Command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending a relationship

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command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending a relationship

How did it feel being seduced by that Nod woman in Tiberian Sun? Do you still .. @Joe: 1. In which Command & Conquer did you enjoy your role as Kane most ? 2. .. Joe, exactly what was Shephard's relation to Kane? Had they As far as shooting the scene at the end of Firestorm where (SPOILER!. South America Firestorm, square miles of one of the last remaining forests on Earth are devastated March Mammoth Mk. II's production comes to an end, despite protests. . Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun: Operations Manual . A page for describing Characters: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. This page is for characters who appeared in Tiberian Sun and its expansion, Firestorm .

In the Nod campaign, CABAL's analysis of video footage of her killing a Nod guard removed the veil digitally, allowing her to be identified. In-game, she is useful against infantry only.

command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending a relationship

Even then, Ghost Stalker's railgun can take care of infantry in addition to vehicles. The Tiberian Sun manual notes that while she will eventually lose any resemblance to a human due to her mutations, for now, the Tiberium crystals on her face actually enhance her beauty.

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Firestorm

Starts off with a very low opinion of McNeil, and Blunts normal, unmutated humans in general, but warms up to him over the course of their missions together. She still has her limits, as seen under Berserk Button. Didn't Think This Through: It failed and she's captured as a result. Noteworthy in that she had dismissed Mack's concerns that it was "too dangerous". Is captured a couple of times in the Nod campaign, and at the end of the GDI campaign. The cure that Tratos gives her backfires in ''Firestorm', causing her to undergo extreme and painful mutations that destroy her sanity and is implied to eventually kill her.

In-game, as a Mutant, she can self heal in Tiberium. Noteworthy as most other infantry will die if they linger in Tiberium for too long. In mission chains where the Forgotten are involved, she'll always ask Mack to divert his forces to help save her people first. This contrasts with Solomon's attitude that Mack should go ahead with the actual mission.

In-game, this is represented by the missions which involve helping the Forgotten being optional. To Tratos, at least when it comes to his security. Some time after her insanity in Firestorm was revealed, he was assassinated. Also, she served with distinction as an ambassador to the GDI.

In the GDI campaign, her introduction had her attacking Mack with a knife, even threatening to cut off his head if he called her a "shiner" again. In the Nod campaign, during her escape, she nails a Mook with a knife hidden on her body. Proud Warrior Race Gal: See her "people of honor" quote and her Berserk Button.

command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending a relationship

In the Nod campaign, no matter which location Slavik chooses for his mission, it'll be the one where she's around to be captured. Tough Act to Follow: She reached out to GDI as she was trying to secure his release.

Unwitting Instigator of Doom: In the Nod campaign. She escapes from Nod's custody, but a tracking device on her led Nod to a major Forgotten base, which was destroyed by them, while Nod was disguised as GDI. Ironically, it's worse in canon GDI campaignas she gets captured by Nod and received a Tiberium serum.

command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending a relationship

The serum eventually drove her insane, and indirectly led to Tratos's death, her being his bodyguard. Leader of the Forgotten "Arrows from the sky. Tratos united Tiberium-mutated humans under one cause. A charismatic man with limited precognitive powers, he rules the mutants with compassion and skill, giving shelter, society and order to those changed by Tiberium.

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His personal bodyguard was Umagon, who was loyal to him to the end. Tratos has exceptional skills as a researcher and possesses great intellect. He was the original owner of the Tacitus, before he was tricked by Kane into handing it over and later imprisoned by Nod in order to aid the translation efforts of the incomplete data matrix. Plagued by the thought that he may have contributed to the doom of humanity, he aged rapidly and his health deteriorated, to the point that he had to be relocated to a Nod prison medical colony.

Umagon persuades GDI to break him out of a Nod prison.

command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending a relationship

In return, he helps them with their Tiberium research. A Father to His Men: Deeply cares for the Forgotten. Caused by his precognitive powers. Assassinated by Nod in Firestorm. Sometimes comes across as this. His unit quotes certainly make him sound like one. Realizes Kane has the Tacitus from a dream. In Firestorm, his face is shown either partially in shade or obscured by a cloak.

command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending a relationship

Guy's a scholar, not a fighter. He translated the Tacitus for Kane, something he regrets and tries to atone for it by helping GDI with their translation. GDI, however, mitigated Nod's effectiveness by installing a puppet leader Hassan over the largest splinter faction of Nod. Slavik, who saw Hassan as a traitor to Kane, overthrew Hassan's leadership, while Kane simultaneously revealed himself to the Brotherhood.

These events marked the beginning of the Second Tiberium War. Although he succeeded in driving Nod from the region, GDI suffered heavy losses.

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun / Characters - TV Tropes

From the Phoenix base, however, McNeil attempted to and did secure an alien warship Nod's General Vega crash landed, although he was unable to secure any significant hardware. He did, however, encounter a Forgotten mutant by the name of Umagonwho promised the support of her Forgotten comrades in return for GDI support in rescuing their leader, Tratos. McNeil successfully captured Vega's stronghold and attempted to interrogate Vega, however, Vega's drug-induced insanity and Kane launching a nuclear strike on the facility prevented McNeil from getting anything more than cryptic hints about the origin of the alien warship.

The speculation about the alien ship was quickly put on hold, as Nod forces under the command of Anton Slavik attacked and captured GDI's fortress in Hammerfest, Norway. Commander McNeil led an amphibious assault group into the base, evicted the occupying Nod force, and retrieved the sonic crystals being held in the base from Slavik's forces. In the process, McNeil's brother, on station in Hammerfest, was killed by Nod forces.

General Solomon, then contacted McNeil about Kane's new chemical missile facilities and Banshee fighter factories. For GDI to successfully conclude operations in Europe, both of these threats were to be dealt with. In the middle of these operations, the mutant Umagon was captured by Nod and taken to Kane's pyramid in Cairo to complete her Divination.

Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Hard - GDI - 18: Final Conflict 1/1

Disobeying orders from General Solomon, McNeil left immediately. While en route to Egypt, McNeil's command ship was grounded by an ion storm; however, after holding off Nod forces, he continued uninterrupted.