Gendry and arya relationship quotes

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gendry and arya relationship quotes

Jaime, clearly the realist in this relationship, knows that they're screwed and But Arya (Maisie Williams) doesn't think her best is good enough and . In the final scenes of the episode, Jon, Davos, Gendry, and Jorah arrive at. Melisandre took away Arya's last friend, Gendry (and Arya doesn't even know about the regrettable episode of the leeches), who's now. Joe Dempsie has hinted that a Gendry and Arya Stark romance could well be on the cards. The Game of Thrones actor returned to screens.

THR asked the year-old actor if sees a reunion with Arya in the future, noting "some fans want to see them end up together. Dempsie says he would absolutely love to act along Williams, but not be anything more than just a bro to her.

I said years ago when we were shooting the show is that she's one of the best actors I've worked with. She's a phenomenal talent. It's been a joy to watch not only Maisie but all the youngsters on the show grow up with the show. I know from my personal experience, when we were filming the earlier seasons and people would ask about that and talk about that, I would feel slightly uncomfortable. I'm acting alongside a child here.

I was a year-old man. He adds that he does think Gendry and his abs of steel may have had something to do with Arya's own sexual awakening, but he wants to leave it at that. His name is Gendry, and he is a regular, and he is here because he is angry.

gendry and arya relationship quotes

That's all she knows about him. Sometimes she wonders what makes him so angry, but then she asks herself the same questions and she realizes that his is not an anger defined by who's or why's. His a deep-seated, inconsolable rage that festers in the soul until it can't be contained any longer.

She knows because she is angry, too. He is interesting, yes, but he is also stubborn and bullheaded and far too like her for her own comfort. More often than not he disagrees with her for the sake of argument, and all their conversations end as shouting matches. The doctors seem to think they will destroy each other, but she decides she likes him. They are both moody and depressed and she guesses that makes them a pretty good pair. So she treats him the way she treats everyone she likes: They don't even communicate that often, at least, not in the way one would think.

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They exchange exasperated glances during group sessions and sigh at each other periodically. It becomes a language for them; with just the arch of an eyebrow, Arya can tell exactly what he is thinking. Of course, it is all very superficial. They don't tell each other their life stories or divulge their deepest secrets.

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They know next to nothing about each other and she wants to keep it that way. They mock the others behind their backs and rant about their hatred of everything having to do with their therapist, but they do not talk. Not about real things.

It has become a sort of nickname for him; they both know she doesn't mean it in a bad way. He is stupid, though.

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She may not like the responsibilities that come with being Ned Stark's daughter, but she is proud of her father nonetheless. I don't need special treatment. She's sick of everyone insisting that she's lost it, that she needs help, that there's something wrong with her. None of them seem to understand that this recklessness is simply who she is, and maybe not even Gendry really gets that, but at least he's learning to accept it.

Sansa is the first to finally visit. She glides over to her younger sister in the small courtyard the patients are allowed to relax in, pretending not to notice the hulking man sharing the bench. But Arya knows her sister, no matter how much she dislikes her. She doesn't miss the way the redhead's eyes flick back and forth, and she can practically see wheels turning in the oldest Stark daughter's brain as she weighs the pros and cons of the friendship.

Whether you'll be able to salvage my reputation once I get out? Blood binds them together but they are not truly sisters. They love each other, of course, but they don't giggle and gossip and braid each other's hair. Sansa coming to 'talk' is about as ridiculous as Arya competing in a beauty pageant and they both know it.

It's not a bad fantasy to indulge in, though, so Arya humors her. So, tell me something sisterly. He looks almost as uncomfortable as she is, watching the confrontation with worried eyes and ready to run in the other direction at a moment's notice. Arya's never told him much about her family, so this is the first time he gets even the littlest taste of what the Stark household is like. Even if you rope one of the nurses into getting us a nice little room to chat in, there'll be a guard outside the door.

You don't have a medical degree, you see, so you can't be trusted to stop me from breaking a window and slitting my wrists with the glass. The tears in her sister's eyes are threatening to spill over, and she feels the slightest bit guilty, but pushes it away. She is angry, and she has a right to be. Her pleading is met with silence. Arya purposely averts her eyes as her sister rushes out of the courtyard, wiping at her cheeks furiously and biting her lip to hold in sobs.

She eyes him suspiciously. She think she knows what he's doing, but it doesn't make sense. Not when he's just as angry and reserved as she is. He has no right to fish for information like this. He shakes his head. Neither of them want to tell their secrets yet and she is fine with that.

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She likes the veil of mystery over their relationship; for a short while, she is no longer Arya Stark. She is whoever Gendry believes her to be, and revels in the freedom of it. They don't talk much more about who they are and where they came from until a few weeks later.

They are reading old, dusty books in the courtyard and she is occasionally reciting passages to him. Her voice is soft and she is tired, but she has somewhat embarrassingly always loved to read, ever since her father would tell her stories to put her to sleep at night.

I've been everywhere and seen everything and done everything,'" she quotes, barely looking up from the copy of The Great Gatsby on her lap. She arches an eyebrow. She throws her head back and cackles sardonically. When she finally regains control of herself, her mouth is set in a harsh smirk. She doesn't mind as much as she expected too.

She enjoys learning about the blackest, most vengeful parts of him just as much as she enjoys finding out that he is illogically terrified of dogs. She absently pictures what it would be like for him to meet her Irish wolfhound, Nymeria.

She imagines it is not as fun for him, figuring her out. There are no sweet, amusing parts to Arya as there are to Gendry. Every crack and crevice of her is filled with darkness. Apparently, he doesn't agree, because he never leaves like she expects. They go on like they always have, joking and laughing with each other. People act like they're going to elope or something, but it's not like that at all.

They need company and they understand each other and it works. Theirs is a friendship of convenience more than anything else. It changes when he kisses her. It only happens once. They are arguing, as usual, over some unimportant comment one of them made.

gendry and arya relationship quotes

Her face is red and her hair is messy and she looks fierce, in a way, and he swoops down and he kisses her and it's over. Walder Frey Arya would surely agree with one character's sentiment of "I've seen wet shits I liked more than Walder Frey," because he killed her mother, brother, sister-in-law, and future niece or nephew at the Red Wedding. Dude holds a grudge, but Arya's known to be pretty good at that too Dead at Arya's hand in the Season 6 finale, after she fed him a pie made of the flesh of his sons.

Homegirl basically Apparated from Braavos to make that one happen. He is also a massive creep. Killed by Arya, stabbed times 5. Tywin Lannister Arguably the smartest political mind in Westeros, Tywin was the mastermind behind the Red Wedding, so he has more Stark blood on his hands than most — and more bloodlust from Arya.

Eventually he pissed off not only the entire North, but one too many of his own children. Dead, but thanks to son Tyrion, not Arya. Polliver When Arya and her friends get captured at Harrenhal, Polliver is one of the Lannister men in charge, and he slowly stabs her friend Lommy to death.