Brenda and dylan 90210 relationship

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brenda and dylan 90210 relationship

beverly hills brenda kelly dylan-tv-love-triangle-best-couple Sure, their relationship was tempestuous, but what did you expect?. In defense of Brenda Walsh, who was the better twin. including Kelly Taylor, he never really seemed to win the relationship battle. Yes, she got her heart broken with the Dylan and Kelly scandal, but she at least let. In episode 6, Dylan calls Brenda while she is talking to Kelly and Ryan. After hearing Brenda say that her and Dylan's relationship is.

Brenda's character seems to develop on the sidelines while she and Dylan navigate their relationship, but she isn't disregarded in the plot.

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Brenda continues to learn her way out of the naivety that defined her season one character in side stories throughout season two, and towards the end of the season, makes decisions that go against her parents' wishes.

Walsh decides to keep them from seeing each other at all. The season finale ends with Kelly and David's parents' marriage at the Walsh's house, and to Brenda's dismay, a blow out fight between Dylan and Mr. Season 3[ edit ] Season three begins during the summer before Brenda's senior year of high school. After the fight between Dylan and Mr. Walsh, Brenda was forbidden from seeing Dylan, but she continues to do so in secret.

When her parents find out that she's been lying to them, Brenda stands up to them and demands to have her feelings for Dylan taken seriously. She goes so far as to pack up her clothes after the fight and leave home to be with Dylan at his house. She is distraught, but is frustrated that she's been forced to hide the most important relationship in her life from her family. The cohabitation is more stressful than Brenda realized before moving in, and before long her and Dylan are fighting about everything.

In an effort to cool things off, Brenda decides to go to Paris, France for a French immersion program in lieu of Kelly, who has taken her responsibility as a big sister very seriously and decided to stay home. Walsh and Dylan both support Brenda's summer trip to France; Mr. Walsh, as a way to get Brenda away from Dylan, and Dylan as a way to get Brenda's father off his back. In Paris, Brenda focuses on exploring the sites and soaking up the French culture, deciding to hold off from calling Dylan so she doesn't get distracted.

She wants to evolve as a person, and not be directed by the men in her life; her father or Dylan. Brenda pretends to be a French native when she meets a young man named Rick, and their relationship becomes romantic. When Brenda returns home and leaves Rick behind in Paris, her relationship with Dylan gets back to normal, but even though she tells Dylan about Rick, he doesn't tell her about Kelly. When Rick suddenly shows up in Beverly Hills and runs into Brenda, Dylan discloses to Brenda that there was a girl over the summer, but doesn't tell her that it was her best friend.

After a dramatic break up, Brenda starts to see Rick, and Dylan immediately goes to Kelly's. As the season three directors develop the other characters' storylines, the plot surrounding Brenda, Kelly and Dylan seems to be a natural progression for the series. The love triangle that followed Brenda's return from France quickly became a milestone in the series that helped increase her popularity and gave rise to the rumors of rivalry announced between Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth off set.

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The final confrontation between Brenda, Dylan and Kelly - in which he informs Brenda that he has chosen her best friend - was listed by Entertainment Weekly as one of the greatest moments of television.

As the tension between the three continues, Brenda considers leaving Beverly Hills behind and applies to a Minnesota college. She feels abandoned by her friends as they are all more consumed with their respective romantic relationships and she is single and pining for her lost love with Dylan. After several months, Brenda moves past her disappointment that Dylan had moved on with Kelly, and as the group starts making plans for after graduation, Brenda makes her decision to attend college in Minnesota, leaving her friends in Beverly Hills behind.

Season 4[ edit ] Brenda began the fourth season in Minnesota, where she had decided to enter university. However, realizing that she and her old friends from Minnesota have little in common, she decides to return to Beverly Hills and continue her studies at University of California.

Donna had told Brenda that Kelly and Dylan had broken up, but Brenda's decision to return to Beverly Hills was based on other factors. Dropping out our Minnesota State had more to do with realizing that she no longer fit in with her old friends from middle school, and a newfound determination to make her way in California despite having lost sight of herself during the struggles she went through during her senior year at West Beverly Hogh School.

After her return, she met a rich young man named Stuart whom Dylan knew of as a drug dealer in the pastand soon fell in love with him. The couple get engaged even in the first few weeks of their encounter and choose Las Vegas, forcing Dylan and his friends to come and try to stop them. They succeed by using reverse psychology, pretending that they are in favor of a marriage between the two young people.

Brenda's life also took a few shots during the season. When Donna and Brenda find a puppy on the street, they learn that he escaped from an animal testing laboratory and are helpless when the puppy dies.

Brenda then falls into a group of animal rights activists and participates with them in the ransacking of a number of laboratories until she is arrested Donna decides at the last minute not to join the group. After her arrest, the only person in the group who supported her was Dylan; David Silver questioned her judgment, Andrea was angry that she had damaged laboratories that did not test animals and Kelly told her that Dylan was no longer her boyfriend and that Brenda could not go and look for help whenever she had a problem.

It turned out that one of the activists was an FBI agent who offered Brenda a deal not to jail because she had not supported vandalism.

brenda and dylan 90210 relationship

As a result, all Brenda's friends apologized for their behavior towards her. During the fourth season, Brenda is interested in the drama department but it also led to problems: She then got the role, but a student made a rumor saying that she had slept to have the role. Unfortunately, this student was the girlfriend of Steve Sanders and the latter believed the rumors, others refusing more or less to believe the denials of Brenda.

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Steve understood his mistake when the student asked him to attack Brenda to make her miss rehearsals. A little later, Steve's friend tried to commit suicide, but Brenda and Steve joined forces to save her and Steve was finally compensated by following Brenda's debut on stage.

After Kelly and Dylan last broke up, Brenda finally learned that a relationship was possible between Kelly and Brandon and expressed her blessing. She later spent her last night with Dylan, telling her she would not be gone forever. The couple will reconcile briefly in the final scene of the fourth season, though because of Shannen Doherty's departure Brenda's character was removed from the script and she never returned to Beverly Hills.

The most significant among them is her reconciliation with Dylan, who was going to move in with her. It is assumed that they were together for most episodes of the seventh and eighth seasons of the series, as during an episode of season 8 where it is learned that Dylan's half-sister was saved from a life of prostitution and then left to live with Dylan and Brenda in London and Kelly and Brandon mentioned going to visit them for part of their honeymoon.

Later, when Dylan returned in season 9, he told his friends that he and Brenda had separated two years earlier. However, it frees Dylan to resume his relationship with Kelly. He then loads up on drugs and gets into a life-threatening car wreck, where while fighting for his life he has a series of dreams about his innocent half-sister Erica, and realizes that he must clean himself up in order to save her from her mother Suzanne and from Suzanne's partner-in-crime Kevin. Afterwards, Dylan checks back into rehab and is successful in regaining his sobriety.

After he is released from rehab with most of his confidence and self-esteem back, he redoubles his efforts to track down Erica and her mother and stepfather. With an investigator named "Jonesy" and with Valerie's helpthey track down Kevin and Suzanne, who are hiding out in Mexico, and after a caper, recover Erica and all of Dylan's money.

A short time after, he starts hypnotherapy in order to research a role for a screenwriter friend's who was also in rehab next movie. Through hypnotherapy, he discovers a past life in which he believes reveals Kelly to be his soulmate.

Despite Kelly's ongoing relationship with Brandon, Dylan then confesses his continued love for her. He offers her a trip around the world with him. Brandon is threatened by Dylan and proposes to Kelly, forcing her to choose between the two. Kelly chooses neither, stating that she loves and would always love them both. It is later said that she refuses to choose between them, not because she can't choose, but because it would destroy their friendship in the same way that interest in Dylan damaged her friendship with Brenda.

During the show's sixth season, Dylan finds out that the FBI believes a mobster named Anthony Marchette killed his father and decides to seek revenge. He uses the mobster's daughter, Toni Marchette to get close to him, but soon finds himself falling in love with her. Despite Dylan's feud with the mobster with whom Toni is very closethe two eventually decide to get married and relocate to Hawaii, which results in Toni's father ordering a hit on Dylan.

The hitman ends up accidentally killing Toni, who is driving Dylan's car in a bad rain storm at the time. Dylan, distraught, is given a gun by Anthony Marchette, who asks Dylan to kill him.

Dylan is tempted, but refuses, telling him that "The killing is done. Soon afterward, Dylan leaves town on his motorcycle after exchanging a farewell with Brandon.

When he returns, he reveals that he sold his house. He takes his Porsche out of storage and, after much thinking, sells it and decides to burn the money, where he runs into a drug dealer that gives him heroin.

brenda and dylan 90210 relationship

Seasons 9 and 10[ edit ] Dylan returns to Beverly Hills towards the beginning of the ninth season, apparently because he misses his home and friends, although he admits to Kelly that he misses her especially. He also relapses and is once again on heroin however, all references to his alcoholism are absent and he is frequently seen drinking alcoholic beverages in casual, social situations. After failing to win Kelly back, he starts dating the new bad girl Gina Kincaiddespite obviously still having feelings for Kelly.

Dylan and Kelly battle a mutual attraction, despite being in on-and-off relationships with Gina and Matt Durning respectively. This is especially noticeable when Kelly blames Gina and others for Dylan's drug problems as with the case back in Season 5 with Kelly blaming Valerie for Dylan's drug problemsand gets Steve to take the credit for a heroic act in Dylan's stead to avoid having anybody know that she and Dylan were out together.

In the show's final season, Dylan finds out that his father faked his death and is in the Witness Protection Program. After being furious that Jack has let Dylan think his father was dead for seven years, he later accepts that it was the right thing to do when news of Jack's survival quickly makes its way to unfriendly ears. Dylan's relationship with Gina also ends when, upon considering leaving Los Angeles with her, he finally admits that he's still in love with Kelly and can't leave. Missing years[ edit ] After the death of his wife Toni inDylan went to London and reunited with Brenda, living with her in her London apartment.

They were together again by the Spring ofwhen Donna sends correspondence to Brenda's apartment but instead receives return correspondence from Dylan at the apt in London. In a continuity error, when Dylan returned indefinitely to Beverly Hills in Novemberhe told Kelly that he had broken up with Brenda two years earlier which would have placed the end of their relationship in However, at Kelly's wedding to Brandon in spring,they receive correspondence from Brenda and Dylan as a couple, stating they can't make it.

Brenda and Dylan couldn't have been together in the spring of if, in Novemberhe claims he broke up with Brenda "two years earlier.

Also, that same year Kelly and Brandon also plan to visit Brenda and Dylan during their honeymoon. Fans assume what really happened is this: Dylan and Brenda got together again in late fall after Toni's death, and stayed together until late fall one whole year then got together again very briefly in Springdespite Dylan's claims.

Inhe fathered a son with Kelly, named Sammy. They broke up soon afterward. After Sammy's birth, Brenda continued to keep in contact with Dylan, telling him not to screw things up with Kelly. Dylan began to move around a lot and rarely visited Sammy. He also kept in contact with Brandon, from whom he obtained Brenda's email.

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When Kelly finds out it's Dylan on the line, she talks to him. It turns out that Dylan wants to try to be a family again with her and Sammy.