Christmas vacation eddie and clark relationship

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christmas vacation eddie and clark relationship

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a American Christmas comedy film directed by Clark offers to buy gifts for Eddie's kids so they can still enjoy Christmas. Clark begins to wonder why his boss Frank Shirley has not given him . Christmas Vacation () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. Can Eddie help Clark and the family have a great Christmas? new lubricant from Clark's company, or his shifting relationship with the very hip and clean neighbours. But Clark's dream and his fanatical pursuit of the perfect Christmas are not revolve around the relationship between Clark and Cousin Eddie.

But those movies have become little more than Chevy Chase vehicles at this stage.

christmas vacation eddie and clark relationship

I didn't even know about Vegas Vacation until I read about it in the trades! Though the holiday season is usually packed with Christmas-themed movies, Christmas Vacation was one of only two that were released in Rusty Griswold, starred in both.

In both the original Vacation and European Vacation, Rusty is believed to be the older of the two Griswold children. Christmas Vacation marked the directorial debut of Jeremiah Chechik, who began his career as a fashion photographer for Vogue then moved into commercial directing.

christmas vacation eddie and clark relationship

And what happened was they gained the notice of [Stanley] Kubrick, who had mentioned them as his favorite American filmmaking, ironically, in a New York Times article.

Though it has become a bona fide holiday classic, not everyone was a fan of Christmas Vacation. Sequence after sequence seems to contain all the necessary material, to be well on the way toward a payoff, and then it somehow doesn't work.

It currently holds an 11 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Dana Barron, who played Audrey in the original Vacation, reprised her role for the Christmas Vacation sequel.

In a interview with the Los Angeles Times, Quaid admitted that he was amazed by the impact the character made. I get a lot of recognition from that role—probably as much, if not more, than any other.

Among the many fun items are Cousin Eddie wardrobe staples, moose mugs, and punch bowls.

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Nope, not a word. He greases up his sled and sails down the mountain at an unusually high speed, electrifying everything in his path. Eddie discovers that the experimental lubricant that Clark had applied to the sled had nearly destroyed it. While he and Eddie go shopping, Eddie reveals to Clark that he's flat broke and the RV is actually his real house.

Clark then offers to get Eddie some Christmas presents. Shirley, who doesn't seem too grateful about all the presents he's getting from his employees. Clark is seen staring out the window at his future pool, fantasizing about Department Store Mary, who is appearing to give Clark a memorable daydream striptease.

He's quickly interrupted by Eddie's daughter who tells him she believes Santa isn't coming. Clark reassures her that the opposite is going to happen.

christmas vacation eddie and clark relationship

Eddie tells Clark that he's not leaving until the end of January. It's finally Christmas Eve.

Why I Love Christmas Vacation Most of All

The rest of Ellen's elder relatives arrive. The Griswolds finally get to reward the fruit of their efforts to put on the perfect Christmas Eve dinner with a 20 pound turkey with all the trimmings. Clark has Ellen's 89 year old Aunt Bethany say grace. But Bethany due to her age has a very limited memory and instead recites the United States pledge of allegiance. Unfortunately they left the turkey in the oven too long and cutting into it means that they have nothing but scrap meat. Eddie's Rottweiler Snots drinks the water from the Christmas tree causing it to dry out.

While that's going on, post dinner - Uncle Louis lights up a cigar and incinerates the tree in the process. Clark, desperate to relcaim his tree, instead takes a chain saw to one in his yard. Aunt Bethany's cat - which she had wrapped up and intended to give to one of the Griswold relatives - can be seen chewing on a strain of lights on the Christmas tree and incinerates itself.

Post dinner, Aunt Bethany notices a squeaking noise made. It turns out the tree that Clark just brought in is the home of a live squirrel. Snots chases the squirrel around the house, destroying lots of objects in the process. A frustrated Clark informs the family that no one is walking out on Christmas despite the fact that it has become a total disaster. He then takes the chain saw to the staircase and fixes the null post.

Finally having enough of Clark's madness, after Clark destroys another window in their house, yuppie neighbor Margo finally goes over to the house to take some action and punch Clark in the face.

christmas vacation eddie and clark relationship

As she approaches Clark, she's greeted by the squirrel, followed by Snots. A battered Margo goes back home and punches Todd in the face instead. As the family begins to clean up from the disaster, Clark gets an envelope. He reveals to the family his plans of putting in the swimming pool, and if there's even money left over, he'll fly the rest of the family out to dedicate the pool.

Cousin Eddie Is Based On A Real Guy And Other Surprising ‘Christmas Vacation’ Facts

During the clean up process, Eddie discovers the remains of Aunt Bethany's cat and jokes about it spending all of its' nine lives. The envelope contains what Clark presumes to be his Christmas bonus. Unfortunately it's a check for the Jelly Of The Month club. Clark goes berserk, telling his family that he would like his boss in front of him with a big ribbon tied to his head. Later, the family is gathered around for the traditional reading of the classic story "Twas The Night Before Christmas".

Clark's dad Clark Sr. Mid story, Clark notices Eddie with a rather familiar looking man heading toward the front door. It's Clark's boss Mr. Eddie had fulfilled Clark's wish of wanting his boss to tell exactly how he feels about the bonuses getting cut.