Haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship quizzes

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haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship quizzes

Bollywood actors and their connection with the underworld. Anita Ayub, a beauty pageant contestant, was very close to underworld terror Dawood Ibrahim. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai was loosely based on the life of Haji Mastan. Quiz: Can You Guess The Bollywood Movie With One Dialogue?. on the lives of Mumbai underworld gangsters Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim. . its early stages to its connection with international terrorism in recent times. Based on the lives of Dawood Ibrahim and his consigliere Haji Mastan, this Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi movie was critically acclaimed.

However, he could not be convicted in most of the cases as witnesses would not depose against him for fear. He was finally convicted for murder of Shiv Sena leader Kamalakar Jamsandekar by a court in August Gawli and eleven others were found guilty of Jamsandekar's murder.

Dongri Se Dubai Tak (Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia) (Hindi)

It has been noted on multiple occasions that foreign influence on organised crime in India plays a critical role in how mafias and dons take action.

Sources reveal that there are also individual players who are British, French, Italian, Portuguese and from other European countries. Some have been visiting the state for over two decades and have their fixed international and local clientele. According to estimates, drugs flowing out of different foreign locations lands on the comparatively unguarded Goan coastline as Mumbai and its hinterland are no longer considered an easy route for trafficking, since the checks by the Coastguard, Navy, customs patrols and other government bodies.

There has been a spurt in the formation and activities of such criminal gangs in Punjab over the last decade even though some gangs, associated with those based in Uttar Pradeshhave been operational in the state since the end of militancy in Punjab.

The real estate and industrial sector boom of the early s saw several criminals surfacing with the primary objective of controlling unions. The flourishing of the banking sector, especially finance companies, spurred the demand for bouncers who ensured recovery of bad loans and helped in grabbing disputed properties.

Cricket bookies too used their services. Around five years back when the boom in real estate ended, these gangs then tuned to extortion and protection money as their source of income.

Most of these are inter-state gangs as well as the ones specialising in arms smuggling, narcotics and abduction. Kidnappings for ransom in Punjab, something which rarely happened earlier, are on the rise.

Organised crime in India

Indo-Canadian gangs are one of Canada's major organised crime problems, ranked third behind motorcycle clubs and Aboriginal criminal groups. These criminal organisations are mainly active in the province of British ColumbiaAlbertaand Ontario.

The pharmaceutical industry is also responsible for a lot of illegal production of mandraxmuch of which is smuggled into South Africa.

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship quizzes

A mere statement of facts regarding the events that transpired between the early fifties until recently would have made the narrative seem more like a newspaper report than anything else. But there are such details about the characteristics, personalities, mannerisms and personal lives of the Mumbai dons that only go to show how meticulous and thorough Zaidi has been. The author has also managed to slip in a little bit of humour in his descriptions, thus making an otherwise serious story, a little light.

To say that I was stunned by what the book revealed, would be an understatement. I was shocked beyond belief to know that a parallel world exists right under our noses, especially when the story reached the nineties because those are the days of my childhood that I remember.

The blasts are a blur in my memory, but my blood went cold when the book talked about Gulshan Kumar's murder in broad daylight in Andheri West, especially when I realised that I might have been in school that day, which wasn't that far from where he was shot dead mercilessly. My memory was jostled again when the story recanted how Rakesh Roshan was shot at and I was able to recall one Award Function immediately after Hrithik Roshan's debut release where he mentioned after his performance, that bad people were after his family, and I somehow couldn't hold back my tears.

Ignoring the fact that Hrithik is one of my favourite actors, what brought on the waterworks was how brutal and cold blooded the mafia was, the extent of menace that was created in the city and how the streets of Mumbai were rendered unsafe even for the rich and famous; especially the rich and famous. The book has made me aware of a large part of the history of Mumbai and to some extent, I can now understand how things became the way they are; not that it has made me any happier.

In an interview she recalled, Haji was fond of the Bollywood beauty Madhubala. When he saw Sona acting in his production, he found her like Madhubala and asked her mother for marriage.

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They both have four kids together: Haji even adopted a son Sundar Shaekhar, who was a Hindu by birth. Mastan spent most of his time in helping the poor, understanding their problems and providing financial assistance to them. Due to this, the unprivileged always were behind him and supported him through thick and thin.

The movie depicts that Dawood killed Haji Mastan, however, the truth is that Dawood and his elder brother murdered Basu Dada, who ruled Dongri. He taught them the art of smuggling but never knew what they would turn out to be in the later era.

He was a good spokesman who could impress anyone with his talking skills. With sheer influence, he controlled all of Mumbai.

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He took the help of Karim Lala and Varadarajan Mudaliar for muscle power to carry out his smuggling operations smoothly. When the gang rivalries began to increase in Mumbai, Mastan arranged a meeting of all the top gang leaders in Mumbai and recommended to split their areas so operations could be carried out freely.

The ideologies of politician Jaiprakash Narayan highly influenced him which paved the way for him to learn Hindi Can you imagine anyone surviving in Mumbai for so long without knowing Hindi? He went on a Haj after that, now we know why he was called Haji!

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship quizzes

Doulatram Kawle was the corporator of the party. Sultan died on May 9 due to cancer, thus bringing an end to a golden era.