Dirge of cerberus cloud and tifa relationship

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dirge of cerberus cloud and tifa relationship

But, with Cloud searching for Aerith and the promised land, I don't think that a relationship with Tifa is possible. He still loves Aerith, even. I do not own Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus or its characters. Vincent stare off into the sky where the remnants of Omega float like clouds. "I've been staying with your friend Tifa, she has been kind enough to let me. While his screen-time was minimal in Dirge of Cerberus, it stands to I am, however, totally in favor of her returning as Cloud and Tifa's child.

Had it not been for Cloud's courage, she would surely have perished, but Cloud's actions allowed for Zangan to save her and train her as a martial artist. Scarlet is supervising the execution, but Sapphire Weapon attacks Junon and breaks open a hole in the wall allowing Tifa to escape the gas chamber.

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She is confronted by Scarlet on the Sister Ray and they proceed to have an old fashioned slapping contest. Tifa wins though and manages to escape on the Highwind. He is in a wheel chair and cannot speak so Tifa takes it upon herself to try and revive Cloud's consciousness. However, when Ultimate Weapon attacks, Mideel has an earthquake and while trying to escape with Cloud, they both fall into the Lifestream.

It is here that Tifa finally understands why Cloud knew the things he did about what happened in Nibelheim and she learns that Cloud had defeated Sephiroth and in-turn had probably saved her life. Rachel Leigh Cook Age: Alongside that, she also assists Cloud in the setting up of his new courier delivery service and helps take care of Denzel and Marlene Wallace when Barret isn't around. When Cloud disappears, Tifa gets extremely worried and tries to contact him numerous times. He never answers her calls though and she fears for his safety.

Following on from a call she receives from Reno, she leaves a message on his phone in the hopes that he will read it. Being the strong knuckle-brain of the trio, Tifa has her work cut out and she fights admirably.

dirge of cerberus cloud and tifa relationship

However, she is ultimately overpowered by Loz and is defeated, allowing him to take the Materia and kidnap Marlene.

After she recovers from the fight, Tifa helps her old comrades in the fight against Bahamut SIN, which proves much more successful than her previous encounter in the film. Before Crisis revolves around Nibelheim. She is first seen when The Turks go to investigate a number of mysterious disappearances that have been occurring around the Mako Reactor stationed in Mt. This leads to Zack, Sephiroth and an anonymous Cloud going to Nibelheim. Following this Sephiroth burns down Nibelheim as a result of what he sees in the reactor.

dirge of cerberus cloud and tifa relationship

Tifa is injured by Sephiroth, but is rescued and hidden by Zangan before ShinRa clean-up the "incident". So, when they arrive, she offers to be their guide to the reactor only to find that Cloud isn't with them. Despite warnings from Zack about it being too dangerous for her, she decides to continue being their guide through Mt.

As Zack warned, there are numerous encounters along the way which could have threatened her safety; all of which were dealt with by one of the normal ShinRa soldiers, who seemed very protective of her. After being denied entry to the Mako Reactor numerous times by the same soldier, they are attacked by a swarm of monsters.

He does his best to protect her, but is ultimately overwhelmed and when Zack comes out, Tifa tells him what happened. A young woman with ash-blonde hair in a long pony-tail, brown eyes, with a Shotgun in her arms, hinting that she may be a hunter, and in a Turk uniform.

I can't remember what kind mission that was, but, I think she's the only Turk I've met that isn't Similiar to Reno, but not that much. Tifa nodded, then suggested, "You should find Freya and tell her that she's forgiven. Let her know that it's not her fault, and that, maybe we can hang out sometime. Then the TV behind them made the sound of World news appearing, and they heard a male announcer say, "Three weeks ago, our crew left for Midgar.

What really happened down there? The anchorman's faces were soon covered by a video that expanded from the corner of the screen which showed a young broadcaster and several men in heavy work uniforms at the front of a large building. There are no records of this place located deep within the Shinra Building, another of the companies' secret's revealed recently. According to an investigator's reports, there is evidence that people were once transported here.

To bring you this exclusive footage, Channel Seven news has teamed up with volunteer Organization The blonde haired man stared at her as if she was totally crazy.

Before Tifa could answer, the phone on the wall began to ring, catching their attention.

dirge of cerberus cloud and tifa relationship

Cloud got up to get it while Tifa turned the volume down. Listen, you need to get yourself, Tifa and the children out of Edge, now. I'm on my there with WRO as we speak. Vincent is there, and well, I'll tell you later.

dirge of cerberus cloud and tifa relationship

Right now, Edge could be in danger due to DeepGround. Then he understood and replied, "Alright, we'll evacuate right away. He turned to Tifa who immediately understood the situation and said, "I'll get the kids. Cloud in the meantime, pulled out his PHS and dialed the number he really didn't want to ring, but knew he had no choice.

It was about damn time that ShinRa would clean up their mess. They just witnessed the Breaking News about what happened. Just then, Reno's PHS buzzed, and he pulled it out, flipped it open and answered whoever was calling him, "Yo? It's about those guys that are attacking Kalm. The red-spiky haired man rolled his eyes and grumbled, "What? Don't I even get a, 'Hey, how'ya doin.

I have no idea what the hell these blue-suited guys are, just so you know.

Tifa Lockhart

I don't have much time since Edge is being evacuated, since you're being lazy and all. I asked for you nicely a year ago, didn't I? The other three would probably agree.

Reno sighed and replied, "Tch, fine, whatever. He's asking for the phone anyway. Anyway, Reeve also told me about the group, which are named Deepground, and I know that you have something to do with that.

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This was something Rufus did not expect. Not to mention the disappearence of people in Junon. You something about Deepground and I want an answer. Like you don't actually know about all of those secrets. The young Shinra sighed again, "You know as well as I do, Cloud. I was never close to my father, even for his death by the hands of Sephiroth three years ago, and, gladly, I would've killed the old man myself.

Though the Turks were now supicious about 'Deepground' themselves. None of them, not even Tseng, had ever heard that kind of thing before either. There was a pause, before Rufus heard Cloud sigh and then the man on the other side said, "We need to talk to Reeve about this, somewhere where Deepground won't find us. I think Kalm should be okay to talk since WRO is taking care of things. A short pause, before Tseng looked at Rufus who nodded, then the Director of the Turks nodded, "Affirmative.

As soon as Cloud finished the phone call, he, Tifa and the kids were out the door immediately just as people around them were in a major panic, just like in Kalm.

dirge of cerberus cloud and tifa relationship

Suddenly they heard a young girl screaming, and when they turned to look, to their shock and horror, were a couple of strange dog-mutan monsters in the same uniforms of Deepground chasing her. The girl had a toy Moogle in her arms. Immediately, Cloud took out his Fusion swords, and just as the monsters closed in on Katie, Cloud swung and slashed at the enemies, killing then instantly. Katie looked up, then wrapped her arms around Cloud's waist and began to cry.

He then sighed and said, "C'mon, it's not safe here. Before any of them could answer, a large van drove up and stopped before them, and to the group's surprise, were a group of people wearing Turk uniforms. A man with glasses and a scar, another was another young man with spiky red-hair, like Reno's, but different, another was a young woman with urban curly hair with matching eyes and a Shuriken, another young woman, a bit older, looking almost like an bit older identical version of Elena, a tall man with orange hair and sunglasses, and finally, Freya, back in her Turk uniform, shotgun at ready.

Not that Cloud trusted the Turks, he just never saw this many before. Still, he'd rather be with the Turks right now than being killed or getting his family killed by Deepground.