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Listen to Ruth Mariella Masilang | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 23 Tracks. After two years of being together as boyfriend-girlfriend, Bugoy Drillon and Liezel Garcia decided to be just friends. After which, even if their. etc -Front act singer for concerts of various artists such as Bugoy Drillon, Jovit Baldovino and Liezl Garcia -Guest singer for Brigada News FM -Recording Artist .

As soon as Cris jump started the final six solo performances, the crowd went wild. Ending the program was the scholars production number of Yeng Constantino, Awit ng Pangarap. Though they were elated with their first mall show, nothing beat their mini-reunion backstage. The two groups hugged instantly upon meeting but they had to recover and compose themselves for the show.

All were ecstatic at the warm reception of the people and are looking forward to more of these events.

In such a short span of time, great ties had been made, and knowing that they will soon be parting ways gave a little room for nostalgia on both parties. The Top Six couldnt thank the Mentors more for their teachings and guidance. One by one, they shared their sentiments and reflections with regard to their stay inside the Academy.

All including Cris couldnt help but feel privileged to work with the Dream Mentors, who happen to be some of the music industries biggest names. During Bugoys turn, he couldnt help but get a little emotional. Aside from Bugoy, Teacher Kitchy too got a little off hand with her tears. She admitted that she got too attached to them, and merely thinking of the parting causes a mild pinch on her heart.

According to her, she will never ever forget the times she shared with them, because she, too, learned a lot from them. After all the Mentors thanked the Scholars alike for the experiences, they also gave them words to live by. According to them, a mixture of joy, sorrow and anxiety play around their systems as they think about the Scholars upcoming exit. Joy is for their victory; sorrow will be for their separation; and anxiety to the possible odds that they might face once they step out the Academy.

They kept on reiterating that the real world is indeed cruel, most especially to showbiz commodities which they will soon become, so they better prepare themselves. They also kept on repeating that they will always be there for them, just like their real parents.

To lighten up the drama, the Scholars arranged a little surprise for their teachers. In honor of their Mentors and everything they have taught them, the Scholars prepared a short skit characterized by their impersonation of the Dream Team. Who among them dared to mimic the Headmaster and Teacher Kitchy? Find out tomorrow on Uberture, right after They Kiss Again, and see who among the Scholars have a possible bright future in acting!

Teacher Kitchy and Teacher Monet then assisted them in working out their issues and refining their pieces. While Van had yet to learn the variations of his voice, Bugoy still had to improve on his diction and relax during his performances. After reciting the lyrics and rehearsing his piece, he was able to make the necessary adjustments. Cris on the other hand wanted to take her voice quality to the next level and raise the pitch of her song.

But instead of modifying the tune of her piece, the mentors advised her to focus on internalization and appropriating emotions where it was due.

Meanwhile, Miguel felt ill this morning which affected his singing. The mentors believed he could do a better job minus his sickness.

When it came to performing however, they reminded him to refrain from being conscious on the style and practice more until it becomes second nature. Laarni was interested in learning technique and was advised to rehearse by Teacher Kitchy. She had yet to use the right singing muscles until it becomes natural for her. Though the people want to see a show stopping performance, Laarni still had to do the right thing for her voice.

The show was part of the Top 6's mission to raise funds for their chosen charities. It was filled with breathtaking song-and-dance numbers and surprises that the viewers all enjoyed. Besides giving great performances, the Top 6's hosting abilities were also put to a test when each of them got the chance to introduce a fellow Scholar using spiels that they wrote themselves. They also got to answer intriguing questions from Toni Gonzaga in the mini-talk show part of the program that certainly piqued everyone's curiosity.

Meanwhile, the partial results of the text votes were revealed during the last few minutes of the Concert for a Cause. Voting for the Top 6 Scholars is still very much open. You can also vote online thru www.

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