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There are many relationships that have been made because of the WWE's Dean Ambrose is an enigma, he doesn't have any kind of social media WWE attempted to split up Paige and Alberto Del Rio as part of the WWE. Dean Ambrose Paige & Renee Young Wwe Divas Paige, Paige Wwe, Wrestling Her Romantic Relationship With Dean Ambrose Jonathan Lee, Wwe Couples. dean ambrose and paige relationship quizzes. Can you name the Wwe Couples ()? Test your knowledge on this sports quiz to see how you do.

This is an alternate version of what might have happened if Paige had been in a relationship with Seth Rollins and joined the Authority on Raw Monday night after attacking AJ Lee. Also this is my 1st attempt at a wrestling story so I hope you all like it. I don't own WWE or any of the other promotions named or the Wrestlers contained in this story.

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Thanks to Wolfgirl, iheartwwe27, darck ben and DragonKing19 for their reviews to the last chapter. Paige and Seth's Relationship An hour later. The bell rang and the match began. Dean started as the legal man against Curtis Axel and hit him with a clothesline and as Axel was getting back up Dean ran at Axel and caught him on the side of the head with a running boot.

Dean went for the cover but Axel kicked out at 1 Dean pulled Axel back to his feet and whipped him to the corner Roman was waiting in and tagged him in and they delivered a double team suplex to Axel, Dean left the ring and got back on the apron while Roman lifted Axel up and whipped him to the ropes and as Axel rebounded back Roman connected with a Samoan drop and went for the cover only for Ryback to break it up Dean came running back in and jumped on Ryback forcing him out of the ring.

Curtis using the small interference from Ryback tried to recover a little and as Roman got back up Curtis Axel caught him with a Clothesline and followed that up with a Swinging Neck Breaker he brought Roman back to his feet and hit him with a Perfectplex and the ref counted and got to 2 before Roman powered his way out.

With the Help of three mysterious hooded figures, and several superstars and divas, they are determine to achieve their goal one way or another. With the help of an unexpected return, and the mysterious hooded figures, will The Shield reach the goal and their happiness or will they be betrayed by one of their own. But very few know that the whole thing was actually a ruse - Seth's trying to dismantle the Authority from the inside out. It's not fun, being away from his friends and girlfriend.

They find ways to communicate and rejuvenate. I just don't want to yet. I want you out there with me, one last time," Seth told her. One-Shot Wrestling - Rated: When they first meet there is a spark that neither can deny.

Can they over come their bad reputations to have a relationship? Can they let go of their past to tell each other how they feel?

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What happens when the Authority try and annihilate him? Will a guardian angel come to his aid or will he face the consequences alone?

Emma looked at her through the review mirror. Summer turned around and stared at her. Both women were in shock. This is an alternate version of what might have happened if Paige had been in a relationship with Seth Rollins and joined the Authority on Raw Monday night after attacking AJ Lee. That's helped me with just kind of knowing what WWE expects from me, about how I'm able to - more free-form - talk about the company and our product in those environments.

Now that I'm able to push that into commentary I'm hoping it will be smooth sailing ha ha. Not quite like The Miz and Daniel Bryan going head to head [as the pair famously did on Talking Smack] in front of your eyes!

No definitely not, it is definitely not like that!

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Hopefully there will be some other moments like that down the line, but definitely not like hosting a show with Daniel Bryan ha ha. That will have been a pretty emotional night for the two of you.

Yeah, it was really crazy. It was really crazy for both of us.

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And he worked so, so hard to get back and be in ring shape and look better than he's ever looked before so I know he had just been grinding so, so hard and I was there with him the whole time, through his recovery and getting back in the ring. But then for myself, like I've been having years of trying to prove myself and trying to find what my next big thing was that I was going to do, and it was just so funny that they coincided on the same night of me being able to step up to the plate and have a little bit of a spotlight shine on what I was doing and what was happening for women in our company and then having Dean come back.

It was really surreal, it was a really cool night for us. Dean Ambrose is back and challenging for tag title gold Image: It's a slightly unusual scenario. The other commentators aren't shy on remarking that you might have a little bit of bias. Oh ha ha ha. Yeah you know it's definitely funny and again it's just another thing But then he had this singles match with Drew McIntyre and that sort of brought our relationship bubbling up to the surface a little bit, but not in an obvious way.

You know, people know that we're married, they'll know I have a little bit more information than maybe Corey Graves does or Michael Cole does, but we're trying not to beat them over the head [with it], you know?