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WWE News: Jerry Lawler breaks silence on the death of Brian Lawler

I mean, I realize that Brian sucked and was generally grating Visit our wiki for more info. Any link post not featuring wrestling itself, or in relation to a wrestling show or the wrestling industry, is subject to removal. No image .. I guess Brian wanted to make his own name and not just be Jerry Lawler's son. Brian Christopher Lawler (January 10, – July 29, ) was an American professional wrestler. He was the son of professional wrestler Jerry Lawler and brother of wrestling Often a running joke was that someone (usually a commentator) would mention their relationship, which led to both of them adamantly denying. Brian Lawler, who wrestled for the majority of his three-decade career as through his father, Jerry, the two did not have a typical father-son relationship. often eliciting huge reactions and became the definition of a solid.

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This played a key role in a change of Lawler's character; although he still supported the heels, he showed a sense of right and wrong, and would condemn actions of heels when they went too far. He would become a full-time face by This began when Lawler surprisingly attacked Tazz when he started bullying Ross. His first involves the ascent of Carter's career alongside the downfall of Chyna 's.

In his contention, Chyna was jealous of his wife's push inside the company, in part due to the Right to Censor storyline, and in part because of his wife's offer to pose for Playboy magazine. Until that time, Chyna had been the second major wrestling star from the World Wrestling Federation to have done a piece in Playboy after Sable ; during Chyna's debut on the adult magazine, she had suddenly broken her friendship with Carter.

In interviews, he has also stated that there may have been an alternate reason, namely, that the company wanted to fire him. He also criticized McMahon for the cavalier attitude he had given him on the day he quit. In his recollection, Ross was fired by McMahon with exactly the same demeanor while struck with a bout of Bell's palsy ina time when Ross' "usefulness" had run out.

Lawler felt that Carter's release was an attempt to remove him as well, stating that the company was well-aware that he would walk out alongside his wife. Lawler's replacement with Paul Heyman launched a theory in which Heyman was promoted at Lawler's expense. Internet rumors circulated that the company was on better terms with Heyman than Lawler, and used remarks Lawler had made in criticism of ECW to launch a theory whereby Heyman wanted Lawler out.

Lawler has stated repeatedly that he has no resentment towards Heyman, accusing the media and internet theorists of spreading false information.

He was reintroduced by Vince McMahon on Raw as the replacement for color commentator and Alliance member Paul Heymanwho had been kayfabe fired in the aftermath of the Alliance's loss at the previous night's Survivor Series. As he had been before his departure, Lawler once again became color commentator on Raw and pay-per-view events alongside Jim Ross and SmackDown!

WWE News: Jerry Lawler breaks silence on the death of Brian Lawler

Lawler stated that his well-worked chemistry with Jim Ross has been a result of their different styles; according to Lawler, Jim Ross is a fine storyteller and keeps fans well-versed with current storylines, whereas he provides reaction and emotion to liven the commentary.

This created tension between the Raw and SmackDown! The feud concluded when Tazz and Lawler faced each other in a match at One Night Standwhich Tazz won in only 30 seconds by making Lawler pass out to the Tazzmission after a distraction from Joey Styleswho Lawler had slapped just prior to the match. Lawler attacked Orton in defense of Hogan, [23] which set up a match between them on Raw.

In August, King Booker claimed to be the only one entitled to be known as "King". This led to a worked brawl between Lawler and Booker.

The following week, Lawler lost to Jericho after submitting to the Walls of Jericho. He went on to defeat Kendrick. On the November 16 episode of Raw, after recent acquisition, Sheamus attacked the timekeeper in frustration for not receiving an opponent, Lawler left the announce table to confront Sheamus and check on the victim, only to receive a kick to the head for his troubles. At the end of the night, Lawler was one of the many employees at ringside that were brutally attacked by the season 1 NXT rookies.

Lawler however, was the only person at ringside that fought back, as he used punches and chops to attack the NXT rookies assaulting him until it was a 3-on-1 assault. The following week on Raw, Lawler and the Raw roster fought off the now-called "The Nexus" when they attempted to ambush John Cena a second time.

Josh Mathews replaced Lawler on color commentator for the remainder of the show. Lawler was eliminated by Heath Slater. Miz retained the championship after interference by Alex Riley and Michael Cole.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was announced as the guest referee for the match the following week. Brian ranted about various problems he had with his father before slapping him and leaving. Cole continued to harass Lawler after Brian left, but was interrupted by a returning Jim Ross. Before JR could attack Cole, Swagger attacked Lawler from behind, and then proceeded to attack and lock in the ankle lock on JR, while Cole harassed him.

Lawler tried to stop the attack, but fell victim to the ankle lock as well.

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Lawler challenged Cole to one last match at Over the Limiteven going as far as to putting his Hall of Fame ring on the line and offered to personally induct Cole into the Hall of Fame itself. During the contract signing, Cole announced it would be a "Kiss My Foot" match.

At the pay-per-view, Lawler defeated Cole.

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Following the pay-per-view, Cole apologized to Lawler, ending the feud. After his heart attack, Lawler returned to commentating. Lawler competed in the Royal Rumble match as the number 12 entrant, but was eliminated by Cody Rhodes after 43 seconds. He, along with Booker Teliminated Michael Cole afterwards. Santino Marella came out to reveal that Hornswoggle was the Anonymous Raw General Manager, who was hiding underneath the ring.

The following week on Raw, Punk would confront Lawler about what he said before being interrupted by Big Show. The remaining matches on the show went ahead as scheduled but without commentary, and updates on Jerry's condition were provided by Cole.

At the end of the broadcast, it was announced that he had received CPRbut was breathing independently and reacting to stimulation. He was able to blink, nod, and squeeze with his hands, [51] and that same day, the results of several CT scans showed no signs of brain damage.

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Lawler was soon medically cleared to continue wrestling. On June 17,Lawler was suspended following his arrest for domestic assault, with WWE stating they have "zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Jerry Lawler was suspended indefinitely following his arrest", until July 1, when the charges were dropped and WWE lifted Lawler's suspension.

However, shortly afterwards, Lawler was taken off TV and placed on the pre-show of both Raw and Smackdown as an analyst. Periodic appearances —present [ edit ] On December 5,it was announced that Lawler will no longer be used on pre-shows and instead be kept for special events such as the Hall of Fame ceremony. During his interview with Dolph ZigglerZiggler took credit for Lawler's real life heart attack in before and kicking him in the chest and leaving the ring.

At the Royal Rumbleduring the men's match, Lawler was the special guest commentator where he correctly predicted that Shinsuke Nakamura would win the match. On March 21,Lawler suffered a stroke at his home in Memphis. He explained the incident on his podcast, [61] which he revealed he couldn't speak for three days. He stayed in the hospital's ICU until he woke up three days later and regained his speech. Professional wrestling career[ edit ] United States Wrestling Association — [ edit ] Lawler began his career as one half of the masked tag team "The Twilight Zone" with Tony Williams under the individual ring names of Nebula Lawler and Quasar Williams.

Taka Michinoku defeated him in the finals of a tournament for the Light Heavyweight Championship.

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When he was known as Brian Christopher, his father Jerry Lawler would talk him up as being superior to all the other Light Heavyweights but never publicly acknowledged that Brian was his son, although after Paul Heyman revealed that fact on Raw, Jim Ross Jerry's broadcast partner always hinted at it. Often a running joke was that someone usually a commentator would mention their relationship, which led to both of them adamantly denying that they were related.

Their tag team was renamed Too Cooland they were later joined by Rikishi. The trio's run ended in late when Rikishi was revealed as the man behind the wheel of the car that hit Stone Cold Steve Austin at Survivor Series.

Shortly after, Rikishi turned on his teammates. While Scotty was sidelined in with a broken ankle, Lawler formed a short-lived tag team with Steve Blackman and was later released from the company for illegally conveying drugs across the Canada—United States border. In AprilLawler wrestled in a fatal-four-way match for the championship at a house show but lost to Nathan JonesScott Steiner and Jarrett.

They were involved in a rivalry with Dusty Rhodes and harassed him with a replica of the NWA World Title belt that he wore when he was champion.