Ekwefi and ezinma relationship advice

Career Counseling & Job Center Ekwefi is Okonkwo's second wife, and she's the one with the most attitude. from the very start of their relationship, she suffers a great deal under Okonkwo's sudden mood swings and malicious temper . Ezinma even calls her mother by her first name, but Ekwefi doesn't mind, and even. "Ezinma was an only child and the center of her mother's world" "Don't be afraid," said Ekwefi, stroking her head, which was shaved in places. Abstract: Ekwefi's character is one of the most significant characters in things fall apart by Chinua Achebe. She possess the Ezinma was the tenth of them who was the purpose of her life. Not only she is relationship of trust. right advice about food for feast and her judgment of gun was also not wrong. She never.

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ekwefi and ezinma relationship advice