Geeta basra and harbhajan singh relationship quiz

Sneak Peek: Here's How Geeta And Harbhajan Singh's Daughter Celebrated Her First Lohri!

geeta basra and harbhajan singh relationship quiz

Geeta Basra is the wife of the Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh. Check out Career; Personal Life; Relationship With Harbhajan Singh. Career. Hitched: Harbhajan Singh ties the knot with Geeta Basra and Punjabi films, have had a five years of courtship before they took the marital plunge. Also Read: Geeta Basra-Harbhajan Singh coordinating outfits for their wedding Quiz time: 6 iconic paintings that fetched millions at art auctions in Read the love story of Harbhajan Singh-Geeta Basra here - how However, they never went official with their relationship until their nuptials.

  • Watch: Harbhajan Singh marries actress Geeta Basra
  • Hitched: Harbhajan Singh ties the knot with Geeta Basra
  • Geeta Basra-Harbhajan Singh's love story is as perfect as it gets. Hear it from them:

And while the couple did share many pictures from the Lohri festival, there was one picture that caught out attention. It was an ode from the new mum to her entire family and it was just plain adorable. Continue reading to see why Harbhajan Singh feels his daughter looks like him.

geeta basra and harbhajan singh relationship quiz

Geeta's emotional ode to her family The new parents have so far been discreet with their parenting style, only revealing a few details about their baby girl so far. In fact, if you recall Bhajji pajji had recently shared his daughter's napping schedule and how he was being a hands-on father.

When she is up, we are up.

geeta basra and harbhajan singh relationship quiz

I am doing all to be a great dad to her. Just want to be the best one for my little one. And it seems that the parents are loving their new role.

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In fact, along with the many pictures from their recently concluded Lohri ceremony, Geeta also shared a picture of her three and gave the picture an emotional caption: Jan 14, at Interestingly, as any new parent even Harbhajan and Geeta are also trying to get to know their daughter well, and that exercise began with who Hinaya looked like more. New dad shared a picture of his young self and added his daughter's picture next to it and suggested that she looked quite like him.

A photo posted by Harbhajan Turbanator Singh harbhajan3 on Dec 31, at We think so too, Bhajji pajji! According top sources, Geeta Basra spent a long time on the sets where good friend cricketer Harbhajan Singh was shooting for a show.

geeta basra and harbhajan singh relationship quiz

Says a source, "Onlookers were taken aback to see Geeta hovering around. Both he and Irfan were in one vanity van. After a while, Irfan stepped out and Geeta was seen stepping in.

geeta basra and harbhajan singh relationship quiz

So far she has starred in two films. Basra was born to Punjabi Indian parents in Portsmouth on the south coast of England, but now resides in Mumbai. Her second release in was also opposite Emraan Hashmi. She played Roma, a working woman who gets caught up in an extramarital affair. The song is from Shinda's upcoming album "Collaborations 2".

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There were News earlier that Harbhajan Singh and Geeta were dating each. They were spotted going to watch Amitabh Bachchan starrer Paa film.

geeta basra and harbhajan singh relationship quiz

A NRI from UK, she is now mighty thrilled for getting an opportunity to be dancing for an Independence Day special event in her own motherland. I have been in India for a couple of years or so and finally I can dance for an event that celebrates India's Independence.

It can't get better than this", says the young girl. The last few days have gone into rehearsing for the show and believe me there was a lot of hard work involved.