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Reli - Ria Torres and Eli Loker from Lie to Me shi. Let Monica Because Torres warned Loker about the woman he began dating. 4.)Because. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - R. Torres, E. Loker Ria Tores and Eli Loker were standing, glaring at each other in front of the . I was a bit scared to be around you and ask you questions, but then I guess I got used to it. towards each other and shared their first, wonderful and tender kiss. In what episode to Torres and Loker sleep together? On the Lie To Me wikipedia page it says they sleep together, I had no idea this happened.

So why was she in his office? She could have took the bottle and had a drink anywhere. I really messed up. And it is just an example of how my entire life is going down the toilet. I can't seem to get anything right in my personal life. My job was the one area where everything was going great. She groaned a little because her vision was blurry at the moment.

She saw two or three grainy versions of Lightman's face in her head at the moment. She closed her eyes to concentrate on what she was trying to say. I was careless and it caused a lot of people a lot of pain not to mention it could have given a bad name to the entire Lightman group.

She needs a lot of love, supervision, guidance But if I am not working this job I wouldn't be able to take care of her anyway. Loker is my worst mistake of all. I had sex with him I mean he really knows how to. You are going to regret going on like this when you finally sober up. And I will be sure to remind you of this conversation. He already knew that Ria and Eli had slept together. She laughed and said "Oh that is right you don't want to hear about hot sex.

Anyway, now we are weird around one another.

Ria Torres

I don't know what he wants from me and I don't know what I want from him. I want someone else I think but he could never want me the way I want him. And I keep reaching out to him But I…I just needed a little more time. I needed more time. He was hoping that she wasn't saying what he thought she was saying. He looked at the young woman's face and saw the pain she was feeling. She was far too drunk to try to hide her micro expressions from him. Her face was like an open book to her soul at the moment.

Why don't you want me?

Loker/Torres -- Another love

And it can't be because of not wanting to sleep with employees because while I've worked with you I've watched you break dozens of lows and social constructs.

Because if you are maybe you shouldn't drink as much. You aren't interested in me Come on I am going to get you home for the night. Ria felt her heartbreak a little hearing Lightman's response but she refused to let it show.

She didn't say anything as he guided her out of the building and out to his car. Ria didn't say anything else to him after that. She felt like a scolded child and her brain was too fuzzy to come up with a catchy comeback. Cal helped Ria out to the car and got her into the backseat.

He made sure that she was settled before climbing into the drivers' seat and starting up his car. He started driving toward her place. The silence in the car was deafening. He knew that he had hurt her feelings but it was the best way to keep her from throwing herself at him and embarrassing herself yet again. She was a talented young woman but she was obviously a damaged one and he wasn't going to take advantage of her even if he did find her attractive.

Cal arrived at her place and helped her out of the car and up to her door. She just kept laughing to herself. Cal looked at her door and considered picking the lock but decided better of it. He walked with her back to his car and helped her in again. He got into the car and drove to his house.

He was glad that Emily was with her mother for the night. He helped Ria into the house and into the guest room. I'll get you something to sleep in Ria laid across the bed for the moment trying to regain her senses.

She wanted to be more lucid but she couldn't manage it at the moment. She stood up and started stripping out of her clothes. He walked to his bedroom and searched his dresser for a long t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He walked back into the room and spotted Ria in only her bra and panties. Lightman's eyes couldn't help but wonder over her beautiful body. He shook his head and walked over handing her the shirt and shorts.

I'll see you in the morning. I am down the hall if you need anything. He closed the door behind him and then went to his own bedroom and changed for bed.

In what episode to Torres and Loker sleep together?

He changed into a pair of navy blue and white striped pajama bottoms. He climbed into his bed tiredly and tried to get the image of Torres out of his head. Meanwhile Ria pulled on the t-shirt he had given her and she fell into the bed tiredly. It didn't take very much for Ria to drift off into a fitful sleep but she was used to that.

Cal fell asleep after a couple of hours but woke up hearing a shrill cry from the room down the hall. Cal shot out of the bed like a bolt of lightning. The scream had sent shivers up and down his spine.

He raced down the hall to the guest room and flung open the door. It was then he realized that Ria was still sound asleep in the bed but was tossing and turning and crying in her sleep. He walked over to the bed. Ria you need to wake up. Ria was startled out of his sleep and moved away from Cal her eyes wild with fear.

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She scrambled to the other side of the queen side bed clutch a sheet around her body. It took a moment for the fog of her nightmare to lift. She looked at Lightman with tears in her eyes. She didn't know what else to say as silent tears slipped down her cheeks.

Her breathing was still rapid and her eyes darted around the moonlit bedroom. Cal walked over to the bed and turned on the lamp. Ria didn't respond she just sat there with the sheet clutched to her for a few minutes.

She couldn't bring herself to look in Lightman's direction. In a shaky voice she said "Sometimes I can't get away from them I know you have to be exhausted right now. He moved his legs into the bed and leaned against the headboard.

Ria finally relaxed and scooted across the bed so that she was closer to Cal. She rested her head against his chest needing to feel close to someone at the moment. She closed her eyes tiredly and whispered. She started to drift off to sleep. Cal found himself lightly caressing her hair. I am here if you need me. She slept for an hour before she started having another nightmare. She cried out in her sleep. Fair's better than most.

Eli and Ria work closely together and seem to become good friends throughout Seasons 1 and 2 after Loker confides in her that he lied to Foster in the episode " Depraved Heart ". When this becomes an issue that results in the Lightman Group allegedly being sued in " Undercover ", Ria continues to lie to keep Loker's deception a secret, though this turns out to be a test of her loyalty from Cal.

Relationship with Torres in later episodes Edit Underlying sexual tension continues between the two later on in Season 2, such as in " Fold Equity " where Torres and Loker debate on whether his date really likes him or not. The two share an intimate moment after Ria reveals that she'd lied when she's said the girl wasn't interested in him, the two getting very close when she tries to make a point by staring into his eyes and he touches her knee.

This increased care seems to grow as, when a bomb goes off at the beginning of " Sweet Sixteen ", a panicked Ria is seen trying to call Loker who had been near the explosion, muttering "Pick up, pick up, pick up.

At the end of " Delinquent " when Torres says goodbye to her sister, Loker comforts her. In " Darkness and Light " Loker and Torres compete for the role of VP, and whilst at first they compete with each other they conclude to not play Lightman's game and go out for drinks after work. Whilst they are at the bar, they discuss the role that a VP should take on board and eventually, in order to get to know each other they play two truths and a lie, in which after Torres has had two goes, Loker replies "I sing in the shower; Billy Joel.

My last girlfriend left me for a friend of mine and I didn't see it coming, and I would really like to kiss you right now.