Belldandy and keiichi relationship tips

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belldandy and keiichi relationship tips

Belldandy first appears one night when Keiichi tries to order dinner, and the . their meal while Keiichi ponders their relationship and begins taking precautions to hunting with Belldandy chanting a prayer to guide them to a suitable place. Synopsis: A strange wind leads Keiichi and Belldandy to a temple. Belldandy's older sister, who wants to advance Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship along. Belldandy is a character in the popular anime and manga series Oh My Goddess! . She was The stories follow Belldandy as she builds a relationship with Keiichi , using her powers (which include Although the series never specifically mentions her age, there are hints that she is between 18 and 28 when the series .

What should I do NK - Why can't we go any further than this? I want to be closer than the closest possible to Keiichi-san. SP - Why, Keiichi? Can't I get any closer to you than this? I just want to be closer to you, Keiichi V2 - Why Keiichi? I just want to be as close SP - Ah the hell with it! I can't stand it anymore!! Timotheus's interpretation of the above Initially it's obvious that Bell is coming on to Keiichi and that he's responding with a hasty retreat.

belldandy and keiichi relationship tips

Then Belldandy asks why K-1 is pulling away when she wants him to be close to her. This leads to Keiichi wondering just why he IS so worried about getting physically close to Bell.

My interpretation of the different versions is that he's mostly scared that if they get physically intimate that A - Belldandy's contract will somehow be fulfulled or negated and she'll have to leave. B - If for some other reason Bell has to go back to her home, she'll be prevented from returning because of their having done this.

belldandy and keiichi relationship tips

C - That maybe he's just making up reasons not to get close because he's afraid of making that final commitment and using her unusual situation as an excuse not to have to face it. Then he throws caution to the wind, follows his heart and hormonsand grabs her while Bell looks ecstatic.

Keiichi's explaination to Belldandy why he doesn't feel right making out with her on his futon SP - No, it's just not right.

Keiichi and Belldandy

Do you not like me? SP - Why not? Do you hate me? V2 - Why not? NK - I don't want to doubt an honest person, being kind to everybody. But really, you being kind to just me isn't what I want! I can't say it well, but Always, I like the wonderful you better. SP - No, but I like the Belldandy that's straightforward and honest, who doesn't know how to distrust other people Of course, I really wish you'd only be kind and sweet to me, but not really! I like my gentle shy Belldandy better.

V2 - Of course not I like the Belldandy that's straightforward and honest, who doesn't know how to distrust other people I like my gentle, shy Belldandy better. She spends much time with her brother and the goddesses.

belldandy and keiichi relationship tips

However, she is unaware that Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld are actually goddesses. Rather, she thinks Belldandy is a foreign exchange student from America. OMG Trivia This is pretty much spoiler-free, but if not entirely, you've been warned.

Belldandy always uses a mirror, Urd a TV screen, and Skuld a body of water. Belldandy represents the present, Urd the past, and Skuld the future.

belldandy and keiichi relationship tips

However, during a snowball fight, Urd makes the comment that Skuld is "twelve years and four months too young" to seriously challenge her. Curiously, in the movie, Urd tells Skuld that she is " years too young" to think about finding the romance of her life.

belldandy and keiichi relationship tips

Also, in a flashback, we see that Keiichi and Belldandy are about the same age as they were both apparently young children at the same point in time. You figure it out.

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This is because composer Nobuo Uematsu composer of much of the music in the Final Fantasy games contributed to the score of the film. The in-joke here is that Mitsuo Iwata is the Japanese voice actor who does the role.

For more information, the manufacturer's website is http: The DVD's are quite nice; each are dual-language, and included with the first disc are some very interesting notes, including full lyrics in both English and romanized Japanese to the most prevalent songs in the series. The DVD's give the viewer several ways to watch, including "silent movie" mode, and "dub your own OMG" mode with music and sound effects, but no dialogue.

There is also a surprisingly entertaining "in the studio" track with some of the English voice actors. Tashikametai" in sort of a "music video" mode. The DVD includes all the things one would expect trailers, etc. It seems even Heaven has its radical element, and Celestin is it. He decides that the gods interfere for the worse in the lives of mortals, and that the current regime if you will in Heaven should be overthrown.

In addition, Celestin erases Belldandy's memories of Keiichi; in his mind, he wants to give her the 'choice' of leaving earth and assisting him in his quest. As mentioned, the film is a superior work, with outstanding music and animation.

It is worth mentioning that the overall tone of the movie is decidedly more serious than that of the OVA, and that the movie assumes the viewer knows who all the major characters are.

This series primarily attempt to depict what Belldandy, Urd and Skuld do when Keiichi is not around. As the name suggests, the goddesses especially Urd and Skuld get a kick out of making themselves small and playing with their ever-suffering rat-friend Gan-Chan, who is essentially the male lead in the series.

The characters have slightly different personalities than in the OVA in particular, Urd seems more temperamental and Skuld seems less so and Belldandy's role is typically quite small this is because Kikuko Inoue, the Japanese voice actress who does Belldandy's voice, was pregnant and unavailable for much of the production. Needless to say and with episode titles like 'The Mysterious Can of Food" and "Let's Form a Band"Mini-Goddess is quite silly at times, and the animation tends to be a bit on the cute side, so those who cannot stomach such things should avoid watching this.

Personally, I like it a lot. Also, there are a lot of parodies of popular films "Gabira: