Detailed map of pakistan and afghanistan relationship

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detailed map of pakistan and afghanistan relationship

on Afghan maps, includes not only the territory inhabited by the Pathans between the After detailed discussions, an agreement was negotiated between the two . move by breaking off diplomatic relations and closing the Pak-Afghan border. Map indicating locations of Pakistan and Afghanistan · Pakistan · Afghanistan. Diplomatic mission. Embassy of Pakistan, Kabul · Embassy of Afghanistan, Islamabad. Afghanistan–Pakistan relations involve bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan. . the main trade route between Afghanistan and the South Asia, especially for. Pakistan and Afghanistan share an immense border stretching miles . and this has had a tremendous impact on its relations with neighboring Afghanistan. . of Chaman (Pakistan) and Spin Boldak (Afghanistan), en route to Kandahar.

When the Taliban government was removed in latethe Afghan President Hamid Karzai also began resisting the Durand Line, [43] and today the present Government of Afghanistan does not recognize Durand Line as its international border.

Durand Line

No Afghan government has recognized the Durand Line as its border since Inspokespersons of U. Recurrent claims that the Durand Treaty expired in are unfounded. Cartographic depictions of boundary conflict with each other, but Treaty depictions are clear. The Afghan people, not the government, can take a final decision on it. Afghanistan—Pakistan skirmishes and Drone attacks in Pakistan An MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle, one of a unit which is launched from Afghanistan to engage targets on the Pakistani side of the Durand Line In JulyPakistani and Afghan forces clashed over border posts.

The Afghan government claimed that Pakistani military established bases up to meters inside Afghanistan in the Yaqubi area near bordering Mohmand Agency.

detailed map of pakistan and afghanistan relationship

The border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan has long been one of the most dangerous places in the world, due largely to very little government control. It is legal and common in the region to carry guns, and assault rifles and explosives are common. While most of the time the Taliban cross the Durand Line from Pakistan into Afghanistan and carry out attacks inside Afghan cities, sometimes they cross from the Afghanistan side of the border and attack Pakistani security forces and cities.

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Afghanistan figures prominently in media and political discussions following the terrorist attacks of September 11, Begin the lesson by asking students about Afghanistan. Where is it located?


Why was it the focus of attention after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D. Use a world map to locate Afghanistan.

detailed map of pakistan and afghanistan relationship

Who are its immediate neighbors? List these other countries India, Pakistan, etc. There has been some concern, however, about the incredible challenges the U. What are some of the factors that might make it very challenging for the U.

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Discuss with students what they've heard, and add to the discussion these ideas: Afghanistan is a landlocked country refer to the map. Any supplies, troops, etc. Afghanistan is extremely mountainous; the terrain lends itself to small-scale guerrilla warfare, not the type of large-scale operations the U. Afghanistan is quite diverse, comprised of many different ethnic groups speaking more than 30 languages.

Creating a widespread civilian support base would be extremely difficult.

detailed map of pakistan and afghanistan relationship

The United States would need to build a coalition with neighboring countries whose relationship with America historically has been complicated and often contentious. Explain that different countries may have very different perspectives about America's response to the terrorist attacks. It will be your students' job to explore these perspectives.