Chilli and usher relationship with you lyrics

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chilli and usher relationship with you lyrics

The talented singer, dancer, songwriter, and actor Usher Terry Raymond has The song's lyrics was speculated to have been about Usher's relationship with was indeed about confessions of Usher's relationship with Chili. If you have a song you think should be on the top ten list, feel free to comment. "Confessions Part II" is a song by R&B singer Usher, produced by Jermaine Dupri and In , Usher's two-year relationship with TLC's Chilli was going to "flame -out", I will tell you that I loved [Chilli] a lot and she obviously loved me; it just didn't work out. The lyrics of "Confessions Part II" centers on a confession about . Almost 10 years after TLC's Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas and Usher broke up, the singer Usher's album Confessions was not about their relationship. "I don't care how much my heart was hurting, sometimes you're just.

There are four choruses and two verses, and then a break between the third and final chorus which Usher speaks the lyrics. The lyrics of "Confessions Part II" centers on a confession about impregnating a mistress.

chilli and usher relationship with you lyrics

He pointed out that in the second part, Usher claims he "barely knows the other lady", while in the first part, he already said that she was his ex-girlfriend.

He furthered called it the "wimpiest" song on the theme of the album. The single debuted on the Billboard Hot at number 48, a higher entry than those of " Yeah!

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It failed to match the number of days at top spot of the previous two releases, and remained on the top ten for 13 weeks. The single left the chart after 25 weeks.

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Internationally, "Confessions Part II" had lesser success. The single debuted at number five in Australia, becoming its highest entry, and failed to reach a higher position.

The single reached number five in the United Kingdom, peaked at number seven in Ireland, and below top ten in the Netherlands and France, [24] where it reached 43 [25] Music video[ edit ] Usher isolated in a low lighting room, sat on a chair. The music video of "Confessions Part II" was co-directed by Usher and music video director Chris Robinsonwho also directed the video for the album's fourth single, " My Boo ".

Set in a studio, Usher receives a phone message and finds out that he impregnated his mistress. Ciara' s 'Goodies' had been a hit and Lil' Jon was just becoming big. Getting on the trend immediately, Usher recorded this track to become the "powerful monster" of 'Confessions,' making it clear he was capable of more than seduction.

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Usher had always described his songwriting inspiration as personal and that his songs came from genuine situations and emotions he'd experienced. When 'Confessions' came out, his relationship with Chilli from TLC had just ended and the intensely personal lyrics of the album led to media speculation. The main controversy was some lyrics about getting another girl pregnant behind a girlfriend's back in 'My Confessions II' which turned out to be penned from collaborator Jermaine Dupri's life, rather than Usher's.

Usher confirmed, during the lyrics speculation, that this intense, resigned, tale of heartbreak was very much about breaking up with Chilli.

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After 'Confessions' Usher was praised for having developed a deeply emotive, mature style. The complex heartbreak played out across the album was critically acclaimed and it was presumed that Usher would continue in the same style.

chilli and usher relationship with you lyrics

Which suggests we all had short memories, given the previous surprise of 'Yeah! Very much explicitly designed for the dancefloor, 'Love In This Club' is a pop anthem not really too bothered about deep emotional chats.

chilli and usher relationship with you lyrics

Collaborating with Young Jeezyit was a return to a more playfully sexy Usher than the depth of 'Confessions. After polarising between club anthems and deep confessions, 'Climax' finally combined the two.

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Extremely emotionally intense, 'Climax' covers a perfect moment in a relationship - that's passed.