Breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship counseling

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breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship counseling

Julianne is more than reluctant to join Breakout Kings when offered, but ultimately accepts. It seems that she has a father/daughter relationship with Ray for. Breakout Kings is an American crime drama television series that premiered on the A&E . Lloyd and Julianne manage to have a talk with Tess, giving her the courage to come forward and clear Ramsey's name. 5, 5, "Queen of .. Lloyd on advice from Shea ignores Julianne to take his relationship with her to the next step. Julianne Simms is a member of the group the Breakout Kings. Thanks to Lloyd's advice, she writes a letter to the parole board when he is considered for.

Lloyd Lowery/Julianne Simms

The elevator opens and Lloyd, Erica, and Shea file in. Ray quickly stuffs the postcard in his pocket and begins to brief them on their new runner. Lloyd asks Julianne how she's feeling, since today is Greg Margolis' parole hearing.

She forces a weak smile, and nods her head, assuring Lloyd that she's fine, but nervous.

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The team visit the Marcum Institute in Jamaica, Queens where Lena, the office manager does not cooperate after Lloyd yells that the whole program is nothing more than a pyramid scheme after he watches a video loop in the TV where one of Ronnie's students talks about how his life turned around thanks to the program.

Ken Reily Michael Reilly Burkethe man from the video loop at the Marcum Institute encounters Ronnie walking towards him and asks for a ride. Erica and Lloyd learn from Arturo that Ronnie was attacked since he talked ill about his daughter and realize that Ronnie wanted to get hit. The team later learn that Mo Blakely, one of Ronnie's previous employees was murdered by Ronnie.

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At the crime scene, they learn he was searching for something. Lloyd trains Shea to disguise as one of Ronnie's employees to get information from Ronnie's accountant. In the meantime, neighbor Pete comes to meet Erica. Ray yells at her to keep her prison blues off the floor. Pete stands there, stunned as Erica lies and tells him that she was in prison for mortgage fraud.

Pete replies that half of the people he does business with should be in prison, so he understands. At the office, the phone rings and Ray answers and then tells Lloyd and Erica that Gary Margolis' parole was denied, and, based on how he performed at the hearing, he isn't ever getting out.

For a moment, Julianne and Lloyd high-five each other, and after that they get a hit on Curtis' phone. Using which, they locate the place but find Naomi alive but Curtis and Ken murdered. Julianne flips through Ken's camera, looking at the hundreds of photos he had of his kids.

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Ray, nearly defeated, tells the team that it was like they were chasing a ghost. Lloyd pauses with a massive realization. Ronnie was a ghost on purpose! He left behind no fingerprints, and even went so far as to kidnap Ken so no one would see him driving. Because he's breaking back in.

breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship counseling

Julianne perks up, telling the team that she might have found something. Season 1 Lloyd was a focal point of the fifth episode Queen of Hearts. At first Lloyd went to Shea for help, however Shea dismissed him and told him he was on his own. He also searched council from Erica but she had no interest in his troubles.

breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship counseling

He even went as far as attempting to gamble against minors. However he finally managed to convince Shea and Erica to help him after he later revealed that he received a 25 year sentence because he gave out prescription medication to minors to cover his massive gambling debt, one of which was a girl who died from an overdose.

Despite refusing to help him at first, they later changed their mind after he told them that he regretted what he did.

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Lloyd came to encounter personal issues yet again in the very next episode Like Father, Like Son when he begins to wonder who his real father is and why his mother has kept him secret from him.

He then asks Julianne Simms to track and find out information about his father.

breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship counseling

Julianne manages to obtain information on him and reluctantly informs him that his name is Lars and he lives in Columbus, Ohio not Amsterdam as his mother had told him.

Lloyd sits in the interrogation room, holding a piece of paper with his dad's phone number on it. He dials Lars picks up and Lloyd asks if it's Lars Lowery, it is, but Lloyd, unable to respond, hangs up. Lloyd continued to serve with distinction in the Breakout Kings, forming a strong bond with his comrades.

In particular, Lloyd grew closer to Julianne who he has a crush on.