Borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship problems

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borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship problems

Everybody but Lilith has seems to have moved on after Roland's death. Disclaimer: If I owned Borderlands, Lilith and Mordecai would be together. theories about the connection between Sirens and the Vault and Eridium. didn't feel like talking to Tannis about her issues surrounding Roland's death. During the events of Borderlands 2, it is revealed that Handsome Jack Handsome Jack briefly had a relationship with Mad Moxxie, but Mostly, Helios is used to transport ground forces to give Vault Hunters trouble and oppress Pandora's people. Lilith, Roland's girlfriend, just so happens to be a siren. That first year of marriage was tough, as I often heard it would be. us apart, gaming should help with that problem, not continue the trend. Imagine our surprise and delight when our accidental 'ship became canon in Borderlands 2! We ended up reprising our roles as siren (Maya) and soldier (Axton).

But that is what makes Jack, Jack. When you arrive, you find five bandits who have sacked the place and killed her. After you murder the bandits, Handsome Jack contacts you and sobs. That's what the death laser is all about.

It is used to keep Pandora under control, with its citizens constantly in fear of the giant H-shaped space station looking down on them. And just what defines a bandit anyway? Is it a bad guy? Someone who kills people and loots their belongings? Then wait, are you the bandits?

The when you fill in the picture, things look a little bleak. As such, it depends entirely on how you play the game if you decide to let this happen or not. Axton, Brick and Zero all went Vault hunting, Moxxi had a fling with Michael Mamaril, that weird guy who eats the trash behind the bar and then married Mr.

Torgue, Krieg has cleared out more psycho and bandit groups in a day than I do a week.

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship problems

Mordecai even stopped drinking for the most part, and what am I doing? I can't get over Roland long enough to function like a normal person. I mean, ever since he died I've been so nauseous I can't eat. Hell, I throw up almost every morning, and I'm so tired and my body hurts so much, especially my back and head that I end up lying in bed most of the time now.

I can't help but He was all I had for the longest time. I'm such a strong Siren, my powers can do amazing things, even without the Eridium. I've always been so strong on my own, or so I thought until Roland died. Tannis looked up from her rapid note-taking. Tannis bit her lip.

Papers flew and began to float as Tannis squealed in a mix of terror and panic. I wasn't taking notes I was just drawing a picture of a Clork and Philipe! She was still covering her eyes. She looked over at Maya, her eyes slowly growing wider. I never should have even sat here with Tannis," she hissed, walking towards the door.

She threw it open and slammed it behind her, storming off, ignoring Maya's calls for her to listen to reason.

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship problems

Lilith sat at the bar. Lilith pondered her options. She needed a good rak ale, but what if Maya was right? Maya couldn't be right though.

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They always used a form of protection. She was just depressed. You normally have a rak ale," she lightly purred. A hand brushed over the Siren tattoos on her other hand. She opened the can and took a long drink. If anybody could understand, it was most likely Moxxi.

Despite knowing Ellie and Scooter, Lilith still sometimes forgot that Moxxie was not just the owner of deadly battle domes and bars, but also a mother. You know, my depression since Roland's death," Lilith sighed. All the time, throwing up every morning," Lilith began. Sugar, you might very well be carrying a little vault hunter," Moxxi replied, standing up straight. Zed," Lilith stated firmly. The problem is that the Angel passes exactly the age when she is irritable and unbalanced.

Because of this, Jack can not communicate with her normally, and the relationship they have, if you can say, sometimes business, and sometimes, according to Angel, slavish.

Greetings, Traveler!

If you take our life as example - we all know that very often the girls and boys from 16 to 18 years leave home for a couple of hours, days or months. In addition to what I have already stated above, Angel is about the age of 17 years, if we take a look at her face.

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship problems

And now you want to ask - since Jack is not a fool, not a madman, then why does not he let her go for a couple of days, stay alone and think? And because he is neither a fool nor a fool.

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship problems

Where will he let her go from his home? Do they have friends to whom you can go and spend the night?

borderlands 2 lilith and roland relationship problems

And indeed, in the end, Pandora is swarming with bandits! Just as gangsters, and Crimson Raiders and the Vault Hunters.

And, accordinglyto that, Angel wants to leave the house for a couple of days, slamming the door, and Jack realizes that either she will be killed by thugs or she kills bandits. In general, it will become uncultured and a murderer, or vice versa, she will be killed, and even worse. Jack himself explains that after the Angel killed her own mother, she could no longer control her powers, so he imprisoned her.

In short, Angel fusses, Jack wants the best, but at the end we got what we got Click here to jump to that post. Originally posted by bazokajoe2: Jack belives in a specific idea for Pandora and he does want to bring law and order, everyone of the main characters are bad people we just look at who is the worst. Also Jack is probably one of the best characters based on his writing as it brings up these moral questions. Can anyone else truly bring Pandora back from the state it is in?

With the ammount of bandits on the planet the raiders would have to fight to bring order would take a while and they clearly are not able to do so.