Charlie and monroe revolution relationship questions

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charlie and monroe revolution relationship questions

Today's rant post features Charlie and Monroe from Revolution, or Charloe, as the fans are want to call it. Now, this is one of those relationships. Although there is a big age difference and Charlie hates Monroe for killing half her family, I also see a weird connection here. But on to more interesting topics. One is the complexity of Miles and Monroe's relationship. When Revolution first starts, Sebastian Monroe is made out to be the bad guy -- totally Secondary to Bass redeeming himself, is the surprise twist of the writers having Bass and Charlie team up as unlikely allies.

charlie and monroe revolution relationship questions

Is Neville actually a sweetheart? Yes, Neville actually cares. They stumble upon Jason, who's barely holding it together, but he doesn't want to leave without Charlie. In another shockingly sweet twist, Neville offers to help his son, while Miles and Nora save the girl. And only a week after ordering her murder!

charlie and monroe revolution relationship questions

You really can't predict what this guy will do next. Who should kill Monroe? Did you believe Jeremy? I love Mark Pellegrino. All Jeremy did was tell Monroe David Lyons the truth: But Monroe's paranoia got the best of him and, convinced that Jeremy had tried to assassinate him, the militia leader officially killed the last friend he had left.

If he had only waited a few hours, he would have learned that the Georgia assassin had acted alone, and now he'll be the one who's alone. What makes you think I'm in it to help people?

Rachel doesn't want to help, she just wants revenge! As she explained, "I want to kill the man, who killed my son," even if that means letting someone else's son die and abandoning her friends. There's something really appealing I find in Rachel's ruthlessness.

charlie and monroe revolution relationship questions

Maybe because it's driven by love. Maybe because it's great to see a passive scientist evolve into a bada Maybe because it's just makes for great TV. No matter the reason, I hope she never becomes more empathetic. There are a couple of reasons why I think this. One is the complexity of Miles and Monroe's relationship. When Revolution first starts, Sebastian Monroe is made out to be the bad guy -- totally black and white -- a power-hungry sociopath obsessed with arming his militia with weapons of mass destruction to wipe out his enemies and take over the continent.

But as season one shapes up, its revealed that Monroe and Miles grew up together, were once brothers in all but blood. This relationship came to an awkward end when Miles attempted to assassinate Monroe, but at the last second couldn't pull the trigger.

In the second half of the season, when Miles and Monroe have the inevitable face-off, Monroe says that everything he ever did was for Miles.

Sebastian and Charlie

That was when things started getting really interesting. The two end up teaming up for like a minute to take out a common enemy, but before long they're beating on each other again. This relationship has echos of Sam and Dean's crazy, co-depandant brotherhood on Supernatural, and where Kripke really leaves his mark.

Que the inevitable blogs about Revolution's homoerotic subtext.

charlie and monroe revolution relationship questions

But it seems the writers are aware, and willing to work with it, as at one stage, Tom Neville, who used to be under command of Monroe in the Militia says to Monroe "you have a borderline erotic fixation on Miles Matheson. He had an arcing storyline and a love interest on the show, which kept me tuning in every week because of the Navy's non-fraternization rules and the fact that both he and his girlfriend had everything to lose if they were caught. Unfortunately, the writers killed off his character at the end of season 2.

It was one of those TV-deaths I didn't see coming, and was annoyed about for a long time after. Fast forward to now, and Lyons is currently playing one of those gray characters I love so much.

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At the beginning, he's simply the bad guy, but then we get a hint that maybe he's really a good guy at heart, lost on a dark path. After losing everything when the Monroe republic fell, now Bass has the opportunity to set himself on a new path. But of course, people's perceptions of him, his past, and old habits will see him struggling to redefine himself.

charlie and monroe revolution relationship questions