Evolution and growth of customer relationship management

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evolution and growth of customer relationship management

Twelve months later, the evolution of CRM is well under way. In fact, we feel Organic growth requires customers, and Accenture's own research – a survey of . Customer Relationship Management is a system that helps This happiness translated to repeat sales and a growing customer base. In traditional terms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and making Cx the singular factor to fuel growth engine of any business.

CRM Evolution: The Evolution of Customer Relationship Management

This isn't good or bad but it just shows me that there is still a bit of a divide between the social world and the CRM world. In my opinion the CRM crowd is far more adept at business process and strategy whereas the social crowd is far more adept at tactics, social technologies and "being human" -- social guys get how to build communities and CRM guys get how to integrate those communities into the business.

Bottom line -- we need both. How else do I know the spaces are merging? Well, for the first time at BlogWorld Expo the world's largest social media conference I'm going to be speaking on Social CRM with a soon to be announced panel. In fact Michael talked about the integration of CRM, web analytics and social data.

It's safe to say that analytics is bringing sexy back.

evolution and growth of customer relationship management

Most of the vendors and attendees I spoke with all agree that you can call it whatever you want, but at the end of the day what businesses are trying to do is build engagement programs with their customers. The focus should be on what you DO and not on what you call it.

The Evolution of Customer Relationship Management

Does this mean the Social CRM term is going to go away? Basically Pega Systems advises users what actions they should be taking based on the type of interaction they have with the customer. The drawbacks are that it is on premise and not cloud based which makes sense since a lot of the revenue comes from partners that sell the package. However, expect this to change over the next months. Cloud 9 Analytics I was told about these guys prior to the event.

SFA took many of the features of database marketing, automated them, and combined them with contact management solutions. The idea behind SFA system was to deal with the pre-sales activities.

CRM Evolution: The Evolution of Customer Relationship Management

This systems were used for telemarketing, lead generation, as well as preparing sales quotes and orders. At the same time customer service and support CSS functionality were developed to handle the post-sales activities.

evolution and growth of customer relationship management

The CSS software was the base on which the customer contact centers and help desk departments were developed within organizations. The main downside of the CSS software at that time, was that stored data in the CSS database was not linked up with any other organizational system. This made it challenging for organizations to do anything useful with the data since other departments such as marketing were not able to correlate this data with their own information sourced through other activities.

The second half of the decade brought huge changes to the CRM industry.

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All of this competition pushed CRM vendors to provide a broader suite of services which included sales, services, marketing tools as well as inventory control and customer interaction tracking. New customer related features were added to CRM systems.

Near the end of the decade a number of notable, high-value acquisitions consolidated the overall market, while the rapid growth of the Internet saw the development of e-CRM systems. But the innovation that came out of the decade, which included a cloud base, mobile solutions, and more offsite storage capability, was more than enough to recover from the hit.

After a really strategic approach began to be implemented into organizations with regards to CRM software. Instead of looking at just cutting down on expenses, companies were looking for approaches that would help them to grow their revenues by working with customers to better understand their needs. Companies that began succeeding at CRM software development were working to develop more comprehensive solutions that would help organizations manage all business relationships.

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CRM software started becoming more flexible and agile. Organizations have completely embraced the concept that CRM software is not just a contact management tool but it is rather a more strategic tool that supports the overall sales and marketing effort.

Inthe next big change in the CRM industry happened. The cloud-based CRM software was introduced to the world. By cloud technology began to be integrated into CRM software, allowing organizations to be able to pay per use. This made CRM software become more affordable for different kinds of organizations. Therefore, organizations of all sizes started implementing CRM solutions!