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Bromden suffers from debilitating mental illness and fears, which he is able to put aside with the help of the new man on the ward, Randle McMurphy. I think these two are the only two people in the ward who are not insane. There is a tacit understanding between the two, even when Chief. This ignites a. Nobody up to see, just old Broom Bromden the half-breed Indian back there hiding .. He walks to one of the card games, tips an Acute's cards up with a thick , McMurphy sits forward in his chair a couple of times during the meeting like he.

His McMurphy is less leering, sneering junkyard dog than laughing, dancing bantam rooster. The rest of the cast is excellent too, particularly those in the main patient roles—John Shuman as a prancing, hallucinating Martini; Craig Bockhorn as an alternately cringing and angry Cheswick, Ebbe Roe Smith as a shy, bomb-making Scanlon; Stephen Caffrey as a haughty but ultimately helpful Harding; and especially Ryan Tresser as a heartbreakingly innocent Billy Bibbit, the stuttering suicide.

The pieces are all there. Instead of individual stars, we see an ensemble, a community, and a bigger world. The persistent thrum of the giant machine the Chief is afraid runs everything, and the daylight that streams through the cruelly large locked windows reminds us that bigger forces are always at play, dwarfing and at the same time magnifying the courage, frailty, intransigence and transience of man.

Is all of this enough to freshen a well-known story? But Riordan and her cast and crew have fashioned such a fine-tuned—and finely attuned—version of this classic Northwest tale, the slow parts are almost welcome as opportunities to reflect on the distinctively Northwest issues and attitudes embodied onstage. Director Rose Riordan does an excellent job of infusing fresh energy into a play that has become a mainstay of the American stage.

She and her accomplished actors have put their unique stamp on an American classic that explores the conflict between the individual and an oppressive authority whose purpose is to subdue the spirit through a rigid adherence to rules.

And nowhere is this more evident than in the state mental hospital where patients are subjected to vapid elevator-music as they ingest daily doses of medication that leaves them listless and submissive, wasting their unlived lives in the mindless routine of the ward. All under the watchful eye of Nurse Ratched, the Big Nurse, for it is she who controls the ward. That is until the arrival of one Randle Patrick McMurphy. This was clear when Sosko, as Mac, new to the ward, observes the catatonic Chief Bromden scraping gum from a chair.

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He gently offers the hulking Chief a stick of fresh gum. A simple but revealing act: Mac is not just about swagger, spontaneity, and rebellion.

Beneath the male bravado is a human being capable of compassion, in stark contrast to Nurse Ratched, who cares only to control. Mac feigns mental illness to avoid working at the prison work farm. He explains that the group represents a microcosm of society in which rules are made to be followed to ensure order, and that the sessions are to help inmates overcome their problems so they can get healthy and rejoin society.

When McMurphy questions the rules, Billy, a shy, stammering inmate, explains that Nurse Ratched creates the rules because she cares for them. And from there the contest ensues between Nurse Ratched and Mac, two strong-willed individuals with very different perceptions: The ward is comprised of two groups of inmates: They exist on the ward as vapors, protoplasm, vegetables, for as one of the curables explains: The actors portraying the curables do an excellent job with the various quirks, tics, and idiosyncrasiesbut I found myself fastened on the mannerisms of Cheswick.

His final scene with Nurse Ratched was as hard to watch as it was moving — very powerful.

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All the actors are impressive. Gretchen Corbett as Nurse Ratched coolly controls the ward with a condescending voice void of passion or feelings.

Her interest lies solely in a strict adherence to the rules. For without rules, chaos reigns. She controls the imates by using their weaknesses to humiliate them, and she is deviously cunning in her attempt to turn the inmates against Mac. Tim Sampson is excellent as Chief Bromden.

He is the son of Will Sampson who played the Chief in the movie. One scene among many is memorable: Mac needs all the votes of the curables in order to watch the World Series. Mac withdraws and slumps in a chair. The inmates carry on as they are used to disappointment and failure.

The Chief stands apart from them. And then slowly, ever so slowly, his arm begins to rise. A play succeeds by the strength of its story and not necessarily by its stage dressing.

Steele — Psychopathology from a Clinical Perspective Abstract Tanasugarn 2 Psychopathy has been coined with several names in recent years including sociopathy, crazy, certifiable and antisocial personality disorder.

However, being out of touch with reality is often symptomatic of true psychosis, while those suffering from antisocial personality disorder are often grounded in reality and display central features of manipulation and deceit APA, McMurphy, who has been sentenced to a mental institution for evaluation and probable long-term confinement.

Tanasugarn 3 Introduction Psychopathy is often misconstrued as being out of touch with reality such as the personal hell that many schizophrenics have to cope with on a daily basis with delusions and hallucinations. Contrarily, most psychopaths i. The American Psychiatric Association coins antisocial personality disorder APD as those suffering from a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others that usually begins in late childhood or early adulthood.

Associated features of this disorder include an over-inflated ego and self- appraisal, superficial charm, arrogance and a failure to self-blame for their own problems APA, Those with APD often suffer from mood disorders, substance disorders and pathological gambling. Some associated symptoms of APD are similar to those suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, such as irresponsibility and severe interpersonal problems and manipulative behavior. Psychopaths have been deemed as lost causes or unable to be helped through therapeutic intervention due to their commonly used manipulation tactics.

Wileman posits antisocial people as those who know right from wrong but lack a human conscience; therefore they lie, con and manipulate without being remorseful of who they may have hurt along the way.

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McMurphy and his admission into the psychiatric hospital due to court order. He has a fiery temper and equally fiery hair the color of the summer sun. McMurphy has been in and out of jail the latter part of his adult life, is a compulsive gambler and a wicked story-teller that depicts colorful anecdotes but little or no truth behind them. He is gruff, narcissistic and has an obnoxious laugh that is mixed with arrogance and condescension.

He displays as a true sociopath; someone void of a conscience with no Tanasugarn 5 remorse for his wrongdoings and one, who routinely manipulates, deceives and cons for monetary or egotistical gains. McMurphy is a rough, gruff and sly conman who has been in and out of jail most of his adult life.

His lack of personal liability for his actions, mixed with his dismissive attitude that he did any wrongdoing by having sex with minor shows how manipulative and callused he is. His failure to follow societal rules makes him a danger to himself and to others, especially when coupled with his explosive temper when confronted or denied access to pleasurable activities such as watching the World Series Kesey, Throughout the novel, McMurphy does not speak about any family members, past or present, and fails to acknowledge any significant other.

Wileman argues the danger of getting too close to a suspected sociopath Tanasugarn 6 within a therapeutic environment as they routinely manipulate deceit and extort for their own pleasure, making any therapeutic alliance or intervention futile.

Risk to re-offending can be equated to how many options a person has available to them family, friends, job, school, etc. Contrarily, resilience is deemed as a personality construct that assists a person in making sound judgments in ambiguous or tempting situations. For example, Fayumbo conducted a study on the NEO Five-Factor personality inventory and its effects on resilience as personality construct. Using stepwise Tanasugarn 7 multiple regression analysis, Fayumbo posited results from the study as indicating those participants who scored high on factors such as agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience scored significantly higher in resilience than those who scored high in neuroticism.

Results suggest that persons diagnosed with APD and those low in conscientiousness or agreeableness may have a more difficult time in being resilient from recidivism.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

She would deny him an unaccompanied weekend day pass; he would punch the window in. She would deny him an accompanied weekend day pass; he would punch the new window in.

Other psychosocial issues that McMurphy presents with include how he routinely manipulates the other higher-functioning psychiatric patients on the ward by his boisterousness, obnoxious display of laughter and failure to comply with ward rules such as wearing robe or clothing from the showers back to the room Kesey, He has never held a respectable job in his adult life and has been in jail for everything from petty theft to most recently statutory rape.

He lacks education as it is presumed he only has a high-school education, if that, and does not have any formal training in any reputable career Kesey, Within the psychiatric ward, McMurphy teaches the other patients how to play cards, while lulling them into a false sense of security by them thinking they were winning, just to con them in the end where they ultimately lose the card game along with their cigarettes or money Kesey, The irony is the symbolism of the marble wash basin in the bathroom that McMurphy narcissistically boats and bets he can lift up and crash through a window.