, straddles him and places a stake on his chest, stating that if he wanted to die, she'd do it right then. She convinces him to be more careful, that even though Henry was his "son" he still had her and Josh to depend on. Sally realizes that she needs a new identity.

She goes to Aidan for help with this, and he tells her the best way is through a dead baby. She returns to the funeral home where Max works, and is caught going through the files by him. Max offers her a job which she accepts. She is annoyed that ghosts are coming to her for help.

She almost disperses Max's mother with an iron skillet, but when she learns who the ghost is, she stops. Her and Max have their first date because Zoe and Nick were coming over and she didn't want to be the third wheel, asking Max to be the fourth. Max's mother stalked their date for a while until Sally told her to leave.

She and Max almost have their first kiss, except Max freaks out and leaves. The next day she confronts him about it and they end up having sex on the couch. Again, Max freaks out and leaves, and his mother's ghost shows up and calls Sally a slut. She later possesses Sally and tells Max that she was just curious, and that she quit.

In a later episode, her brother Robbie shows up as the new landlord of the house. Unexpectedly, she bumps into her brother and he recognizes her. Scared that he too would die, she and Josh go to Donna and beg her lift the curse. Donna agrees, saying that Sally can live a normal life, see everyone and anyone from her past and they wouldn't die.

The catch being that when Sally died, her soul would belong to Donna. Now being able to see the people of her past once again, Sally goes to see her friend, Bridget, who still works at a cafe.

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While Bridget initially believes she has finally made contact with Sally's ghost, Sally reveals that she was brought back to life by Donna. Initially, Bridget believes that she failed Sally, during the events of Season 1, for not catching onto Danny sooner. While Sally tries to assure her that she didn't, Bridget cuts her off and reveals that she had joined a Wicca group, inviting Sally to come with her that night since Sally was once a ghost.

That night, Sally went with Bridget to the Wicca meeting, initially judging their "High Priestess" and making silent remarks about the meeting, such as asking why Barb, their "High Priestess", had a knife before Bridget explained that it was in fact an athame and it was used to cast the "magic circle".

Sitting through the ceremony, Sally was surprised to see Barb call a ghost to the circle, believing it to be the ghost of a man named Joey, whose wife was part of the circle. However, it is later revealed to be a ghost named Roger, who is in turn followed by an older ghost named Franklin, the latter revealing that he has been stalking a girl he has taken a liking to because of her breasts.

When Sally tries to urge Bridget to leave, she is possessed by Roger, Franklin having previously revealed that he has possessed her on multiple occasions, which explains the times that Bridget feels "calmness and her mind emptying".

After revealing that Sally knows who is inside of Bridget, Roger leaves Bridget's body. When Barb asks for the sudden outburst by Sally, leading Bridget to apologize, she explains that the ghost named Joey was not with them and that she can see ghosts. After accidentally letting it slip to the two ghosts that she was once one of them, they bombard her with a series of questions before Franklin attempts to possess her.

Due to Zoe's necklace protecting her, she disperses Franklin before Roger flees. Back at her house, Sally explains that ghosts have been possessing Bridget and that it will slowly drive her insane, also explaining that she once possessed a woman and nearly drove her insane. After telling Bridget that she needs to forget about spirits and ghosts, and even Sally herself, she gives her Zoe's necklace to protect her from becoming possessed.

Later on Sally starts to decompose, it first starts on her skull. She realizes what is happening to her and goes to see Nick. He says he's not decomposing but when Sally leaves he lifts his shirt and his stomach is decomposing.

Later that night, Sally is up eating food when she goes to the fridge and sees a pack of raw meat. Sally ripps it open and starts eating it. After eating the raw meat Sally stopped decomposing for the moment. The following morning, Nora dispersed the two blood whores that Aidan killed, causing them to "reset" in Sally's bedroom since they died there.

After Josh made a note of Sally's hat, she returned upstairs where she lifted the hat to look at the decomposing flesh, causing the two bloody ghosts to tell her that she should do something about that ASAP. Sally later forces them to leave before covering the spot with her hat yet again. She later tells Nick that she ate a mouse which caused her skin to regenerate. Nick then reveals that he has been eating cats and tries to tell her that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing as they are doing it for survival to cling to their second lives.

Sally admits that, in the grand scheme of things, eating small animals wasn't so bad. That night, while standing outside of a pet shop, she sets her eyes on a little boy and is immediately tempted to eat him. However she realizes the horror of what she was about to do and forces herself to leave. After explaining to Aidan that she has an uncontrollable urge to devour anything living, she gets a call from a frantic Zoe.

Upon arriving at Zoe's house, she sees that Zoe has killed Nick after he lunged for her to eat her. While initially upset, Nick assures Zoe that it was a good thing that she did. When "his Door" appears, he tells Zoe not to see Sally as she will try to kill Zoe as well before disappearing in his door. While burying Nick's body, Sally and Josh realize that they need to find Stevie as he is probably going on a killing spree.

When they arrive at Stevie's parent's house, they discover that Stevie couldn't make it on his own and that he returned home before the deal on Sally's soul was changed, causing his parents to die with their souls ultimately going to Donna for consumption.

After much convincing, Josh kills Stevie to prevent him from killing anyone else. Once Josh finishes, Sally says it is her turn before Josh comforts her by saying that they will find a way to save her.

When Stevie appears before them, his door appears immediately afterwards. That is so hot. Cue her asking if he could run Ray over with a lawn mower as a possible alternative.

Josh during the dinner party with Sally's recently-deceased mom and her boyfriend, particularly the expression on his face as he leaves. He laments the fact that he keeps cooking dinner for people who can't eat and downs two glasses of wine like shots. To top if off, from what we've seen, he's actually a pretty good cook too.

Aidan's hallucination of Bishop criticizes Aidan's choice of internal decor, claiming he's gone soft. Is that a cat wearing a catcher's mask? The cat statue in question becomes a running gag in subsequent seasons. Aidan dances with it in season 3, Kenny 'borrows' it in season 4, and in the last episode before the series finale, the roommates bicker over who gets 'custody' over it and wonder for a surreal moment if it's sentient.

To be fair, it does seem to move around offscreen if you pay attentionand it remains constant throughout all the weird changes the house goes through, so perhaps it is something more than it seems In a dark way, the scene where Josh tries to get Aidan to drink his blood in order to prevent him from doing the same to Zoe, at least until it goes horribly wrong.

Aidan and Sally SE3 Ep02 Hug and Touch Scenes

The look on Aidan's face as he tries to force himself to bite Josh's wrist is just so much like a kid being forced to eat some nasty vegetable. Josh and Julia's double dinner date at the house with Aidan and Suren since Aiden has slept with Julia before and they were worried that Suren would try to kill her.

The funny part being that the dinner goes well with Suren being a good house guest and getting along with Julia.