Blake jenner and melissa benoist relationship tips

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blake jenner and melissa benoist relationship tips

Word of Benoist's new romance follows her split from husband Blake Jenner. The actress filed for divorce from her former Glee and Supergirl. Actress Melissa Benoist and actor Blake Jenner have finalised their actor Chris Wood; the couple went public with their relationship in March. The duo reached a property settlement agreement, which they did not file with the court, TMZ first reported. Instead, they told the judge that they.

It was never going to happen and you really need to get over it. There's zero thread "Hoechlin is a closet case". Then, sexuality is not a fucking discussion coming out of nowhere. You need clues before starting speculating.

Or I can speculate about your parents, children or siblings. Being gay is nothing shameful but a straight guy is a straight guy, saying he is gay cause you think it's hot, is just untrue and gross. As for Hoechlin, the sterek and Hobrien shippers pollute Tumblr. And since they were not here until now, we would it like to stay like that.

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Yeah I understand that the actors got enough of sterek fanatics. Sterek was never going to happen, so fangurls need to get over it and stop harrasing the actors about it. And the guy must even know about Hobriens. It's something to ship characters, it's gross to ship real people. So I understand that he gets enough and don't want to encourage it anymore. Otherwise you wouldn't have defended her. I just brought receipts and suddenly you say that it doesn't matter if she's messy or not.

Typical defense mechanism if you don't have a counter argument anymore. And I'm not a Sterek shipper. I'm just speculating like many other people on DL. You seem to be very outraged about the mere speculation that Hoechlin could be anything but straight. I guess that struck a nerve with you.

blake jenner and melissa benoist relationship tips

Why is that when I don't care if he's gay, bi or straight. I never wanted Sterek to happen. The evolution of Hoechlin's dating life and image is just very interesting And the hook-up photos are just an indication that Hoechlin knows exactly how to play the PR game.

He isn't that innocent flower that doesn't know how to manipulate the media or fans for his image. He knows how to play the game in Hollywood. No matter of his sexuality.

Hoechlin and his team know what they're doing and how to create exactly the image they want us to see.

Melissa Benoist - Wikipedia

How close this image actually is to the real Hoechlin, we can't be sure at all. They discuss plenty of other people in the answers to general threads about shows etc. Just in this thread someone mentions that Blake Jenner supposedly slept with a guy. People read it and moved on. But you make a big drame out of a pure speculation about Hoechlin's sexuality. Why do you all feel so threatened? Look darling, you're transparent and give us the typical Tumblr "Hoechlin hides his true sexuality" discource.

I know it by heart now and it's pure bullshit speculations. Why does that matter to you??? Who is saying he's innocent???

I never said that it was proven. And please don't call me darling. Apparently you are a major Hoechlin stan that can't stand that anyone could question that ideal dream image you have of Hoechlin. Apparently hinting that someone could MAYBE not be fully straight is an insult to you although noone said anything negative about that.

I suggest you go back to tumblr and reblog some gifsets of Hoechlin instead of desperately defending Hoechlin against someone who isn't even attacking him for anything.

Melissa Benoist

You might want to reread your posts. And take your own advice while you're at it.

blake jenner and melissa benoist relationship tips

Wasn't Hoechlin in a longtime relationship with Brittany Snow? It seemed legit because he didn't plaster the relationship everywhere. Some people may say that Sophie is a bit young to be thinking of settling down, she is only But what does that matter when you are in love!

Thoma, a physical therapist, and Gustin have kept their relationship relatively private. The couple had been dating for a little over a year before they got engaged. Though The Flash is still going strong, Andrea is already in her late twenties. The perfect time to have a baby! Katie Cassidy, whose father David Cassidy just recently passed away, got engaged to her super low-key boyfriend Matthew Rodgers.

We do know that the couple was vacationing on Mauritius, an island in East Africa, when Rodgers popped the question. The couple appears to be quite private, keeping most information about themselves out of the press. But they do seem to be very much in love! But Kris Jenner has all but confirmed it on many occasions. Kylie has made headlines with a number of relationships over the years.

She was first spotted in public with Travis Scott at Coachella in April of this year. They have famously worked together on several seasons of American Horror Story. This adorable couple is not without their share of drama! They have been on and off, then on, then off, then back on again since There was even one particularly notable instance in which Emma was arrested for domestic violence after they got into a physical altercation.

The couple was first engaged injust a few months after the violent altercation. That engagement was called off inbut the couple has since gotten back together and they appear to be currently going strong.

We are not sure that a baby is the best thing that could happen to a couple so fickle, but we certainly would not be surprised to learn that they are expecting in the next few years. They confirmed their couple status by appearing together at the Oscars in you know like you do. The couple of eight years has certainly dealt with their fair share of drama including a number of break-ups, an engagement, and a mountain of baby rumors.