Four continents 2013 virtue and moir relationship

four continents 2013 virtue and moir relationship

8, OSAKA, JAPAN—Canada is off to a hot start at the Four Continents figure skating competition. Olympic champions Tessa Virtue and. The season debut for Canada's Olympic ice dance champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir came to an abrupt end Friday. ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships three more than that of Canada's silver medalists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. in their first Four Continents together, won the bronze medal with a season-high.

In the press conference, Suzuki expressed a sigh of relief that her "Kill Bill" routine was clean. I have been struggling with jumps this season, and I had tough time making my best towards the competitions. The Japanese ladies clean swept the short program with Kanako Murakami earning Christina Gao was the highest of the American skaters, landing in fourth place with China's Zhang Kexin was the highest ranked skater from her nation, earning Men[ edit ] The first free skating of the competition was the men's free skating.

The highly competitive segment of the competition saw as many as twelve of the skaters attempting or executing quadruple jumps.

Taking advantage of his technical strength, Canadian skater Kevin Reynolds laid out three quadruple jumps and numerous triples jumps to cause a massive upset. His program, music from "Concerto No.

four continents 2013 virtue and moir relationship

In his interview, Reynolds said that he was shocked that he actually won, even when he knew his skate was medal worthy. I knew I was in the range of medals if I do everything in my free skating. I had a couple of under-rotated quad jumps in my short program. I came back to the practice this morning and worked on them. Recently, I was able to do two strong performances at our national championships, so that gave me a lot of confidence, but being able to win this competition surpassed everything I could have expected.

Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu was unable to hold onto the lead, doubling a planned quadruple salchow, receiving an incorrect edge call on a triple flip and singling a triple lutz in his "Notre Dame de Paris" program to place third in the free skating with At the press conference, Hanyu talked about his disappointment for not winning as expected and his optimism to peak at the World Championships. He says, "I am full of disappointment, but after I was done, I felt refreshed and relieved.

Regarding my performance, there is a lot of what I need to improve. But I have not lost my confidence and there are a lot of things I can do better. Despite his errors, the sixteen-year-old said he was greatly satisfied of how he performed, especially when he did not expect to medal at all.

Despite finishing second in the free skating, America's Max Aaron was unable to make the podium with a fourth-place finish and a total of Fellow skater Richard Dornbush slipped from third to fifth finishing 0. Japan's Daisuke Takahashi had another disappointing skate finishing overall in seventh place with Kazakhstan's Denis Ten slipped from seventh to twelfth with a total of Pairs[ edit ] The final day of competition began with the pair's free skating.

2013 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships

Despite a fall on the throw triple loop, the couple earned Following the event, Duhamel told reporters that they were disappointed with their performance, describing that their program to "Angel" was a struggle. We want to show an improved free skating at the world championships. We felt confident going in but once the music started it just became a struggle. It is a bit unfortunate that we lost the championship on an element we do easily all the time, but we don't intend on that happening next time", Moore-Towers said.

We want to better ourselves from here and from Nationals and we're really hoping that lands us on the podium. There are a lot of teams vying for the spot and we are trying to get it. If we keep working hard and skate the way we know we can it's attainable", she added. Despite making errors on both side by side elements and the side by side spins, they earned Ladies[ edit ] Following that event was the ladies' free skating with Japan continuing to display their dominance in ladies' singles by clean sweeping the podium for the second time in the history of the Four Continents Championships.

Ross Miner has amazing speed. He singled his opening quad Salchow and triple Axel but other than those, he did pretty well. He placed 7th in free skate For Daisuke Takahashi, it was not his competition.

He two-footed his opening quadruple toe and 3 of his jumps were regarded as under-rotated. He also landed 2 solo triple Axels. Collecting level 4 for all of his spins was the only good news for him. His technical score was He was 8th Takahito Mura got the flu and maybe that was the reason why he lost some power. His free skate got just Denis Ten came 17th I knew I was in the range of medals if I did everything in my free program.

four continents 2013 virtue and moir relationship

Right now I am in a very good position heading into the Winter Olympic Games. My focus is on the World Championships and making the top six. Regarding my performance, there is a lot I need to improve upon.

But I have not lost my confidence and I know there are still a lot of things I can do better. Heading into the World Championships I need to practice both quad toeloop and Salchow together. I grew more anxious through the program, but overall I feel satisfied with this event.

Their movements were vivid and smooth and left a glamorous impression. It was really attractive even though Kirsten fell on the landing of the throw triple loop. The crowd knew how they did so they were quiet after their performance. But the score was high enough to win the title Everyone appreciated their lifts which were smooth and difficult. Two pairs from U. They were third overall with the score of They move fast and somehow resonated with the audience despite a fall on the throw triple lutz.

They were 4th overall as well as in the SP and free skate. We made a couple of changes in our program; we really worked on the artistic side and today we saw an improvement in the artistic scores since the Grand Prix Final. Today we had to fight for everything. Today we showed all we have but for the Worlds, we have more.

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Mao Asada won the title by a big margin to Akiko Suzuki who gave an energetic performance to place 2nd. Kanako Murakam, who showed improvement in her expressiveness, placed 3rd. Also polishing her expression was Christina Gao, who stayed 4th, the best rank among the U. Mao again attempted triple Axel in the free skate but she two-footed it and got marked accordingly for under-rotation. She was also marked down for under rotation of two more jumps both were second jumps of a combinationstill her amazing skating skills and fantastic spins keep her first in the free skate as well as the short program.

four continents 2013 virtue and moir relationship

Akiko popped the first jump of her second combination; attempted double Axel to a single which was the only significant mistake from her. Her step sequence went along to the music very well and the choreography was so beautiful and elegant. Her total score was She nailed 7 triples but singled the triple Axel.

Zijun Li bounced back to 4th from 10th after the short program and placed 5th overall The impression of her free skate was great even though two of her jumps were regarded as under-rotated. She was so adorable and her routine, Sleeping Beauty was just right for her age and style of performance. Her technical score of Christina Gao again skated very well in the free skate to gain Her Leibrtango might not be very passionate but it is elegant and beautiful.

Gracie Gold was 6th with Both of them had many mistakes on their jumps. Over the next few years they skated at home and abroad, competing as juniors in Skate Slovakia, Tomorrow's Champions, the North American Challenge, and the Croatia Cup.

four continents 2013 virtue and moir relationship

The pair continued to compete as juniors on the international stage in andand in became the first Canadian ice dancers to win the World Junior title. That year they also began competing in senior events, winning bronze at the Four Continents championships in and In the summer ofVirtue began to feel cramps and pain in her shins. Despite the pain, she and Moir continued to train, and competed in the senior category at national and international events. Inthey finished second at the world championships, and first at the Canadian and Four Continents championships.

Later that year, however, Virtue tested positive for chronic exertional compartment syndrome and in Octobershe had surgery on both of her shins to try to alleviate the pain.

When the pair regrouped in earlyVirtue was still in pain, and they could only practice small portions of their programs rather than full run-throughs.

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At Skate Canada that autumn, they received a perfect The next year, Virtue and Moir won the Canadian championship in preparation for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in pairs ice dance during the World championship of figure skating at the Palace of Megasport in Moscow. Nevertheless, Virtue and Moir were victorious. Their free dance program, which featured a challenging lift the pair developed called "The Goose," was awarded a score of Virtue and Moir became the first North Americans and youngest skaters to win the Olympic gold medal in ice dance.

four continents 2013 virtue and moir relationship