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it is necessary to first understand Guts, and his relationship with Griffith. Hawk and meets Griffith, he begins to seek a higher purpose in life. In a way Griffith respected his relationship with Guts, more so than any other Band of the Hawk member. This was caused by Guts's extraordinary prowess in. Did it not sound strange when Griffith told Guts that he owned him? "One of life's greatest blessings is the freedom to pursue one's goals.

As we know, Griffith's dream was to reach the shining castle on the horizon, to rule his own kindgom, and he pursued it with what can only be described as, quite literally, deadly tenacity.

The reason Griffith is so intent on achieving his dream is because to him, there are but two people in the world: But in order to fully understand the world view Griffith has and establish my argument, I believe it is necessary to first understand Guts, and his relationship with Griffith. Throughout his life, Guts has defied a deathly fate, and the only way he's forged a future for himself is by his determination, perseverance, and will to live.

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Quite literally from birth, Guts has been fighting to survive, against all odds. He was born to a corpse, raised by an abusive mercenary, made his living by being one By all means, Guts should have been a deadman. But even from an extremely young age, Guts has used his sword, determination, and To survive, because thats all he was taught, all he ever knew. However, when he meets Griffith and joins the Band of the Hawk, his story arc shifts from one of survival and hardship, to one of self-realization and purpose.

Guts' main drive in life was to survive, but once he joins the Band of the Hawk and meets Griffith, he begins to seek a higher purpose in life. By becoming apart of the Band of the Hawk, Guts finds something that he has never had before.

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Griffith is soon after introduced to the king's timid daughter, Princess Charlottecatching her as she trips walking down the terrace steps. Upon breaking her fall, Griffith is slapped by Julius for making contact with the princess, to which Griffith apologizes for his actions with utmost insincerity.

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During the Autumn Hunt, in which the Falcons act as the king's guard, Griffith discusses with Charlotte the depravity of men and teaches her how to use a leaf as a reed. A wild boar then springs out from the nearby foliage, startling Charlotte's horse as she and Griffith are separated from the hunting party. Upon saving Charlotte and calming her horse, Griffith is shot with a crossbow from the distant undergrowth.

His beherit, however, shields him from what he realizes to be a poisoned arrow. Noticing the lethality and costliness of the employed poison, Griffith concludes it to be the doing of Julius, keenly watching as the knight departs in the distance. After some intel gathering to confirm Julius as the culprit, Griffith commissions Guts to discretely assassinate his aggressor, before leaving for Promrose Hall to attend Charlotte's dinner party. Outside of the party, he discusses his ideals and interpretation of a true friend with the princess, before their conversation is cut short by the alert of Julius and Adonis ' assassination, assumed to be committed by Tudor spies, much to Griffith's delight.

Before his deployment to battle, Charlotte gifts him with a male lodestone in hopes of her female counterpart returning him safely from the impending engagement. In the closing moments of the skirmish, Griffith is notified of Guts and Casca's fall from a cliff edge. Noblemen on the field caution him not to send soldiers provided by the king in search of merely two Falcons.

One after another, the officials shoot down ideas, until Griffith's opinion is asked for; he succinctly states he would reclaim the stronghold if ordered to by the king, much to the surprise of the other officials.

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In the midst of their bickering, the king asks Griffith if his claim was sincere, reminding him even Midland's strongest force, the White Tiger Knightscouldn't achieve such a feat. Griffith reassures the king that a large force is unnecessary, as he only requires the Band of the Falcon. Convinced by Griffith's confidence, the king orders the Falcons to recapture Doldrey. Griffith assembles his Falcons in the dust field of Doldrey, splitting his forces into two: Just as Guts' chances of survival dwindle, a replacement sword suddenly lands before him.

A slightly panicked Griffith instructs Guts to take up the sword, subsequently witnessing the beheading of Boscogn. Shortly after, the Purple Rhino Knights look to their rear to see a recaptured Doldrey, now under the Falcons' hold. Having dealt a huge blow to the enemy's morale, Griffith orders his Falcons to slaughter all who provide further opposition. As remnants of Tudor's forces scatter and the battle ends, Griffith approaches a trampled Governor Gennon, who had entered the fray earlier in hopes of seizing Griffith for himself.

As Gennon begs for another night of pleasure with the Falcon, Griffith informs the governor that he bears no feelings whatsoever for him, as he was merely a method of ascension. He then proceeds to pierce Gennon in the skull, so as to not inconvenience himself with the potential spreading of petty rumors. The Band of the Falcon receives a profusion of praise from Midland citizens and officials alike upon their victorious return, and a victory ball is held in celebration.

Also be warned that I do touch on the hound and the Eclipse, but only in one section of this post. Guts is basically having an internal debate about whether or not his revenge rampage was worth abandoning Casca. He eventually emphatically concludes that it was in fact not worth it and he fucked right up when he draws this connection: Again again again again.

The connection is drawn explicitly - he considers abandoning Casca to be the equivalent of abandoning Griffith and drawing that parallel is what motivates him to save her. But despite wanting to start atoning for past mistakes, he still intends to abandon her in a cave again after he gets her back.

Now I talk about this page all the damn time because of how off the charts gay it is, but more importantly right now is that it draws a strong contrast between Casca and Griffith.

As we saw in chapter he decided to dedicate himself to getting Casca back, and we can assume that he fully intended to give up his revenge quest at that point. Anyway Isidro ultimately saves Casca, she and Guts are reunited, and Griffith appears. And to elaborate on how the depiction of Griffith is a huge contrast here to the depiction of Casca: Casca is shown at her least sexualized.

And this is Griffith: Look at those sad eyebrows man. This scene thoroughly shows us how emotionally conflicted and confused Guts is.

But when NeoGriff tells Guts in no uncertain terms that his dream is not only more important, but his sole priority, Guts snaps.

Scroll back up to that first picture I posted, he says it right there: Now look at this shit: This is the man I am. He finally learned that lesson when he compared abandoning Casca to abandoning Griffith. He frames his choice to stay with Casca as making up for it. Guts draws a comparison between abandoning Griffith and abandoning Casca, and being abandoned by NeoGriffith and refusing to abandon Casca. Guts remembers NeoGriffith saying he knows what kind of man he is right before recalling him saving Casca.

She exists to be put into peril so Guts can decide to save her and then waver between her and Griffith. Enter Beast of Darkness.