Emma and ben masterchef relationship

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Masterchef is bringing the eye candy to this year's competition with the inclusion MasterChef's contestants include hunky runway model Ben Ungermann .. Emily Blunt stuns in cold-shoulder red gown as Emma Stone stands out in .. Nick Jonas blushes while revealing how his connection with new wife. 'Let them eat cake,' the judges decree as MasterChef pays homage to The losers of the losing team, Emma and Ben, now have an hour and. But in last night's MasterChef elimination, the year-old from South Emma and Ben were two of eight contestants from the blue team to face.

I was a fat kid and I know my cakes," he says. Gary announces that there are two knockout rounds today. First, there are 31 cakes to name and the judges are looking for the first two to get a cake wrong.

Yep, it's a cakewalk. She doesn't want to go home today and has come up with an ingenious plan to sabotage the challenge. She picks one of her favourites and correctly names it as carrot cake.

Back into line," quips George. For some reason, three unrelated words spring to mind: Next up is Beau. He's not going to mess around, he says, and goes straight for the fruit cake. Deb's safe thanks to a Victoria sponge. Ben, our dead man walking, is resurrected after tasting a New York cheesecake. Wade and Tregan are safe too - for the moment. Emma, who wants to open a dessert bar, has a chance to prove why she'll be Australia's next great pastry chef.

Lucky she's got a steely resolve then - at least, when she's not crying.

Emma was the cake queen

She takes a bite from one of the cakes and offers her answer: It might turn to mud, though, if Emma cries enough. Ben's trying to catch her eye and calm her down. I've always thought that was the best place for it. Next up is Amina.

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She's "eaten kilos" of the cake she's chosen and has no trouble identifying it as an orange poppyseed cake. A few more contestants name their cakes correctly.

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Ben, though, must still be feeling numb. He's gone straight for the cake that sent Emma into the next knockout round. Emma knows it's some type of chocolate cake, she tells us, and hopes Ben knows "because I've got nothing".

emma and ben masterchef relationship

Steady on Emma, don't sell yourself short. Dead man walking is "literally trying to find somewhere to hide because everything I thought I knew is now gone". He thinks it's a devil's cake. It's not, Gary tells us. Ben, though, is really sticking with his walking dead routine. I will miss this, I really will, but I'm not cooking against Emma," he says. Beau's offering himself for sacrifice. Who said chivalry was dead? Where's a cool head when you need one?

Thankfully, social worker Tregan is on hand. She'll know how to handle herself in a crisis. No one can step in and take Emma's place, he says. And as for this touchy-feely nonsense, cut that out.

The losers of the losing team, Emma and Ben, now have an hour and 40 minutes to bake a layered cake. Think about what appeals to you when you push your fork through a beautiful cake," Gary advises. George is clearly excited.

Go a chocolate and raspberry cake. Mexican is his "safety net", so he's decided on a raspberry mojito cake. Emma, meanwhile, has taken Matt's emphasis on "texture and flavour" a bit too far, and comes close to grating her fingers into the mixture for a bit of both.

It's probably her ultimate challenge, she says, as she prepares her batter. Up on the balcony, Kylie is offering her own brand of expert commentary. I can smell cake. Emma tells us she's "seriously flustered" and has so much work to do, which is fortunate - Gary's lurking in the background, ready to pounce at the most inopportune time. But it's Ben he's decided to visit instead. Anyway more on the Ben and Emma dramatics later in the recap.

It was a two part elimination challenge. The first part was for contestants to identify cakes laid out. The first two who got it wrong would be in the cook off which would see one gone. Kylie went first, and she identified a carrot cake, with the judges smiling at her indulgently. Beau picked fruit cake. Then Debra named a Victoria Sponge Cake was it too much information?

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She was into the elimination cook off. Off course she sobbed. Amina was smart enough to go for the obvious and went for the Orange Poppyseed Cake and also managed to get a quip in about how she had never cooked it but eaten kilos of it. Seriously not going to be happy if she does not make top ten. Kylie picked marble cake, and Debra went with the Flourless Orange Cake and then Ben decided to go with the cake Emma had selected.

He was stumped and went with Devil Chocolate Cake, and he was told he was also in the elimination. Now we were never actually told the cake was a Sacher Torte but it looked like it.

emma and ben masterchef relationship

Nor because of the drama were we told what the other cakes were which was a bit of bummer, but I did think I spotted a tea cake and a Hummingbird Cake in the mix. Ben was not happy about having to cook off against one of his best mates, and looked like he was going to fall on his sword saying he was in the competition to learn and he could do that outside, whereas Emma was there to win.