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The pink-haired woman held Fang's gaze as her tongue darted out to clean up the pudding. It was so out of character that Serah wanted to scream. The only ones who didn't know how crazy Fang and Lightning were for each other were the two women involved. But how else could anyone explain the way that Lightning chased off anyone who so much as looked at Fang twice.

The soldier had staked her claim, even if she hadn't quite realised it. And Fang was hardly any better. The huntress spent as much time with Lightning as she could. If she wasn't at Lightning's office, then she was either out with the other woman on patrol or training with her. Anyone who tried to work their way into Lightning's schedule was met with a smirk and a not so subtle jab of Fang's spear.

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And that wasn't all. Lightning and Fang already shared a house — albeit with Vanille — but there were times when the pair sparred when Serah couldn't believe that the two weren't already together. Vanille even had a counter to keep track of all the heated looks the pair shared each day.

So, yes, she believed Lightning and Fang were in love. They were made for each other. But she couldn't let this go on. Whatever this was, it wasn't honest. Lightning and Fang weren't themselves, and the longer this went on, the worse it would be once it wore off. They needed to form a real relationship, not one based on a Cie'th's magic. Another glance at Lightning and Fang only hardened her resolve.

Lightning had taken a slip of paper and had begun to write a poem that compared Fang's beauty to everything from the flowers, the sun, the moon, the stars, and even the ocean. It was touching — but it was nothing like her sister. Vanille, what can we do? Lightning and Fang had started to undress each other. They were out for at least a few hours. Get them over here. We need someone to watch these two that we can trust. The three of us are going to go after the Cie'th.

Vanille shook her head. Sazh is teaching Hope how to pilot a ship properly. Along the way, she explained things in more detail. If that person is Snow, well, you'll end up like Fang and Lightning. If that person is me… it'll be awkward. It would definitely be awkward. I think we're —" An arrow made of glowing pink energy slammed into the hood the car. The vehicle lurched to one side, and Vanille fought to keep it on the road. She failed, and the car rolled off the edge of the road.

It thumped its way down a steep embankment before it finally came to a rest against a large rock. The big man squirmed through and then darted over to Serah's side to help her out as well. In the meantime, Vanille wriggled out of her seat and through the driver's side window. There was no sign of the Cie'th yet, but it couldn't be far. And now they could see the Cie'th. It stood on the edge of the road above them. It was twice the size of Snow and vaguely humanoid, its body made of black, rock-like material.

Two white, metallic wings jutted out of its shoulders. And in its deformed, claw-like hands, it held a large, metal bow. How many other Cie'th could there be that walked around with energy bows? There were several large boulders nearby, and at least there the Cie'th wouldn't be able to fire almost directly down on them. There was almost a second between each of the first few arrows, but it wasn't long before the Cie'th picked up the pace. By the time they reached the boulders, the Cie'th was up to several arrows a second.

The rock had begun to crack beneath the assault. We have to help Lightning and Fang. At this distance, she could put an arrow through the Cie'th's eye if she wanted to. Once it's down here, I can hit it with my magic. And trust me, it won't get up. I won't let it. The big man zigzagged away from them beneath a storm of pink arrows.

A few came within inches of hitting him, but he seemed to know exactly when to twist away. Serah bit back a smile. She was sure Lightning had something to do with that. The older Farron's idea of agility training was to shoot an assortment of painful, but non-lethal, blank ammunition at Snow on a regular basis. Serah waited until she was certain that the Cie'th was focused on Snow before she pushed out from behind her boulder and raised her bow. Her arrow had a thundaga wrapped around it, and the Cie'th gave a high-pitched wail as the projectile dug deep into its right eye.

Its body thrashed, and its wings flailed, before it lurched forward and rolled down the embankment toward them. It smashed through their overturned car and came to a stop a dozen yards away. But somehow, it wasn't dead.

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No, it staggered to its feet and lifted its bow once more. What was Vanille waiting for? Fire enveloped the Cie'th and blasted upward in a gigantic pillar of raw heat. Serah looked to the side, and there was Vanille.

The red head had stepped out from behind her boulder, and now her hands were raised, the air around her awash with the raw force of her magic. A bolt of lightning tore out of the cloudless sky and smashed into the Cie'th. The Cie'th staggered beneath the assault, the ground around it scorched into glass. But it refused to die. Instead, it raised its bow and took aim at Vanille. Serah's first arrow caught the Cie'th in its one remaining eye. Her next three broke its bow to pieces and ruined its hands.

It roared, but Vanille it stopped in its track with another spell. The red head continued until finally the Cie'th vanished in a haze of magical energy. I'll call for someone to pick us up. She remembered every single detail of what she'd done right up until Vanille had knocked her out. When a few of them expressed concern that she wasn't back to her normal self, she allayed those concerns with a few threats.

Anyone who stayed could clean toilets for the next six months. If that wasn't enough, anyone who still refused to leave could do some agility training. They'd run and she would shoot at them — with live ammunition. After that, it didn't take long for the room and the corridors around it to empty. When they were gone, she turned her attention to the only other person in the room: Lightning grabbed a chair and settled down next to the still unconscious huntress.

What a mess she'd made of things. It was bad enough that the Cie'th had managed to hit her, but she'd acted like a complete idiot, a besotted fool who wouldn't have been out of place in one of those cheesy romance novels that Serah liked so much.

If only the last few hours had been make believe. But it went beyond simple embarrassment. She had never been able to tell Fang how she felt. If Fang didn't feel the same, Lightning would lose more than the woman she loved — she'd lose her best friend too.

She wanted to believe that she could handle Fang not caring for her the same way, but she knew she wouldn't be able to stand it if she lost Fang as a friend as well. Somehow the other woman had worked her way into every facet of Lightning's life.

When Lightning came home, it was Fang she came home to. When she went out on patrol, it was Fang she wanted with her. And when she lay in bed at night — alone — it was Fang she wished was beside her. Lightning put her head in her hands and dragged in a ragged breath.

What a big, damn mess this all was. And how pathetic was it that the lovesick, idiotic version of her had been able to say the three simple words that she, the legendary Captain Lightning Farron, had never been able to say. Lightning was an idiot when it came to love. Hell, she'd always given Snow a lot of grief over the years for getting all lovey-dovey with Serah, but right now, she envied him. He wasn't afraid to tell Serah that he loved her.

He said it everyday, no matter who was around. Lightning knew she loved Fang, but how much of what Fang had said and done was based on something real and how much was because of the damn Cie'th's powers? She had no idea what she'd do if it was all fake.

She could still remember the fondness in Fang's eyes, the tenderness of her hands and lips, and the simple joy of just holding her and being held by her. If Lightning couldn't have that again, if she had to go back to being nothing more than Fang's friend, she would — "What are you crying for? She could have used a sleep spell or something instead of dosing us up with whatever the hell that was. So, why don't you let me start off? We weren't acting normally. All that stuff we were doing — that's not us.

We're not some lovey-dovey couple that feeds each other and writes awful poetry. Vanille continues to hide her knowledge and later reunites with Fang and everyone else upon the Palamecia. The group meets Dysley, who reveals himself as Barthandelus and taunts Fang's inability to remember her fate.

On Gran Pulse, Fang confronts Vanille, who admits she was hiding the secret so they would not have to transform into the beast again. Barthandelus appears to them as they scour the ruined city of Oerba, first taking the disguise of Serah Farron who chants to legend of Ragnarok.

Barthandelus reveals his true form to convince them by force, while stating his back up plan to have Cocoon's people destroy themselves in their stead. Vanille, Fang, and the rest of the party resolve to save Cocoon rather than destroy it. Vanille and Fang becoming Ragnarok. When the party passes through Edenhall and descends into Orphan's CradleBarthandelus orders them to accept their destiny and kill Orphan and the whole of Cocoon.

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They refuse, and Barthandelus decides to eliminate them and await new l'Cie. The protagonists prove stronger than him and Barthandelus sinks into Orphan's pool, and his extension, Menrvaflies into the pool to awaken Orphan, the fal'Cie having assimilated Barthandelus unto its shell.

After a lengthy battle, Fang wavers and begins the transformation; the other party members save Vanille, but transform into Cie'th. Vanille pleads with Fang to reject the fate of Ragnarok, but Fang morphs into an inferior version of the beast. She attacks Orphan, and though she destroys the barrier around the fal'Cie, she is unable to kill it.

Orphan resorts to torturing a restored Fang to make her embrace her hatred and transform into Ragnarok again. Vanille rejects Orphan when asked to become Ragnarok, and the other party members come out of Cie'th form and blast Orphan, crumbling its shell into its pool as the fal'Cie rises into its true form.