Crest of the stars ending a relationship

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crest of the stars ending a relationship

End to the emotional rollercoaster. I had a love/eye roll type of relationship with this series. The one thing that can be said above all else is that the characters. Crest of the Stars - Into the Unknown (Vol. in the interpersonal relationship between her highness Lafiel and her charge Jinto. This DVD contain the ending to the first season of this serie, which I thought is a pretty good . Shop Crest of the Stars: Collector's Edition [DVD]. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

The scenes are genuinely tense and suspenseful, and you really don't know what to expect next. And through all of this, you have gradually come to care for the two leads. They seemed really likeable to begin with, they are put through all sorts of danger, and then really come through for each other in ways that you can't help but be moved by. And so you find yourself caring about what happens to them when they finally reach their destination And it's here that the show delivers its killing blow: They are shown to be deeply envious of the eternally youthful and long-lived Abh race, and want to subject them to their own dominion and make them their slaves I swear I'm not making this up.

Any humans who are less than enthusiastic to the idea of Abh dominion are portrayed as grotesque caricatures of spite, envy, prejudice, greed, selfishness and cruelty, and even their visual portrayal looks obnoxiously cartoonish and ugly.

And the Abhs, in contrast, are made to come off as larger-than-life beings who could do no wrong unless of course they have half-human ancestry The show goes out of its way at every turn to illustrate how impeccable the Abh are in their character, and how even do-gooder humans are inwardly driven by rather unflattering motivations.

But as the show progresses, the Abh's own behaviour starts to seem increasingly strange, until somewhere along the line you realize with shock and horror that the Abh never had any real justification for their aggression to begin with: And consequently, all the seemingly nasty and unfounded things the Abh-haters said about them There is one scene in particular early on, where an old woman is overcome with an inexplicably hysteric reaction of sheer loathing and even dread, just at the mere sight of an Abh.

In the context of the show's later developments, this reaction suddenly makes a frightening amount of sense. And in the face of this, the show continues to portray the Abh as humanity's only real hope - on one hand, it tries to pass off all their horrifying actions as extremely smart moves that are beyond the comprehension or appreciation of lowly mortals; and on the other, it tries to suggest that their enemies are actually driven only by bitter jealousy of the Abh's apparent "greatness" and superiority.

An important device for furthering this illusion is the show's own narrator, who speaks in Abh-language with an air of lofty detachment. At various points throughout the show, he plays the role of providing historical context to whatever is being depicted on-screen. But as the show progresses, he starts inserting one sneaky insinuation after another into his narration; until by the end, he is quite explicitly showering unconditional praise on everything Abh, and utter contempt for all Terran institutions.

The show also executes another crafty sleight-of-hand to maintain the audience's sympathy towards its protagonist - through the course of the 13 episodes, it subtly shifts from portraying Jinto as an unwilling hostage of the Abh system, to a regular Earthling helping a stranded Abh out of ordinary decency, to an outright Abh sympathiser who implicitly approves of all the atrocities they would commit in the name of a "wronged" people, to a full-fledged member of a nobility that is subjugating his own home planet.

And in the end, the show would have you believe that it was Jinto who was wronged by the anti-Abh faction. And then there's the Abh themselves - initially portrayed as romantic star-faring gypsies dragged into a war they didn't want "Kin of the Stars" is what the show poetically calls themthey are subsequently shown to be brave, chivalrous and decisive when pushed into battle The show has an enigmatic and bombastic prologue scene depicting the Abh fiercely engaged in what appears to be an epic and heroic battle for their lives - but all they were actually doing was destroying the defences of an unwary and ill-equipped planet that barely even knew of the Abh's existence.

If subject planets wish to have FTL ships then they must rent them. Although neither side can truly be said to represent classical 'good' or 'evil' achetypes, it's somewhat difficult to see The Alliance as anything but the bad guy once you understand their stated goal is either the eradication or re-enslavement of the Abh as a species.

As The Alliance have publicly claimed the Abh to be 'rogue biological machines,' this doesn't count as an act of genocide or slavery in their eyes, merely the removal of a threat to human civilization. Lafiel recruits Klowal's vassal, Seelnay, as her own and together they take over Klowal's Mission Control. The Humankind Empire Abh practises a different type of hegemonic influence - diplomacy. The Abh expand by military conquest, but this "conquest" will often consist of a single ship delivering a treaty of surrender, with no shots fired.

The Abh then order the conquered world to surrender all long - range space travel capabilities to the empire, install an Abh noble to rule over the planet who is sometimes chosen from the local population rather than importedset up trade routes, and then as long as the ruling class follow the rules and the people don't cause too much trouble, leaves things alone except for an occasional military recruiter or observer.

The Alliance follows a fairly more straightforward method of this, as explained on the Black and Gray Morality trope above. Captain Ragash and his bridge officers agree to be left behind in Plane Space without fuel, so Lafiel's less-damaged ship can get most of his crew to safety. Standard operating procedure for Abh attack ships since they're fast and maneuverable but have little or no defense. The Abh follow their system of honor to the letter; keyword here is their system of honor.

Captain Lexshue, outnumbered 10 to 1, succeeds in destroying 9 enemy ships but suffers terrible damage in the process, and is almost about to destroy the final enemy ship, when it hits her with a Wave Motion Gun.

crest of the stars ending a relationship

Humans Are the Real Monsters: There are many exceptions, but the 'United Mankind' subscribe to this. They want to reinslave the Abh since they see them nothing more than automatons, use human shields in battle to exploit the Abh sense of honor, and have no issue destroying unarmed escape pods since the Abh crew inside aren't really "human". When they run from the United Mankind military at the end of Crest, neither Lafiel nor Jinto takes a hit until the end.

Meanwhile, Lafiel is consistently dropping one soldier per shot of her inferior weapon, despite range, concealment, cover Training at the Abh Military Academy must be spectacular. Asking a close relative for their genes is considered perfectly acceptable among the Abh, though the process doesn't involve sex and genefixing presumably clears up any of the problems of inbreeding. The beginning of every episode of the anime begins with an infodump relating to whatever is about to happen in the episode.

Crest Of The Stars and its sequels use a brass-heavy symphonic theme. The United Mankind Alliance view the Abh to be biological machines built to serve humanity. The Abh have the skin-tight version worn by pilotsand the bulky version used by mechanics, workers and damage control crews. Crest Of The Stars and its sequels made their battleships purely missile platforms that take Macross Missile Massacre to the absolutely ridiculous extent the majority of the mass of ships multiple kilometers long consists solely of thousand and thousands of missiles.

Of course, they were almost entirely Point Defenseless, but that's another matter. By the second season the Humankind Alliance has developed a new weapon that can overwhelm almost any point defense. Missiles that split into more missiles when shot at.

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In the novel, the effectiveness of those missiles were neutralized in a few hours Also in the second season are mineshipes: The Abh deploy them in the hundreds.

An interesting twist on this occurs in the second season where multiple episodes are devoted to nothing but the Abh fleet defending against wave after wave of Macross Missile Massacre. Present during a conversation between Jinto, Ekuryua and Samson, where Samson is talking about his experiences as a mustang enlisted man promoted to officer.

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It suggests that part of the reason Samson has been in the Star Forces for 20 years is because of the pretty girls in latex space suits. Abh live much longer than landers, meaning that Lafiel is painfully aware that she's going to outlive Jinto. Not so surprisingly, Jinto is the one that acknowledges this the most as Lafiel still wonders at time if she and Jinto is a different race while Jinto is ALWAYS conscience of the difference.

Jinto brings a cat on board a vessel that's going into combat. Admiral Abriel and his chief of staff insult each other even more than usual for Abh. Spoor treats The Laws and Customs of War as nuisances to be ignored when she wants to terrorize the enemy including one instance where she makes up a loophole that allows her to kill prisoners in cold blood, and threatens her chief of staff with disciplinary action when he protests.

crest of the stars ending a relationship

Oh, and Nereis likes to take baths when there's a pitched battle going on. Never Be Hurt Again: The backstory has the Abh overthrowing their human creators and masters, then going on to conquer most of the known universe, while in the process of conquering the rest. Bond, I Expect You to Dine: Baron Febdash appears to be a hospitable host to Lafiel and Jinto until the dinner itself, where his villainous intentions are made known.

Not Helping Your Case: Nereis and Nefee are part of a family known for its spectacular insanity. They claim they want to redeem their family's reputation, but they're not doing a very good job of it. Aside from Nereis and Nefee, Spoor's reputation for being nuts even by Abh standards covers her brilliant tactical mind. Older Than They Look: Abh physically stop aging at somewhere around twenty-five.

Interstellar travel relies heavily on Gates. During Jinto's and Lafiel's adventures, they see a Factory asteroid producing Antimattera Strategic planet, enforcing a planetary Blockade, and latter coming across a rather civilized Penal world. Enemy propaganda says they are living robots.

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Their own propaganda says they are a race of living art, superior for life in space space. In reality, other than blue hair, extended lifespan, zero G tolerance, and a different organ in place of their sinuses, they're still basically human.

The Abh are conscious of this, and still consider themselves human down to their civilization's name 'Humankind' Empire Abh. Just, in their view, space-humans as opposed to everyone else's land humans. They don't so much view Abh as better than Landers overall, just the branch of humans who are meant for space. Our Elves Are Better: A mashup between High Elves and Space Elves.

One possibly confusing thing is that most Abh have normal ears; hair color is the marker, not pointy ears. Those ears belong only to the royal family. Given Lafiel, we just get to see them an awful lot. This doesn't stop Abh from being like space elves pretty and long-lived but it's not the ears. Lafiel and Klowal's battle ends with her baiting him into range of her engine exhaust and then frying him.

Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions: Though the Banner I anime has Lafiel mentioning praying and souls briefly.

crest of the stars ending a relationship

Overall 5 out of 5 stars Performance 5 out of 5 stars Story 5 out of 5 stars Texas Great Ending. Thoroughly enjoyed this series. I'm sorry it's over. I'm going to miss these characters.

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I really loved the characters and the intensity of devotional love Overall 4 out of 5 stars Performance 4 out of 5 stars Story 4 out of 5 stars Marissiah I was happy to see the conclusion.

I struggled with the breakup.

crest of the stars ending a relationship

The reasoning wasn't clear. I'm glad it was short lived. The narrator had those up and down pitchy moments as in all of the books and its annoying.