Detective amaro and rollins relationship goals

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detective amaro and rollins relationship goals

that Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Amaro (Danny Pino) were sleeping sporadic, and neither one of them would want to call it a relationship.". svu amaro quotes - Google Search Amanda Rollins, Nick Amaro, Chris Meloni, Cop Hargitay, Law And Order, Squad Goals, Karen Walker, Couple Goals. Before the detectives even get the call, Liv wakes up in the middle of the night to find Amaro grabbing After Amaro shot a kid last week, he had to stay with Liv for a little while. His current goal is to win back his wife, Maria. Rollins and Liv assure her that Claire would be a credible witness for her case.

Seeing as there's nothing they can do, the detectives watch as Claire is taken from her new home.

detective amaro and rollins relationship goals

Who gets the case? With Barba's help, SVU realizes they need the help of the feds to override this ruling, so they visit prosecutor Connie Rubirosa of the Federal Task Force, who tell them Perry has a history of targeting runaways, getting them hooked on drugs, and forcing them to work at his clubs.

Rollins and Liv assure her that Claire would be a credible witness for her case. Mosconi says his wife is the ADA on the case, so he'll have her speak with the judge. New Jersey court People v. Barba approaches the bench to tell the judge that Claire is wanted as a grand jury witness in a federal case.

Judge Dolan says the government of New Jersey has a zero tolerance approach to fraud, so she must be charged. Even after Barba reminds her she's only a minor, Judge Dolan orders Claire into custody without bail. They raid the stripclub After calling upon a handful of government organizations to assist, SVU leads a raid of Perry's stripclub.

Mid-investigation, Perry finally offers to name the perp if they'll leave him alone. Rollins battles her demons Even after making a semi joke assuring Liv she wouldn't gamble on her way to pick up Claire now that the feds are even further involvedRollins sits down to gamble.

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Cigarette in hand, we see her lose a good number of chips and perhaps a good bit of sanity. Meanwhile, at the precinct, Amaro tells Fin that Rollins is 20 min late pointing out that she was late the other morning too. He's worried she has a problem. Of course, assuming there's still bad blood between Amaro and Rollins after last week's incident, Fin stands up for his partner, as he always does, ordering Amaro to focus on himself.

Where is the victim? Once Rollins arrives at the facility, a woman informs her that Claire is not "available" seeing as she's in solitary because she got into a fight with another inmate.

Even with Rollins' protests, the woman tells her to come back tomorrow. A scandal surfaces Seeing as Knollwood is a private facility, more prisoners means more money for the facility. With Claire in solitary, Rubirosa orders for her release to DOC meaning they can take her regardless of whether she's in solitary. A haggard-looking Claire tells Rollins she was doped and forced to sleep on the cold floor without a blanket; other inmates were beaten.

Turns out, the firm is owned my Mosconi's mother-in-law who suffers from Alzheimer's. Mosconi is up to something. A closer looks at Judge Dolan's finances reveals that he had to take out a second mortage and was paying other government officials until Knollwood hired the Jersey PR firm with ties to Mosconi.

A twist in the case Liv gets a call from Fin telling her to turn on the TV: Dolan was found dead in his apartment; he committed the samurai-originated harakiri and was found dead in his apartment.

But before he died, he received a text with an image of him and a young girl. The sexual implications are clear. Rubirosa recognizes the young girl -- she disappeared four years ago, just when Dolan began paying off Mosconi. Also the girl used to work at Perry's Jersey City club. She began to speak, "I-it's uhm, it's nothing guys. Just help me get them down please and to a shredder ASAP. Liv trusted Declan and Fin to not say anything but she knew the few others who witnessed the posters were probably already gossiping.

Trying not to let her mind go there, Liv went back to the spot where she dropped her belongings when Fin came up behind her. Tell me, you know you can trust me.

Olivia looked at her longtime friend and decided to tell him the truth. I told her that wasn't true but she's concocted this whole story in her deranged mind. She's in her feelings, big time, then Amaro? You want me to talk to her? Liv caught that 'Amaro' comment but didn't have time to dwell on it before she answered Fin.

Also I would appreciate not menti-" "Say no more. I'm here Liv if you want to talk or vent about my crazy partner. She was so mad at him that she seriously thought about slapping him again. She suppressed the urge seeing that they were at work, and also the whole assault of a police officer nonsense.

Nick knew that Amanda was blindsided by his sudden end to their relationship but he hoped that they could stay cordial and professional. Trying to forget their last encounter which resulted in a thunderous slap, Nick tried to engage her.

Liv and I have never done anything behind your back, ever. You have my word. So I hope we can move on and be civil and work together.

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Hell, one day be friends again, all of us. Trying to remain strong and keep her emotions at bay, the blonde detective looked up to meet Nick's sincere gaze. I'm also sorry for what we're about to walk into," said Rollins as she walked off, leaving a confused Nick behind. Amanda walked into the squad room timidly; she noticed that there were no signs of the posters.

She was relieved for Nick's sake but she knew that Liv had seen them. She went straight to her desk not even glancing in the direction of her sergeant. Amanda didn't know how but she was going to try and explain herself to Liv when she got a chance. Nick walked in a short time after Rollins and felt a strange energy in the room.

He couldn't put his fingers on it but something was definitely off. He glanced over at Fin looking for answers but found none. He then looked at Liv and he saw that she had on serious resting bitch face. She adds she knows he Amaro is there if she needs him but she wants a quiet night.

Law and Order: SVU , Season 15, Episode 12 Recap: More New Jersey Corruption

As she tends to the dog, a car pulls up and Sam gets out. She asks if they have a GPS signal on her ass, but he says he is a police officer. He wants her to think about what she is doing and they know she got to Reese. Rollins says she took her statement, and Sam counters that she elicited a story and Reese was looking for payback, just like Rollins.

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He continues to move closer to her as he says he is not going to pass any judgment, accusing Rollins of sleeping with the Chief and it backfired and that is on her. Rollins says Patton is a liar, but Sam counters he is a man he knows and trusts and he knows how ambition Rollins and Reese are, but to take his advice and let sleeping dogs lie.

Rollins firmly tells Sam to get the hell of her street. He walks closer to her and says all these years she has been giving him the good girl act but she was just keeping herself wide-eyed and wet for the big boss, asking that there was no piece for her old friend Sam?

Rollins knees him in the groin and Frannie lets out a bark. Sam drops to his knees in pain. He calls her a bitch and says he will report her. As Rollins walks off, she tells him to do that and make sure he tells his wife she said hello. The next day, Rollins is out for a run and Barba, also out for a run, catches up with her. She stops and asks that he is stalking her now? When Barba comments not to make him subpoena her, she says she is not talking about her and Patton, adding prior acts are inadmissible and nothing really happened.

He says if he does not call her, the defense will and they will claim she is out for revenge and they have to get in front of this. She says they are not going to call her up to the stand, then says she has to go, Benson hates it when she is late. Later, in a restaurant, Barba and Dodds meet with Patton and Counselor Buchanan who wants to talk about a graceful exit strategy.

Dodds and Patton get snippy with each other and Buchanan suggests they talk lawyer to lawyer. Barba says they are not dismissing and Buchanan thinks this is disorderly conduct with disciplinary action handled by APD. Barba counters rape is a felony and they will accept sex abuse 3 minimum. Patton thinks they may want to think about the next time a New York detective gets in trouble in Atlanta.

Dodds says what Patton out to think about is how quickly the shine goes off his shield once he goes on the registry. Dodds says with sarcasm that this was fruitful and he gets up to leave. Buchanan offers assault 3 with a bloody lip, no time and no registry. See you in court, my friend], leaving Patton perplexed. Patton shakes his head, and sitting behind him in the gallery is his wife Vivian.

Buchanan has no questions for Benson. As she steps down, Patton gives a long look back to his wife. Meanwhile, Fin and Amaro are in the courtroom hall as Rollins arrives. She asks how is it looking, and Fin informs her Patton is smug and he hates this guy. Amaro says Patton is working the jury with long looks to his wife. Rollins is surprised Vivian is there and Vivian calls out to Rollins from right behind her.

detective amaro and rollins relationship goals

Rollins asks Fin and Amaro for a minute. Rollins comments to Vivian that it has been 5 years. Vivian asks how is her mother, with her sister's situation and with Rollins up here, commenting it must be hard on her all by her lonesome. She see him coming out of the courtroom and excuses herself.

Later, Reese testifies that she viewed Patton as a mentor and socialized with him in group functions with other detectives. She explained what happened that night.

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Patton said his cell phone demagnetized his key card and he did not want to go down to the front desk so he asked to enter through her room. He then suggested room service and she said food sounded good but her ordered champagne. She did not want to be rude so she had one glass. He kissed her and she pulled away, reminding him he was a married man and she thought it would be best if they called it a night. He unzipped, shoved his knee between her legs and forced himself inside her.

Then he finished and he went into his room, and told her to clean herself up for the conference tomorrow. She did not call or hotel security, she was embarrassed and ashamed. She finished the champagne and passed out, and a few hours later she fell in the bathroom. In the hospital, she told the nurse she had been raped and she told Benson.

She told Benson at first she did not want to cooperate as she was afraid her career would be over and that no one would believe her. But she is here now; what Patton did to her was a crime and she realized if she did not testify it could happen to someone else and she did not want that on my conscience. Rollins, sitting in the gallery, looks down.

detective amaro and rollins relationship goals

Under cross examination, Buchanan implies that Reese let loose because she was away from home and argues that she never fought back because she left no marks on Patton. She says she froze. He also brings up that she called no one about the attack and reminds her she had finished all the champagne and on top of all the drinks she had at dinner she was so drunk that she took a nasty fall and was found passed out on the bathroom floor. Buchanan says they had to call an ambulance for her and for an ambitious detective that had to be embarrassing for her.

Barba objects, saying Buchanan is harassing her. Reese says she would try to understand the pressure on her. Buchanan suggests there would be more to the story than she is telling you — or less.

Reese says she would investigate but in her case…Buchanan cuts her off and says he will mark that as a yes, adding this may be what Patton did that night. Barba leaps from his chair and objects, and Buchanan withdraws the comment. Benson shakes her head and Rollins looks on in frustration. Reese walks out, leaving Rollins to stare at herself in the mirror. At a later time, Rollins is in the courtroom on the stand, going through her testimony with Barba in a practice run.

detective amaro and rollins relationship goals

She says her sister was facing felony charges and Patton called her into his office so they could fix the problem. She inferred that if she had sex with him, her sister would not be prosecuted. If the judge allows this, she needs to be ready. They go back to her testimony, and she explains at first she did consent to sex with Patton. They met at a hotel and she laid down on the bed and he was drunk and he was grabbing at her and pulling off her clothes.

She asked him to slow down and he got rough with her. He bit her and slapped her and banged her head against the headboard and she was bleeding.