Elton john and david furnish relationship questions

Elton John and David Furnish having marriage problems

elton john and david furnish relationship questions

How long has David Furnish been with Elton John? Elton John and David Furnish began dating 25 years ago in In May Elton. As the foil to husband Elton John's famous tantrums, David Furnish was always They hadn't expected the ceremony to change their relationship; they . and has already started asking questions about where he came from. A Look at Sir Elton John and David Furnish's Incredible Love Story years later — to the date — once gay marriage became legal in the UK.

His staff know what to tell and not tell him but Furnish is his lifeline. Rod Stewart has had the same manager since the Seventies. David Bowie, the same. Last night he refused to comment further.

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A US source said: But a US music source said: It is a family tragedy that devastated Sheila firmly blames firmly on Furnish, who has been in a relationship with her son since A family source said: She ended up with a lookalike.

The Sun can reveal that in the past 12 months John has quietly handed control of large chunks of his multi-million pound music and film businesses to Furnish. He was appointed a director of Rocket Stage Ltd, worth 1.

elton john and david furnish relationship questions

Elton John l wearing silver costume, wig and train of ostrich feathers with David Furnish r leaving their London home. He has six houses to run all over the world with a huge team of staff. That all has to be paid for. He does the touring because that brings the money in. The singer has turned his back on wild parties involving sex and drugs in favour of quiet time in his mansion with his sons. He has had a rough ride and not had the easiest of lives.

David Furnish, right, reportedly bought Danny Williams, 33, a luxury apartment.

elton john and david furnish relationship questions

Supplied But The Sun has revealed how he likes to party on yachts in the South of France with musclebound young men, as his Instagram and Facebook accounts reveal. And he has never publicly explained why one of those young men, Danny Williams, lives in a flat owned by Furnish.

  • Elton John and David Furnish reportedly having marriage problems

When a fan had the audacity to say hello while he was playing tennis at a hotel in the south of France, the singer demanded a private plane fly him home immediately, declaring he would never set foot in France again. But the documentary was also tender and touching, leaving viewers intrigued by this unassuming Canadian who had captured the star's narcissistic heart. Furnish and John after their civil partnership ceremony in Windsor. They hadn't expected the ceremony to change their relationship; they thought they were just celebrating the breakthrough in gay rights.

Last week, Furnish left his family in Atlanta to spend the days leading up to World Aids Day in London talking to people infected by partners who'd been too frightened to tell them they were positive, or too fearful to get tested.

elton john and david furnish relationship questions

Some described being ostracised by their families; one woman found out she was positive only when she became pregnant, and though her baby was safely delivered by caesarean, the maternity nurses refused to touch her.

Ed Thompson for the Guardian "It is horrendous. It's like going back to the 80s, when there was no treatment, when there was nothing at all. But we're back to a situation where there is still so much stigma and ignorance, just because our attitudes haven't caught up yet.

David Furnish, Elton John sex scandal: British media forbidden from covering couple

You can understand the stigma when you go up in the mountains in India, say. Before meeting John, he'd been in advertising, and talks in the smoothly polished voice of a transatlantic executive. But as soon as he talks about HIV, Furnish becomes very focused, the antithesis of a celebrity endorsing a cause he doesn't know much about. The only thing — literally the single only thing — that is different is the stigma.

In the general population, the odds of the next person you sleep with being HIV-positive is one in They met an HIV-positive boy called Lev, fell in love on the spot, and wondered if they could adopt him and his brother.

So Elton just said, 'Well, we met this little boy called Lev today, and he's sitting on David's lap, and I don't know if it's possible or anything, but yes, we would be interested in adopting him.

I actually think that had he not said that, we probably — well, there wouldn't have been such a negative public response within Ukraine to us adopting Lev and his brother. They do not recognise same-sex marriages, and after six fraught months of legal wrangling, the couple were forced to concede defeat.

Elton John and David Furnish Are Married

The remarkable thing about Furnish is that, from the way he talks, you would think he had no idea that all over the world there are people saying nasty things about him, accusing the couple of treating babies like designer accessories.

The impression of oblivion is so striking that, when we first met, I wondered if he was perhaps just not particularly bright. But it soon becomes clear that he is very smart, and knows exactly what people say. He's just one of those rare people temperamentally immune to provocation, and doesn't let it get to him. He's incredibly passionate about what he does, and the energy of the passion may it never go away.

I love that side of him, and I love how he continues to remain so passionately connected with our world. By coincidence, at the time two of Furnish's friends in same-sex relationships were embarking on surrogacy.

They'd not considered it before, but John's response was instant: