Ben 10 and young justice meet

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ben 10 and young justice meet

Disclaimer: I don't own Ben 10 or Young Justice Ben Tennyson, wielder of the Ultimatrix and savior of the Universe, Gwen Tennyson, half. I started reading Ben 10 and Justice League/Young Justice x-overs lately, For the first time since the trio had met Paradox, he seemed to be. I don't like the new Ben 10 series due to a stupid redesign and storyline. a dream where she meets her ancestor from the feudal Japan era, Kimiko . Xiaolin Showdown, Teen Titans, Young Justice, Dragons: Riders of Berk.

Also, the retcon of Plumber's kids and Kevin sucked. For the record, character designs will be determined at my discretion. Some of the omniverse character redesigns are friggin ugly. Why does NRG have a damn handle on his head? Why does Echo Echo look like a deformed troll? I believe that using more pleasant character descriptions will help visualize the story better. Clash of Heroes by bcarandang1. At the time, Ben had proven his development into a proper young adult.

As a sign of approval, Azmuth had gifted Ben with a brand new Omnitrix. The Ultimatix was after all in Azmuth's word's "an inferior copy. The new Omnitrix resembles a wristwatch.

ben 10 and young justice meet

Its faceplate is now square instead of round and has a white and green color scheme. The faceplate is black with two green stripes forming an outline for the hourglass of the intergalactic peace symbol. When the faceplate is slid back, the Omnitrix's core is revealed. Ben was ecstatic that Azmuth trusted him with the final product of one of his greatest creations. This began a new dawn in his hero career. Three years have passed since that day. He continued to fulfill all of his social roles as a family member, friend, and boyfriend.

Ben and Gwen were able to graduate from their local high thanks to a mutual understanding of the duo's responsibilities.

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They were both given extensions in their school work thanks to Grandpa Max's position in the Plumber's. Max made sure that Ben and Gwen were only brought in only when necessary, and both of their parents made sure that they were not skipping out on schoolwork.

The parents knew they were heroes, but they didn't want them to be high school dropouts. Gwen graduated with honors, and Ben graduated within the top twenty. Soon after, they went to different colleges. Ben wanted to continue hero work, but he promised his parents that he would make it into his full career after graduating from college. He attended a local university to at least get his Criminal Justice degree.

Gwen, on the other hand, fulfilled her childhood goal of attending an Ivy League school. It is located east of Bellwood, and it is the best Ivy League college among all the colleges around Bellwood. Given the fact that Ben 10, was able to perform some magic, Ben had asked Gwen to help him in that area. Ben had also spent the last three years doing some part-time Plumber work with his new partner Rook during breaks.

After many exciting adventures, he unlocked new aliens and sharpened his combat and mental skills at the Plumber Academy. In honor of Ben's eighteenth birthday, Azmuth gave a software update to his Omnitrix.

This added new features and improved old ones. Initially, Azmuth believed that the evolutionary feature that Albedo previously developed was asking for trouble. In the end, it all comes down to how power is used and how stable the power is. Azmuth is well-regarded as the smartest being in the universe or at least 3 to 5 galaxies. He is often referred to by his Galvan peers as the "First Thinker. It was obvious that if anyone could improve the evolutionary function, it would be Azmuth, and he did.

One of the initial problems of the evolutionary function is the lack of safeguards in the evolutionary process. Previously, the ultimate forms in the Omnitrix became unstable and sentient, and they tried to escape while possibly trying to kill Ben in the process. Another problem was the issue of a stable mental state. The evolution feature worked by placing the selected species in a simulation, right down to the DNA, for an extended period, about a million years or so, in what is described as a "worst case scenario"; the actual DNA is then simply modified to match the new DNA.

This survival of the fittest routine explains why the evolutions are more combat-centered than their normal forms. One would assume that a species spending a million years in 'hell' could cause possible mental problems.

The new safeguards Azmuth placed in would slow the development of evolved DNA. Each genome would be analyzed to meet Azmuth's requirements before the form would be allowed for use. Earth had changed a lot in the last several years.

Things had finally calmed down not only on Earth but throughout most of the universe. The Plumbers, an intergalactic police force dedicated to preserving peace throughout the cosmos, had been granted powerful new technologies developed by the Galvan. New weapons, new armor; basically, everything they needed to combat threats that previously required the aid of Ben and his team. Azmuth made sure to regulate the level of technology that is distributed in the organization; in fact, he was made the leader of research and development.

The Plumbers would be well equipped to handle low to mid-level threats, but the Tennyson family would be on call whenever extreme danger arrived which was not often. Ben was mature enough to know this change was a good thing. There was peace, crime was down, and life was good. But still, there was a part of him that missed turning into an alien every day and fighting some criminal or giant monster.

He didn't do any of his heroics for the fame; or at least, not anymore he didn't. He enjoys the feeling of helping others. Ben even got back into soccer along with other hobbies. With the new-found peace, Ben is better able to strengthen his social bonds. He kept close ties with his best friend Kevin and family. His relationship with Julie Yamamoto only strengthened thanks to the peace.

They were finally able to spend quality time together without worry of danger interrupting them as much. In fact, both of them attended university together. Ben and Julie moved in together in an apartment not far from campus.

Luckily, they were still able to keep Ship as their pet. Julie continued to pursue a career as a professional tennis player, and Ben fully supported her. He did anything he could to keep her happy. After the situation with Esoterica, Ben knew that he had to be more supportive, considerate, and understanding. They shared a very loving and intimate relationship.

Ben 10 and Young Justice Crossover | FanFiction

All in all, life was good. Ship was lying on Ben's lap while Zed was curled up against Kevin's leg. Winning this tournament would be a big step in Julie's career.

The final match is between Julie Yamamoto and Donna Vekic. Ben lifted a large piece of building up and struggled to flip it over only to reveal a gruesome body. A face so distorted not even a mother could recognize it but, a familiar pink jacket and white skirt could not lie.

Ben backed up holding his hand to his mouth, feeling as though he could vomit from the utter disgust he was feeling. Suddenly he had an eerie feeling come over him, like a man he wanted to murder more than anything at the moment was standing right behind him, in fact; that was exactly the case. The fifteen foot tall green humanoid stepped onto the street from a hover board he arrived on.

His golden armor glimmered on the reflection of the burning city behind him. He charged the war-lord and leaped into the air to come to eye level only to be back handed effortlessly to the side.

Ben wanted to jump into action, strike Vilgax as hard as possible but, he was frozen in place. Unable to even lift his arm and activate the Ultimatrix he just stood and starred at the charred and disfigured body lying in the grass in front of him.

Gwen screamed with rage causing Ben and Kevin to look over in distress. Gwen shed her skin to the ground causing a purple humanoid of bright and intense energy to float with grace and beauty off the ground. He pressed one button on his gauntlet and three poles erupted from the ground around her forming a cage of sorts. At least that's what it seemed like until it began shocking Gwen and causing her to fall to the ground, after a few moments her body evaporated into particles dissipating into the air.

That couldn't have just happened, could it? Every step he came closer to Kevin, Ben became more frozen. He was shocked, petrified, completely at a loss for thoughts let alone words. Kevin whispered in Ben's direction "It's not your fault," He cringed at the sound of the single shot that echoed through the ruined suburban neighborhood and then the sound of a body collapsing on the ground broke the dam and rage flooded into the teenagers mind.

His face contorted into one of fury as a green light engulfed the area and a dinosaur like creature of equal size to Vilgax rushed out towards the cruel villain with his fist balled up and ready to strike. Vilgax was unable to react as the fist collided with his face with astonishing power sending Vilgax into the ground and creating an impressive crater.

Suddenly both fists of fury were caught mid-swing by Vilgax who had a beaten face but relentless demeanor. He stood and twisted the Vaxasaurian's wrist until he fell to his knees. He stood up and saw only a wooden steak with a bloody Hawaiian T-shirt strung on it but, a body nowhere in sight; He rushed out of the house and tripped onto the floor in front of Vilgax who picked the dinosaur alien up by the throat.

Every window for a mile was shattered and he was sent flying hundreds of feet up, the hero reacted in the only way he could. He slapped the dial on his chest and a massive green light engulfed the entire city.

ben 10 and young justice meet

What came from the light was an enormous white humanoid with red armor and a large red spike emerging from his forehead pointing upwards. Still hundreds of feet up or a few feet relative to the To'kustars size, Way Big brought his fist down on Vilgax's body crushing it with all his force and leveling a city block.

Ben felt a rush of happiness fall over him as he slammed his fist into the ground causing small earthquakes around the city. This went on for several minutes until the Ultimatrix dial on Way Big's chest turned red and a green light once again engulfed the massive titan and reverted him back into a normal human.

Ben stood in the wreckage of a massive crater, one that spanned several miles. Inside the crater a twitching body was barely breathing, Ben could tell just at the sight of him that it wasn't the end of the evil war-lord.

It never was… Vilgax always survived no matter how bad the beating. Ben fell to his knees at the scene around him, the events of the day had settled in his mind… his entire family had been killed and it was entirely his fault. He could have at least tried to save Gwen and Kevin but, had he not been a hero in the first place, this would have never happened.

He left the crater and walked along the sidewalk as he let tears flow down and hit the slightly ruptured side walk. Suddenly a blue light emerged from behind Ben. A man looking to be in his mid-thirties wearing a white lab coat and safety goggles appeared from thin air.

Ben didn't turn around, he simply addressed the man in the only way he could at the moment. Paradox sighed "It already happened so you can't change it, but you can make sure no one ever shares an experience like this ever again," Paradox walked up to Ben and put a hand on his shoulder, "There is another universe I know of that you could start over in. How can I possibly start over," He looked out at the destroyed city once more tears streaming down his face, "After all of this Ben would never forget the pain he felt and all the people he had loved in this world but, if he could start a new life?

A chance to form new relationships, to be smarter, wiser, and more prepared. If he could start over in a new Universe he could make sure he didn't make the same mistakes twice!