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deadpool and siryn relationship

The two would rekindle their relationship once Siryn joined Madrox's When Psylocke joined Fantomex, Archangel, Deadpool and Wolverine. Siryn (Theresa Rourke Cassidy) was one of my past lovers, associated with the She promised me that she would consider progressing their relationship if I. In the second Deadpool miniseries, he teamed up with Siryn and her father They became close friends, but their relationship never became a.

Deadpool became a bit obsessed with Siryn after that, even watching her while she slept. Siryn later admitted she knew Deadpool was there and said it made her feel safe, but that doesn't really make it any less creepy.

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Siryn and Deadpool's relationship hit a major obstacle when Typhoid Mary disguised herself as Siryn and had sex with Deadpool. Later, Siryn tried to reconcile with Deadpool, but his shapeshifting ex-girlfriend Copycat took Deadpool's form and assaulted Siryn. Later, after going through a dark period following the death of Banshee and the death of her child, Siryn had a final one night stand with Deadpool and then proclaimed their relationship through.

Outlaw Outlaw, Inez Temple, is a mutant with extremely enhanced who also works as a mercenary. Deadpool flirted a lot, even shared a couple of games of strip poker, but the two did actually get together until after Deadpool spent a small fortune replacing Outlaw's home, which was destroyed during a mission.

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Outlaw and Deadpool eventually got married, but even Deadpool's healing factor wasn't enough for him to be able to handle a honeymoon activities with a bride with super strength. The marriage was annulled soon after.

deadpool and siryn relationship

Wade Wilson lived with Copycat before he was Deadpool when they were both mercenaries. That reunion occurred during a time in Deadpool's life when he was completely amoral, and so he treated Copycat with near total disregard and tried to kill her.

The two would rekindle their relationship once Siryn joined Madrox's X-Factor Investigations team, eventually leading to her becoming pregnant with his son. Following the baby's birth, Siryn named him Sean, a tribute to her deceased father.

Unfortunately, as Madrox took the baby into his arms, his body involuntarily absorbed it as one of his duplicate selves, much to the horror of Siryn and readers. It is yet to be seen if she will ever forgive him for this tragic accident. Following a fight with the Brotherhood, Fantomex died, only to be resurrected with three different bodies for each of his brains.

Reeling from her most recent breakup with Archangel, Psylocke gave into her carnal feelings for Fantomex. While the couple spent time in Paris causing all sorts of mayhem, Psylocke and Fantomex would eventually grow apart, while she and Cluster Fantomex's female self grew closer and more devoted to one another leading to their relationship. Feeling jealous over this new coupling, Fantomex sets Psylocke up, only to have Cluster side with him and cause Psylocke to walk out on both of them.

Her relationship with fellow X-Men member Forge began in the early '80s but was quickly cut short following the revelation that he had created the machine that inadvertently took her powers away.

deadpool and siryn relationship

Storm would look past her feelings and help Forge fight the Dire Wraiths and eventually rekindled their relationship. Following the creation of two separate X-Men teams in the '90s, Storm and Forge continuously struggled to be on the same page of their relationship. While Storm seemed to want to devote her life to being an X-Man, Forge yearned for a life far away from the chaos that came with being a superhero.

He had planned a last ditch effort to get Storm to marry him, unfortunately their relationship had already deteriorated too much and Forge walked out on a heartbroken Storm.

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She is one of the few X-Men characters who identify as gay, though she has never been portrayed as having a relationship with anyone. First of all, her brother is Damien Hellstrom and he is kind of a chump.


Damien's claim to fame was being briefly married to Patsy Walker aka Hellcat, but he basically drove her to madness before she finally left him. You might think that might not have much to do with Satana, but pay attention — bad relationship choices run in their family.

deadpool and siryn relationship

Secondly, her dad isn't even Satan, which is a huge rip-off. Her dad is just some random demon who showed up, and nobody even asked to see his ID so everyone just believed him and named her after him only to discover, years later, nope. Nary a Satan to be found in this tale, I'm afraid.

deadpool and siryn relationship

So, we're off to a bad start, but don't worry: This would normally be a pretty standard open-and-murder case, but it turned out the nerds in question were actually demons, therefore somewhat more difficult to kill than your ordinary dweeb. Deadpool, being the genius he is, offered to simply marry her so she wouldn't be obligated to marry anyone. She took him up on it, and the two lived happily ever after.

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Satana not only divorced him but jacked half of his soul. Mercedes Wilson Mercedes was once the wife of Wade Wilson.

deadpool and siryn relationship

Who goes around in life remembering all the people they've married? The closest thing to a happy ending Mercedes could get is a life without Deadpool mucking around in it. This is one of those characters that was more or less created just to be tormented and then written out of the book.