Dixon and silver relationship 90210

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dixon and silver relationship 90210

Season 1 Episode 17 Life'S A Drag. When Liam transfers to West Beverly, Naomi finds herself stunned but captivated by the intense, handsome bad-boy. Remember when Annie was a prostitute? Or when Silver used a . on her, she continues the "relationship" to pay for Dixon's rehab. Erin Silver, portrayed by Jessica Stroup, is a character on the hit show a romantic interest in Dixon Wilson, which quickly blossoms into a relationship.

We later learn that he also lost his virginity to his girlfriend Naomi's sister. It turns out that she has bipolar disorder and this incident leads to the diagnosis. In Season 3, Adrianna gets revenge on Silver by switching out her pills. See the shows we're losing this year 3. Navid and Adrianna get engaged Season 1, "The Dionsysian Debacle" The two begin dating, only to learn Adrianna is pregnant from a one-night stand a guy Annie later dated when she was in rehab.

Navid Michael Steger decides he still wants to be with Ade and says they should get married. Ultimately, they break up and Adrianna gives the baby up for adoption.

dixon and silver relationship 90210

Annie kills someone in a hit-and-run Season 1, "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer" After having an awful prom, Annie Shenae Grimes gets in her car, bottle of alcohol in hand, and ends up hitting someone before driving off. The following season, she starts dating Jasper Zachary Ray Shermanwho knows that Annie killed his uncle. When Annie wants to break things off with him, he essentially blackmails her by revealing that he has evidence of the hit-and-run.

Eventually she ends it, Jasper almost commits suicide, then sets fire to Liam's boat, and then doesn't turn up on the series again until Season 5. Ryan knocks up Naomi's sister Season 2, "Confessions" Naomi learns her sister is pregnant and that Ryan Ryan Eggold is the father, so she, of course, is the one to tell him the big news. The next season, Jen Sara Foster gives birth, but eventually ditches town and leaves the baby with Ryan.

Jen later returns and takes the baby to Paris. Ryan, who is now dating Annie and Dixon's mom Debbie Lori Loughlinasks her to move with him to Paris so he can be closer to the baby. After previously — and falsely — accusing her faculty adviser Hal Ozsan of sexual harassment, he rapes her in the season finale, saying, "Who's going to believe you? Cannon's accent is from a different region than he had said and with that information, Oscar and Naomi are able to find Cannon's real name online and learn that he was wanted for sex crimes.

The police go to arrest him, but he's fled — to Naomi's room. He ties her up, but Silver comes to the rescue and he's taken to jail. Adrianna steals a dead guy's music Season 3, "Senior Year, Baby" At the start of the season, Adrianna Jessica Lowndes and Javier Diego Boneta return from touring, but when Adrianna won't hook up with him, he threatens to drop her from the tour. Fortunately for her, their limo is hit by a car and he's instantly killed.

On top of that, Javier had just shown her the book of songs he wrote. So what does Ade do? Steals them and plays them off as her own and, of course, they instantly become popular. Ivy marries a dying Raj Season 3, "To the Future! When his diagnosis gets worse, Ivy says she's in it for the long haul, so Raj proposes and they get married in an extravagant Indian ceremony on the beach. They later break up and Raj ultimately dies.

Annie becomes a prostitute Season 4, "Greek Tragedy" When Annie is struggling to pay her sorority dues, a friendly sister invites her to come out and dine with rich friends. Turns out the friends are paying for their company.

dixon and silver relationship 90210

While disgusted at first, Annie realizes that she can now pay her dues and have money to spare. Her next escort date becomes a "boyfriend," and even though Annie discovers that he's cheating on her, she continues the "relationship" to pay for Dixon's rehab.

Silver, later, approaches Teddy on the rooftop and sees him playing Tennis alone, she asked him if he was okay and he responds by saying that he was a coward. He apologizes for not being there for her and she hugged him, saying that he was, indeed, there for her. They shared a kiss into which the two snapped out of and treated it as nothing but a careless move. Since then, Teddy seems to take his interest in her into a new level.

He tries to get her to go with him in the Winter Wonderland Dance but was turned down by her. He tries again by making a video of him saying that he quits his playboy days and only wants to date Silver and broadcasted it to the whole school. He, again, asks Silver to go with him but she turns him down again.

Teddy finally got her to dance with him just as friends but suddenly kisses her.

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Silver, caught by surprise, left him and went back to Naomi. Naomi tells Silver to take her chances since Teddy seems to be really into her so Silver decides to give it a try but she later sees Teddy with another girl but not knowing it's his sister, Silver thinks Teddy has returned to his playboy ways.

Dixon approaches her later and she asks him about the girl since Dixon was with Teddy when he was hugging the girl. Added by Silver09 Dixon made Silver think that Teddy is still being a playboy by not telling Silver that the girl is actually Teddy's sister, feeling vulnerable at the moment, she allows Dixon to kiss her which was witnessed by Teddy.

After a short vacation, Dixon approached her and asked if they could be back together, Silver rejects him gently and told him that she just doesn't feel that way about him anymore but asks him to stay in her life as friends.

Dixon agrees and they hangout together, as they have lunch Teddy's sister approached them and told Silver that she made the wrong decision by not giving Teddy a chance. She also subsequently reveals to Silver that Dixon knew all along that she was Teddy's sister.

This causes a strain in Silver and Dixon's friendship. After much persuasion and misunderstandings, Teddy and Silver finally get together as a couple. Teddy's father goes to see Silver and bribes her to break up with Teddy because he feels his tennis career is being distracted; even though she doesn't take the money, she starts thinking about what his father said so she breaks up with Teddy.

Dixon Wilson

In the season finale, she tells him she is sorry and that she loves him and they reconcile. Added by Silver09 In season 3 Teddy and Silver break up due to the fact that he has been drinking and lying about it, which is hard for Silver because of the history with her mother, Jackie Taylor. Cannon's interest in Silver. Silver is almost drugged by Cannon when she stopped by his house to watch a documentary, but left when she saw that Naomi had said the exact same phrase that was said by Cannon in the video.

With her work in the Blaze, Silver developed a close bond with Navid Shirazi and helped him with the problems that he had with his father.

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She even goes undercover as a porn star to help Navid investigate. As she gets to know Navid, she realizes what a great guy he is and slowly, she starts to develop romantic feelings for him when he starts having relationship problems with Adrianna as well. Added by Silver09 Silver and Navid almost kiss, which is when they start to understand that there is something more between them. In the Best L'eid Plansit becomes apparent that Silver indeed does have feelings for Navid when he spends the night in her room talking about his father.

When Navid and his current girlfriend, Adriannahave an argument, Silver seems relieved to hear it and hesitates but agrees when Adrianna asks her for help to fix Adrianna's and Navid's relationship by helping her plan something special. As Silver takes Navid away from the party, he confesses that he has feelings for her, but the moment is interrupted by Adrianna and Silver is left disappointed. Added by Silver09 In the episode Holiday Madnesswhen Navid confronts her in school, before he has a chance to explain what he feels and how he has no feelings for Adrianna anymore, she stops him from saying too much and tells him that it is because they have been spending too much time together and so they should keep their distance.

Everything seems to be going well until Silver attends the sleepover at Adrianna's new house but only Silver and Navid are able to attend. The tension becomes apparent when Silver, Navid and Adrianna are to spend one night together. As Adrianna sleeps, Silver and Navid are unable to and so they run into each other in the hallway. There, Navid brings up the feelings he has for Silver again and he asks her if what he feels is all in his head.

Silver says 'yes' but does not look him the eyes, making it obvious that she does not believe that. Later on at Adrianna's Christmas party, Silver finds Navid alone and as he apologizes for ruining their friendship for feelings that he "thinks" he has for her, Silver finally admits that she does have feelings for him and he kisses her. Silver gets a text message from Naomi and decided to rescue her at her own apartment.

Mr Cannon then holds Silver and Naomi hostage, but they eventually tie him to the chair. Cannon and nearly kills him with his knife that he threatened to kill her with. But Naomi breaks down with Silver. They call the police and Mr. Added by Silver09 Adrianna finds out about Silver and Navid. When Adrianna pretends to think it was one of Navid's ex-girlfriends, she tells Silver she is going to send a nude picture of her to the entire school.

Silver stops her and comes clean that she is the one Navid was cheating with and that they are in a relationship. Adrianna then tells her she knows, and she texts a nude picture of Silver to the entire school. Silver and Adrianna go back and forth playing mean pranks before they appear to reconcile, but Adrianna switches Silver's medication for bipolar disorder.

She then begins to behave strangely: Added by Silver09 After receiving some distressing news about NYU, Silver has an emotional breakdown, causing Navid and Dixon to stage an intervention to make her go to a mental hospital.