Ghost hunt anime naru and mai relationship

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ghost hunt anime naru and mai relationship

Mai Taniyama is the main protagonist of Ghost Hunt and is the assistant to Kazuya Shibuya whom she In the anime, Mai's hair is a short bob. From the beginning of their relationship, Mai dislikes Naru's lying and condescending attitude. Home Community Anime/Manga Ghost Hunt mai in england. mai in . Mai and Naru relationship worked on like is i said im not good at this SPOILERS!. Read Proposal from the story Finding You (Ghost Hunt) (NaruxMai) by EnglishGarden with reads. fanfic, hunt, anime. A 23 year old Mai Taniyama develops amnesia as a result of a car accident and returns to her 17 year old self. In the process of recovery she discovers her past relationship with Naru that everyone is.

Mai is also the only character the audience has seen Naru smile and laugh towards.

ghost hunt anime naru and mai relationship

Naru has a tendency to flick or tap her forehead gently, which is odd, as physical contact makes him uncomfortable. In the light novel series, Naru is made aware of Mai's feelings. However, he questions whether she really likes him, or if she likes the figure she saw in her dreams--his twin brother, Gene.

According to the author of the series, she considered Naru and Mai to be canon and expected them to be together as a couple eventually. However, she did not want to write that story because it doesn't interest her as a writer. Edit Monk and Mai have a very close, friendly relationship, and they are often compared to brother and sister.

Monk appears to be very protective of Mai. When she attempted to exorcise powerful spirits by herself in Volume 5, it was he who came running to save her, and then gave her a stern lecture about safety.

ghost hunt anime naru and mai relationship

Earlier, he had been the one to teach her the incantations, although only for self-defense. In fact, Monk is usually the one who explains complex terms and theories to Mai when Naru doesn't want to be bothered.

When Monk finds out that Mai is an orphan, he jokingly offered to marry her, although Mai replies with a good-natured insult. Monk made a similar offer earlier in the series; Mai was upset when she found out that Masako and Naru saw each other outside of work, so Monk took her on a "double date" with Ayako and John, to cheer her up. Both instances were used by Monk to lighten Mai's mood with platonic intentions.

Edit Masako and Mai are often at odds throughout the series. They have very different personalities Masako is quiet and elegant while Mai is expressive and simpleand are both competing for Naru's affections. This causes occasional disputes between the two. Their relationship begins to improve in Volume 7, when Masako finally vocalizes her jealousy; ironically, at that time she also says "Because I hate you," when she asks Mai to give her a moment alone.

When Masako is kidnapped in The Bloodstained Labyrinth, Mai has an out-of-body experience, and gives Masako the key to Mai's old house, in order to lift her spirits and to help Masako know that they will find her. Although there is occasional jealousy between the two after that, they are able to work closely together and begin to behave in a more friendly manner.

They both declare their intentions to keep pursuing Naru, but the difficulty of doing so actually serves as a factor in their friendship. Edit In direct contrast to Masako, Ayako and Mai have very similar personalities, in that they are both loud and opinionated. Contrary to what she imagined, Naru was on his feet browsing his personal bookshelf for books. Mai walked into the room with the tray and smiled at him. She turned to look at Naru but he kept his eyes on the shelf as his index finger grazed through the book spines.

Mai walked to stand beside him and looked at him — waiting for him to say something out of courtesy. Naru pulled out some books and browsed through more book spines. Mai leaned slightly against the shelf and looked innocently at Naru.

Naru checked the books in his arms and browsed the shelf again. Mai smiled at Naru. He just ignored her. Mai rolled her eyes. But while I was checking my notes for the instructions on the homework, I read about Honeymoon Stage and I thought that we—" "Here," Naru said, handing her a hardbound book.

Mai slowly took the book, raising her brows at Naru in question. Mai glared at Naru. Mai pranced to the kitchen and prepared the tea.

Yasuhara was Naru's first part-time assistant. Since he was also taking his degree in Business Management, he resigned from the bar and worked in the office in his spare time. Takigawa and Ayako were invited to the SPR office in investigations as exorcists and assisting investigators.

Takigawa was especially handy in setting up cameras with Mai to monitor supposed paranormal phenomena. But they were also in the office in their spare time, usually to chat with Mai while there weren't any clients. Mai walked out with the tea cups set on a tray. She served the tea to each guest and took a seat on one of the sofa chairs with a smile on her face. Apparently, it wasn't wise for Naru to use his legal name, Oliver Davis, since it would give them too much unnecessary attention from the parapsychology community.

London SPR alone had received almost millions of requests from enthusiasts and skeptics who merely wanted to see and criticize their investigators in action.

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Such requests made it difficult for them to focus on more important cases. It was basically like in a public emergency hotline where people with nothing interesting to do make prank calls, keeping the lines busy and making it difficult for people who really need help from getting what they need.

Ghost Hunt Naru x Mai - Accidentally in Love

Mai and Yasuhara chuckled. But contrary to Ayako's usual response to Takigawa's comments, she didn't hit him in the head. It's one thing that Mai noticed in Ayako for the past months. She wasn't as violent with Takigawa as she usually was in the past. Mai sighed and shrugged her shoulders. You're still here despite the trouble you get yourself into in case investigations?

After all those times Naru insisted that you focus on your studies instead? For the past five months of working for SPR, Mai had fallen into wells, encountered bone-cringing apparitions, and traumatic nightmares while assisting Naru in investigations.

Naru had tried to keep her away from SPR work, but he listened to Mai's pleas and allowed her to stay in the office as his assistant. Yasuhara was smiling ear to ear. John and Masako were also regulars in the SPR office. They didn't visit as often as Ayako and Takigawa because they were slightly busier than them.

ghost hunt anime naru and mai relationship

Masako was busy with a show on TV, while John was busy attending to his parish. But they helped out with investigations at Naru's request. And sometimes, when they had spare time, they visited Mai in the office. Mai looked shocked and embarrassed at the two. Naru sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

I figured I could share them with all of you.

Mai Taniyama

Please take a seat. I'll prepare tea for everyone. I know you and Naru skipped lunch again," she said before walking to the kitchenette. It was something Mai noticed whenever she didn't arrive in the office in time for lunch — both Lin and Naru would forget to get something for lunch, or Naru would be too busy to eat lunch. And noticing the number of packages the office received from England that day, Mai knew the two had been too busy to get out of the office.

Lin took a deep breath and sighed. He sat on one of the sofa chairs. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Just as Naru is about to ask a very important question, he gets a call from his father. Now the team are on their way to England to handle a case. Mai and Naru's relationship will be put to the test. She is the bringer of grave news to the team, but a romance sparks out of this.

Kazuya Shibuya (Naru)

Sequel to Head Games and better summary on my profile or last chapter to Head Games. Mai and Naru relationship worked on A ball takes place and she meets someone, someone from her past. Mai has just got used to everthing going back to normal, why the change. A case or two? Can things go back to normal or will they keep changing. Read as Naru and Mai relationship takes to new levels. Oliver is her new Parapsychology Professor. They both start to get attracted to each other. They love each other, fall apart, hate each other but after 5 months they again fall in love.

Love, Hate, Ignorance, Aggression, Regret are all the feelings which are experienced. Follow our favorite couple on their journey with each other.

Mai's going to study under professor Davis with Yasu? This is the original version of this story that will remain incomplete. There is a re-written version that can be found on my profile! Naru never went to Japan. So Mai and Naru never met, right? However, that isn't her greatest concern at the moment. Her greatest concern is that emotionless little brown haired girl named 'Mai' that her son brought home with him. The girl knows nothing of the paranormal, she's an idiot, and she acts as if she's a robot.

Luella finds that she doesn't like her.

ghost hunt anime naru and mai relationship

And so is Naru and Mai!