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The main characters in An Inspector Calls are the Birling family, Gerald Croft It turns out that Eric had an affair with Eva Smith and that she was pregnant Through Eric, Priestley shows that excessive drinking and casual relationships can. Advances in science, new inventions & the relationship between workers and Inspector Goole; he brings news of the suicide of Eva Smith. 4. Sheila's relationship with Gerald is damaged beyond repair when she learns of the role he played in the death of Eva Smith because she.

I must say, we are learning something tonight. The girl saw me looking at her and then gave me a glance that was nothing less than a cry for help. However the meeting has an impact on him. He decides two days later to meet her. He offers to put her up in his friends flat. Because he goes out of his way to meet her two days later, again at the Palace bar, and because of the speed he offers the flat it is clear he wants a relationship with her.

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He denies that was his reason for doing this. She was young and pretty and warm hearted - and intensely grateful. I became at once the most important person in her life P. Eva had not expected the affair to last long and was prepared when Gerald decided to tell her it was over. However although the affair meant little to Gerald, it had meant everything to Eva.

After it ended she had to be away on her own to come to terms with his leaving. The Inspector informs Gerald that Eva went away on her own to remember the time she had been with Gerald.

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It is maybe for that reason that he offers her a little money. He tells Sheila that he wishes to go outside for a while and when he does return it is he that leads the others into doubting the Inspector is real and that indeed Eva Smith has killed herself. At the end of the play when it seems that the Inspector may not be real Gerald feels very confident and turns to Sheila: Sheila what about this ring? This was an organisation to aid and help women in distress.

Her contact with Eva was as follows: Eva had approached her committee two weeks earlier. She was pregnant and had given her name as Mrs. The committee refused her help.

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This was mainly due to pressure from Sybil. Sybil told her to find the young man who had got her into this condition and demand he is responsible. I told her it was her business to make him responsible. If he refused to marry her - and in my opinion he ought to be compelled to marry her - then he must at least support her P. In the end Eva left having gained no assistance.

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Using evidence does not always mean including a quotation. Sometimes a specific reference or paraphrase might be better 5. She's here in Brumley too. The Birlings think Sheila lives on the "moon" instead of in "Brumley". The "moon" and "Brumley" are important places in the Inspector's view.

The Inspector reminds the Birlings that they cannot protect Sheila from reality, contrasting the real world of Brumley with the fantasy of "living on the moon".

The correct answer makes a point and selects the most relevant quotation to use in support of the point 6. Gerald's pause before describing Daisy Renton as "intensely grateful" implies that he could go into greater detail if he wished to do so.

Gerald explains that Daisy Renton's feelings for him arose from her intense gratitude for his kindness. All of the above. There are several ways to use evidence correctly!

Variety keeps your writing interesting 7. And now you've stopped. You're ready to go on in the same old way. Sheila's disappointment in her parents is clear when she tells them they are "ready to go on in the same old way".

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Mr and Mrs Birling want to return to the "old" ways. By using the word "old" Sheila displays her anger. The evidence should clearly relate to the point being made 8. She was claiming elaborate fine feelings and scruples that were simply absurd in a girl in her position. Mrs Birling ridicules Eva Smith for having "feelings". Mrs Birling finds the idea of a poor woman such as Eva Smith having moral values "ridiculous" and "absurd".

It is important to be clear about whose viewpoint is being expressed. In this case the point is being made about Mrs Birling's attitudes 9. Mrs Birling speaks fiercely to the Inspector, for example when she uses the word "seem". Mrs Birling is shocked that the Inspector does not realise how "impressionable" Sheila is. Mrs Birling continues to think of Sheila as an impressionable "child".

Important and relevant quotations do not have to be long And to that I say — fiddlesticks! Mr Birling expresses his contempt for those who warn of war with his colloquial exclamation, "fiddlesticks". Mr Birling does not believe that "war" is inevitable.

It can be tricky to use evidence.