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For Borderlands 2 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Can some one explain to me the relationships between the characters? up are lilith and mordecai. the others were shown separately. brick with his dog(paw on neclace), and roland with a trash can lid pauldron reading a map. Weird roleplay / story questions, hoping you could help. I've poured through all of all of the dialog in BL2 and I can't find anywhere where it I think it was Wilhelm vs Roland and Lilith and Jack/Nisha vs Brick and Mordecai was . She had all of those relationships before Pre-Sequel at least through Marcus. Disclaimer: If I owned Borderlands, Lilith and Mordecai would be together. She couldn't help but smile slightly when she felt Maya hug her from behind. about the connection between Sirens and the Vault and Eridium. Roland's death, so she let the lonely woman babble for nearly two hours now.

But how can they handle a new addition while trying to built a new Sanctuary and take down Hyperion once and for all? If I owned Borderlands, Lilith and Mordecai would be together.

4. Friends and enemies

Don't expect quick updates. You'll end up disappointed. I try to do them ASAP but life's busy and my laptop's a piece of crap. Lilith blinked back tears as she laid a single flower on Roland's grave.

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She let her hand brush over the grass, barely a month old. Still fresh, yet so much had changed in that short time. Everybody seemed to have moved on in one way or another, except for Lilith.

In a way, it was reasonable. Roland was her boyfriend for nearly five years when he had passed. Lilith turned her head and nodded to her Siren sister. Maya smiled and patted her shoulder. Mordecai said that Axton sent word of the Vault they've been tracking down.

Greetings, Traveler!

She rose to her feet, stumbling a bit. Maya grabbed onto her arm and hip. This isn't normal, there's either some permanent damage from that or something else.

He's not even a real doctor," Lilith scoffed, brushing her Siren sister off gently. If this isn't something physical, then it's mental. Lilith, I'm worried about you. Mordy is too, and even Tina's showing some concern. It's okay to admit that you need help. It's going to take more than a month to get over this.

I know we ended it shortly before you guys showed up, but I still love him. We all do, especially Tina," Maya replied gently. It's healthy to miss somebody, but it's obviously affecting you physically. You're always so tired, you barely eat and so much more. Please see Zed or Tannis about this. Rather talk to the psycho than the one more than happy to play Operation with me," Lilith mumbled, selecting Sanctuary. She couldn't help but smile slightly when she felt Maya hug her from behind.

Lilith nervously tapped her boots together as she laid on the couch in HQ.

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Tannis was pacing in front of her, blabbing on about her theories about the connection between Sirens and the Vault and Eridium. Of course, Lilith knew a good portion already but she honestly didn't feel like talking to Tannis about her issues surrounding Roland's death, so she let the lonely woman babble for nearly two hours now. He's the type that would rather be alone and take all credit for his feats, but hey, there's no "I" in "Vault Hunters".

By the end of Borderlands 2, the egocentrical man that landed on Pandora a few years before has made some great friends, as well as a couple of enemies. When he realized that he was taking part in a basically criminal organization, he deserted it. Perhaps by finding the Vault he hoped to get the monetary resources to apologize to Pandora for what he had done as a mercenary. No question - Roland's main personality trait is his undying sense of justice, which is what brought him to create the Crimson Raiders to start the fight against Hyperion.

He might not be the best with words, but he is a very respected leader nevertheless; he's a honest man on a planet of criminals. Sadly, this also spelled his demise; he really was too good for Pandora, as Handsome Jack kindly reminded him by putting a bullet in his back. During the credit roll of Borderlands 2, the remaining three Vault Hunters are seen mourning him on his grave. Roland was the best of us. To be shot in the back by a goddamned coward Mordecai Borderlands 2 Mordecai seems to have been quite close to Roland, as shown by the fact that he had access to his armory in case something bad happened.

It must also be noted that Roland's murder marks the second time in Borderlands 2 that Mordecai has to deal with the death of a close friend.

Anyway, I can't see Jack being more than 10 years older than the BL1 Hunters, but again, that'd make him nearly 40 in BL2, and he just seems too Not that I picture everyone older than 40 to be completely worthless in combat, but he just seems to be too energetic to be that age.

That'd still mean Jack got Angel at a pretty young age. I'm looking to the right of the screen and I see Moxxi in overalls. How old is she? Roughly the same age as Jack, I'd guess, otherwise they wouldn't date.

But she also has multiple fully-grown children, and Scooter and Ellie seem roughly as old as the BL2 Hunters are, and that'd mean she also got pregnant freakishly early.

Also, while she could've had a lot of work done on her body, I also can't picture her beyond 35, 40 at most. And there's quite a bit of difference between Jack and Marcus, so that's at least 5 years, if not more.

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OP is bad at guessing ages, Moxxi and Jack had kids freakishly early not with each otherand characters are probably at least 5 year older than I think.