Fille cainglet and lino cayetano relationship tips

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Bianca Gonzales has been in a relationship with JC Intal for over two years now. up when members of the press asked her about Lino Cayetano recently tying the knot with former Ateneo volleyball player Fille Cainglet. Lino and Fille have been in a relationship for three months before getting married. Lino Cayetano is 12 years older compared to the year-old Fille Cainglet, one of UAAP's Season 75 volleyball stars. Before the relationship. A post by Fille Cainglet on Instagram shows a sketch of a wedding gown. it with his relationship with his wife, Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano.

Lino Cayetano to wed Ateneo volleyball star

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