Final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship questions

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final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship questions

XIII-2 was a better game but it suffered from not having Fang in it. . I wouldn't want them to be because, it's Final Fantasy. Fang's and Vanille's relationship is the only thing in the entire story where the writers pull off some. For Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board game are probably homophobes with some issues they need to work out. Fang and Vanille's friendship is like sisters not lovers and same goes for. Final Fantasy XIII (): Fang and Vanille. Final Fantasy XIV (): Same-sex In Final Fantasy XIII, what is Fang and Vanille's relationship.

The two parties meet at the fal'Cie, and find Serah just as she turns to crystal.

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Anima then brands them as l'Cie and they are cast out into a different part of Cocoon. During this transformation, the newly crested l'Cie all have the same vision: Snow meets Cid and Fang, two members of the Cavalry, after he is captured and detained aboard the airship Lindblum. In Lightning's scenario, she unintentionally supports Hope's goal of killing Snow to avenge his mother's death.

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship questions

Fang reveals that she and Vanille were l'Cie from Pulse who were turned into crystals; they were turned back into humans 13 days earlier, sparking the Purge. On the Palamecia, the other members of the party reunite with Vanille and Sazh before they confront Galenth Dysley, the Sanctum's Primarch, who is the Cocoon fal'Cie ruler Barthandelus in disguise.

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship questions

Slaying Orphan will result in the destruction of Cocoon. The party flees and learns from Cid that the fal'Cie believe that Cocoon's destruction will summon the Maker, the creator of the worlds. The fal'Cie cannot harm Orphan themselves.

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship questions

The town is deserted, and they find no living people on the surface. The party is unsuccessful in removing their marks, and Barthandelus confronts them again. The party defeats Barthandelus, but Orphan awakens and merges with Barthandelus, then compels Fang to finish her Focus as Ragnarok while the others are seemingly transformed into Cie'th.

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The party reappears in human form, preventing Fang from transforming. The party defeats Orphan [47] and escapes Cocoon, which is now falling towards Pulse. As the rest of the party turns to crystal for completing their Focus, Vanille and Fang remain on Cocoon and transform into Ragnarok together to prevent a collision between Cocoon and Pulse.

The rest of the party awaken from their crystallization on Pulse and find their l'Cie brands gone; Lightning, Hope, Snow and Sazh reunite with Serah and Dajh. Nojima thought up the crystal mythology that became the basis for the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, including concepts such as the fal'Cie and l'Cie.

Toriyama then created a story premised on this mythology. He wanted to portray "characters at the mercy of a predetermined, unjust fate" who "belong together but collide heavily". In order to achieve this, each of the story's thirteen chapters was made to focus on different protagonists.

Chapters seven and eight were to mark a turning point in the interpersonal relationships of the party. Toriyama gave him a rough outline of the first eight chapters, which included several cornerstone scenes that needed to be kept, like when party members were separated or reunited. He told Watanabe what he wanted to express with the scenario, and asked him to flesh out the story and to strengthen how the points in his outline connected.

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There's enough there for it to be a definite possibility, but not enough to confirm it. If you want to see lesbians, that's fine. If you want to see very close friends, that's fine, too. Personally, I'm all for them being a couple, and not just because I'm a lesbian myself. Fang especially says some things that sound protective of a lover, not simply a friend. But I love how desperate some of you are to polarize this whole thing. It's either your view, or nothing.

They take her outside and watch over her until she regains consciousness and leaves. Fang thinks their Focus has something to do with attacking Cocoon and two days later, using stolen ID cards, they board a train to Euride Gorge to see its fal'Cie, Kujata. Fang proposes she and Vanille attack it to restore their memories but before they can make their move, Sazh Katzroy 's son, Dajhhappens upon them.

Fang and Vanille in Final Fantasy III

Realizing the depth of the situation, the two flee before Sazh finds them. Sanctum troops flood the facility and Fang forces Vanille to escape alone. Fang fights off their pursuers and returns to the town of Bodhumbut is captured by the Cavalry the next day. When Rygdea returns from Bodhum empty-handed the following day, Fang is not surprised he did not find her.

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Fang asks Lebreau about Vanille. In the four days since the Euride Gorge incident, Fang stays on the Lindblum to avoid capture, but worries she is wasting Vanille's time by not resuming her search. Two days later, Fang revisits the Vestige while still in contact with the Cavalry and unknown to her, just misses Vanille.

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship questions

Knowing Vanille will be herded onto a Purge train, Fang has Raines and Rygdea help her rescue Vanille in exchange for the promise she and Vanille will help them take down the Sanctum, the fal'Cie-guided government of Cocoon. Two days later, after the last Purge train leaves Bodhum, the Lindblum lands on the surface of Lake Bresha and Fang rides in an airship with Rygdea to the Purge train's destination, the Hanging Edge.

Edit I've got a few screws loose, but I'm a l'Cie, same as you. I wasn't born on Cocoon.

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship questions

I'm from Gran Pulse. The 'world below' you all hate so much.

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My partner and I'd turned to crystal there and gone to sleep. But when we came around, here we were. The reason Cocoon's in an uproar is the same reason you're here now. Vanille and I woke up. Aboard the Lindblum Raines tells Snow of the Sanctum's plan to publicly execute the l'Cie once they are captured, and leaves Snow no choice but to help him find the others. Fang explains to Snow she is hunting down the l'Cie herself, but does not divulge her connection to Vanille.