Deemo the last recital ending relationship

“DEEMO~ The Last Recital~” PSV Asian/Japanese Version Will Be Out Tomorrow

deemo the last recital ending relationship

Deemo is a music rhythm game that centers around the mystifying relationship between Alice and Deemo. The game progresses as Deemo plays and. In the After Story of Deemo: The Last Recital, it is revealed that the Little Girl and In the alternate ending where the Masked Lady destroys the mask, she is the. Deemo features a story that progresses by parts throughout each playthrough. except 14 have no special meaning, and are ending images.

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One track, "Entrance," sounds like it fell out of a Castlevania boss battle while another one of my favorites has the composition of a Sade B-side only with much worse lyrics. These songs are a joy to listen to and quite fun to play as well. As I watch each note slide down the barren, monochrome picture, I tap or slide my finger on the touch screen at the right time to strike the piano chord.

Each song has three difficulty levels: These levels are not always the same for each track. The jump from easy to medium to hard is not always the same, either. A song can shift from level 1 to level 6 when going from easy to medium but then only go to level 7 when attempting it on hard. The levels for the different difficulties are set in stone for each individual song, but I have control of how quickly the notes slide down the screen, allowing me to fine tune the experience to my capabilities.

Again, these music sections are visually dour, but the rest of the game is quite lovely. While the majority of Deemo is spent looking at those notes slide down the screen, it also has me exploring this underground world as a little girl searches for a way back home.

Falling through a window in the ceiling, this unnamed child is met by the titular Deemo, a lanky fellow who looks like the Slender Man got his noggin stuck in a mouthless Emil Head. Deemo plays a song on his piano for the girl and the magic of his notes causes a nearby tree to grow just a little bit. Reach 4m Tree Height. Probably the shortest movie clip in the game. It shows the Little Girl can't touch the leaves of the tree easily anymore - it's growing higher and higher.

You can see fruits on the tree, though they are not real Deemo Cutscenes - Part 04 Unlock condition: Reach 10m Tree Height. Deemo and the Little Girl are watching the tree from a distance; it has already grown so tall.

deemo the last recital ending relationship

It is almost reaching the window she fell from. It then appears as though she remembers something and starts to cry while Deemo tries to comfort her.

A tune somewhat similar to the final notes of Sairai plays in the background. Deemo Cutscenes - Part 05 Unlock condition: Reach 20m Tree Height. The Little Girl sees the tree is covered in bright orange. She happily dances around Deemo while he is playing the piano.

The credits to the game's developers, music composers, vocals, artwork designers, etc. In the end, you can see a picture frame, with the phrase "To be continued The picture shows a man playing the piano though his face obscuredand the girl sitting on the piano, laughing happily. Sakura iro no yume plays in the background. Deemo Cutscenes - Part 06 Unlock condition: Clear any song after part VI has played. The Masked Lady gazes at the tree, with something on her mind.

As leaves start to flutter down, she reaches out her hand. A pocket watch hangs from her neck, as a leaf falls onto her palm.

deemo the last recital ending relationship

She then proceeds to crush the leaf and releases her grip, causing the leaf scraps to scatter as they fall. Deemo Cutscenes - Part 07 Unlock condition: Tap on the flashing painting in the Attic after part VII has played.

The flowers in the art for "Magnolia" are open; in the art for Myosotis they're wilting. When the Little Girl looks out the window, she notes that it's too foggy to see anything. When she wakes up as Alice, she is able to see the city from the hospital window, signifying she returned from Deemo's world.

Gray Rain of Depression: Seen on the art cover of the song I hate to tell you, which fits the song's somber mood. Myosotis, on the hard difficulty, is rated 11, while Marigold is rated 12 on the hardest difficulty. Some of the dialogue from the little girl after growing the tree to 10m implies this.

They're likely the voices of the doctors and nurses taking care of her in the hospital. Hell Is That Noise: If you keep clicking on the open window in the attic after the tree reaches a certain height, it will play static noise and eventually what sounds like a beeping heart monitor. Hans pushes Alice out of the way of the oncoming truck.

“DEEMO~ The Last Recital~” PSV Asian/Japanese 2.4 Version Will Be Out Tomorrow

Alice is only injured as a result, while Hans takes the full brunt and dies from it. Some of the songs require the player to explore the castle and click at things before they are unlocked. While most songs are careful with this, some song artwork does show Deemo's true identity. Though the only songs that explicitly show this are in collections only unlocked after already having beaten the main story, certain other songs like Morning Drops and Snowflakes have caused many players to question who exactly that person in the picture is.

It's implied the Little Girl has this to a degree. Most noticeable in Nine Point Eight, a love song about flowers. And the singer following her cremated lover by committing suicide. Before the Little Girl drops in, Deemo's piano is situated on a dead tree stump. Playing music causes the stump to grow into a tree again. As the game continues, the tree grows ever so slightly, progressing the story when it reaches certain heights.

deemo the last recital ending relationship

Eventually the tree surrounds the piano, which is fine since it opens up rooms where you find other ones. Averted with the Switch version, which has a higher initial price tag, but includes all the paid content at no extra cost.

The Masked Lady is later revealed to be Alice, a. Try wrapping your head around that for a moment.

Breaking the seal: Deemo: Last Recital

It's not a complete Mind Screw now. When Deemo came out on the PS Vita, it was revealed that the Masked Lady is Celia, a side of Alice who remembers most of the things she had forgotten and tried to stop Alice from leaving the dream so she wouldn't be separated from Hans. There are only three characters in this game: When you're in the attic, the Little Girl mentions seeing fog outside the window.

The cutscenes have no dialogue, despite there being characters who can speak. Also the Masked Lady, at least when she has the mask on. Both get a name in the 2. They're actually the same person. In volume 2, both Anima and Myosotis can be considered a boss song at level 10 and 11 respectively. Many people managed to score higher on Myosotis than Anima despite Myosotis being level The Little Girl's parents aren't shown anywhere in the game at all.

The novel confirms they're dead. You can find more hints of this in-game if you played the DLC. The pictures you collect around the castle plus the artworks for the songs show that Alice's brother was her sole caretaker, doing all the works a parent would do for their child such as feeding, bathing, taking her to school, playing with her, and then putting her to bed, etc.

Becomes Harsher in Hindsight once you learn of their relationship in real life. Saika, Sanctity and Entrance, from Cytushave each been given a new arrangement in Deemo. Meanwhile, Cytus songs added in 1. The song Myosotis and the Shattered Memories song pack are only available after completing the rest of the game.

The Forgotten Hourglass DLC adds even more post-game content, though most of it requires playing through the game multiple times. Deemo saves Little Girl three different times by catching her.