Haruhi and kyon relationship test

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haruhi and kyon relationship test

Haruhi charges ahead with Kyon, Koizumi and Asahina in tow. . Haruhi sets them a test with a question sheet on why they want to join, what they Kuyoh also says that during her relationship with Taniguchi, he bought her. I think as it becomes clear that Kyon and Haruhi's relationship is vital for Haruhi's stability, we'll see the internal conflict of Nagato's own feelings. Algún día lo aremos >\\\Kiss, Manga Anime, Animes Haruhi Suzumiya & Kyon & Itsuki Koizumi & Yuki Nagato & Mikuru Asahina Beautiful Anime Girl.

It's more a Japanese cultural thing; it's perfectly normal for teenage Japanese girls to refer to one another by their given names but to boys by their surnames. More of note is the fact that, whereas she uses affectionate honorifics for the other Brigade members 'Mikuru-chan', 'Yuki-chan', 'Koizumi-kun'which indicates some degree of closeness but is still fairly unremarkable given Haruhi's Genki Girl personality, she refers to Kyon with no honorific whatsoever, which, particularly for a girl, indicates a remarkable degree of intimacy, similar to the traditional First-Name Basis in English.

She's also a foil to Mikuru in at least two ways. And don't forget Yuki, who unlike Haruhi, is cool and silent. Can also foil Itsuki, who is wise and calm, while she's more impulsive and reckless. And Ryoko is the true evil psychopath while Haruhi is a heroic normal girl deep down. Kyon is her first friend since elementary school according to Taniguchi. The other brigade members warm up to her eventually, but Kyon is still the only one who wasn't ordered by a superior.

In her case, it's by choice, since she isn't interested in ordinary humans. The change after she makes a friend is pretty impressive. Even after the Brigade start to know her on a personal level, Kyon is the only one of them who trusts her on a personal level. Friend to All Children: She appears to love kids and enjoys playing with them, as evidenced by her antics during Endless Eight.

She is clearly fond of Kyon's little sister, who likes her back in return. In the novels, it's revealed that she tutors an elementary school boy who just happens to be the future inventor of time travel. Very evident in the opening credits of Season 1, and during her cameo in Lucky Star. When we're first introduced to her, she just seems like a weird girl, but after Kyon feeds her the idea of starting her own club, she suddenly perks up and gains a lot of enthusiastic energy, invoking this trope and probably one subtle reason why she likes him.

Further, in the Disappearance film, when we first see Haruhi, she has almost the same dejected personality prior to Kyon's talk in the series. After talking to her and Koizumi a little in the cafe, she suddenly starts to perk up and act the same exact way as old world Haruhi. Giving Someone the Pointer Finger: She does this a few times in a non-homage context, because she's loud, brash, and doesn't care about personal space. An in-universe deconstruction of the trope, as she has the powers to make everything happen but her personality works against it.

She has no idea what she's doing to reality. She kept changing them around for a while, but now sticks to a yellow hairband with two matching ribbons attached to it. Her goal in life is to make the world more exciting. Chronologically, in Sigh after nearly getting the shit punched out of her by Kyon for spiking Mikuru's drink and calling her her toy.

Suffers this in Sigh over her treatment of Mikuru, especially since Kyon was so furious at her for it that he had to be physically restrained from punching her out. Directly after this is one of her biggest Pet the Dog moments, and she becomes much nicer after this. Made more obvious in the anime rendition, where she looks away from Kyon as he calls her out and it's clear she's fighting back tears.

One of the rare female hustlers. A plot point; no one knows how her powers work or where she got them. Itsuki says he that one day he realized he had powers and that she gave them to him. I Just Want to Be Special: If only she knew she was truly a reality warper or maybe it's better that she doesn't. As a child, her parents took her to a sports stadium. When she realized just how many people there were alive in just that stadium, she started to feel worthless and unremarkable.

Is said to be beautiful on cosmic levels, but because of the art style, she doesn't immediately seem any more or less attractive than any other female character. She will make extreme leaps of logic to make things fit her way.

It's All About Me: A defining trait early in the series is her steam rolling over everyone in the name of making her own life less boring. She tones it down in later adventures.

In the beginning of the series, until she eventually matures into a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.

Haruhi Suzumiya

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Most recently seen in the end of the beta storyline of Dissociation. Jumped at the Call: Exaggerated; she didn't even get one in the first place. From a certain point of view you could say that she made the call. The most she ever pays for any of her jerky actions is Kyon's irritation, and even that doesn't bother her until Sighs.

haruhi and kyon relationship test

A lot in the first few episodes, as well as the Sigh arc. Examples include framing the computer club for molesting Mikuru so she can blackmail them into giving her their best computer for free, and forcing them to swear loyalty to her when the club failed to get back said computer. Then there's the Sigh arc, where she treats Mikuru like crap and openly declares her her toy; this leads to a Heel Realization on her end when Kyon gets sick of Haruhi's bitchiness, chews her out for it, and has to be physically restrained from hitting her.

What if a god, a being far above humanity — which it can destroy or remake at will — was put in the body of a human? What if she forgot her power, but not her Blue and Orange Morality? She has some very hammy moments, particularly when she's waxing lyrical over her plans for the SOS Brigade. Of the SOS Brigade. Or in her words, "Super Commander".

haruhi and kyon relationship test

Though her true nature is still open to speculationher god-like powers are undoubted. She even provides the page image. Locked Out of the Loop: You better keep her out of the "you might be God" loop or she might destroy the world. Kyon is careful to not ask where all the stuff in the clubroom comes from.

She's Kyon's Magical She Is Not My Girlfriendand a inversion of the whole thing, as she epitomizes exactly what protagonist Kyon claims he doesn't want out of life. There's a lot of focus on her butt in the Endless Eight arc. Due to the randomness of the shot and the fact that she must have exposed herself to a bunch of people at that point, it can fall into Fetish Retardant for some. Manic Pixie Dream Girl: She takes the job seriously enough to graph out how he's failed to progress, even after a year of her hard work.

Ironically, Kyon would count as hers see Genki Girlabove except that he's male and very pessimistic. Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds: Several times, Haruhi endangers the universe without realizing it. It's strongly implied that she destroyed the universe 3 years agoand replaced it with one more to her liking. Mistress and Servant Boy: Her relationship with Kyon since she orders him to do the club's grunt work.

Will happily bend the laws of space and time just to keep Kyon from talking to other girls. Has berserk superhuman strength when he seems to be writing love letters to other girls.

Now she's a cheerful Genki Girlthe next scene she's abrasive, confrontational, dominant and almost narcissistic, after that she may become extremely melancholic. There are reasons for her mood-changes, but sometimes it just appears randomly.

She frequently melds her imagination with the Real Life through Reality Warping - and isn't even aware of it. Basically, the only thing missing is a Panty Shot. Even Lucy van Pelt apologizes more often than Haruhi. Of course, Haruhi is never even told of most of the things she does. Most of the time, due to her Lack of Empathyshe isn't even aware that there's something to apologize for. This gets better, although the changes are very subtle.

Haruhi starts the S. Brigade precisely because she is bored, and is looking for entertainment. Later in the series, it is implied that she enjoys the company of her fellow brigade members, particularly Kyon.

If you want to achieve faster-than-light travel, let Haruhi on your spaceship. She'll just simply ignore the theory of relativity for you. When I mentioned this to Nagato, the reticent pseudo-alien responded with the following.

No Such Thing as Space Jesus: Most brigade members question God being one of us, rather than above the clouds. She's brilliant and gets top grades without having to study though also prone to doing stupid things regularlyshe's noted to be stunningly beautifulshe's also in incredible physical shape having in a short period of time been in, quickly excelling, and gotten bored with, every school athletic club, who are pining to have her backand an entire organization exists with the sole purpose of keeping her happy and making sure that she never loses at anything because they are afraid of her.

She is also a literal God Mode Sue. As the series progresses, she reveals that she genuinely cares for her friends. In episode 2 of the anime, but it got bleeped. Then I'll tell everyone at school that all you geeks ganged up on her and fucked her!

She tutors a number of kids from her neighborhood, including one who will end up inventing time travel. In Disassociation, she starts tutoring Kyon out of the blue with no explanation. It takes him a while to figure out that she's trying to get his grades up so that he can go to the same college as she.

In Surprise, when Kyon ends up a few years in the future, it's implied this plan worked. In one of the later light novels, she wears one of these. When Kyon first met her. And waist length hair as a child. Although she doesn't realize it, which may be for the best. A mild example, since in middle school Haruhi had the tendency to date every guy who confessed to her. Even if the relationship would only last five minutes. Unconventional and breaks some social norms.

haruhi and kyon relationship test

Reed Richards Is Useless: She could solve all the world's problems, but this would cause an overloading of excitement. She's good at sports, bug catching, goldfish scooping, school, singing, and cooking. Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Energetic Girl to Kyon's Savvy Guy. Held in awe by all the students, who don't understand why she's so distant.

At first glance it may look like Haruhi is the main character she is after all the poster girl but she's notand as seen in Decoy Protagonist above, Kyon is The Hero.

To Haruhi, everything is Serious Business. She doesn't care if guys see her naked. Kyon concludes that mentally she views them as being the same as potatos. The point where she starts kicking Kyon out of the room when changing is therefore pretty telling on her part. Which gets ample emphasis in the anime. At the start of the series, her behavior pretty much fitted almost every diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder. She gets better over the course of the series though.

She is the closest the series comes to having this archetype; evidence of this includes a passion for sports, which is most explicit in "Boredom", and her wardrobe including cuffed jean shorts, as seen in "Remote Island Syndrome", "Endless Eight", and "Sigh". Form a club, pass out flyers, win a baseball game, make a movie. There must be a conspiracy sabotaging each of her simple plans.

Haruhi causes skepticism to fail. Briefly in Disappearance, when she's changing into Kyon's tracksuit. When trying to fit the skirt of her uniform underneath, she fails miserably, basically says "Ah, forget it!

Her motivation for this after Kyon talks to her a little about how people adapted or created things to suit their needs. Demonstrates this after finding Nakagawa's written love confession to Yuki. She does it again in "The Melancholy of Mikuru Asahina". Kyon even mentions that her smiling is usually a bad thing esp, for him an Asahina. Every time Kyon copies one of her drawings, alien monsters appear.

haruhi and kyon relationship test

Oddly enough, she turns out to be this as part of her Team Mom persona later in the books. In the first chapter of Vol.


Also, when she plays with a bunch of kids in Endless Eight. In "Snowy Mountain Syndrome," she almost overbearingly insists on caring for Nagato, even overriding Yuki's claims of being okay now. As of Disappearance, following a bad experience with alcohol in "Remote Island Syndrome".

I'm never gonna drink again, as long as I live! Initially, she is often seen bullying and bossing around the other members of the SOS Brigade, especially Mikuru. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Tomboy to Mikuru's Girly Girl, if their contrasting reactions to playing in a baseball tournament as seen in "Boredom" are any indicator.

Also the Tomboy to Sasaki's Girly Girl. Every Tuesday of the week until that fateful Wednesday when Kyon asked her about her varying hairstyles, and then again briefly at the end of Melancholy and when disguising herself in Disappearance. Tomboy with a Girly Streak: She's good with sports, and she definitely shows more enthusiasm for the SOS Brigade's appearance in a local baseball tournament than most everyone else on her team; she's also just as passionate if not moreso about romance with an alien, time traveler, slider, or ESPer, plus when it comes to cooking she's no slouch.

Trash of the Titans: A good portion of the clutter in the Brigade's clubroom belongs to Haruhi, and she won't get rid of any of it. She once told the Computer Club president that she'll never give up anything that's in the clubroom, "Not even a week old can of soda with no fizz.

Now listen here, Kyon. I don't ever waste anything I can use. If it can be reused, it should be, and so long as it's holding together, I won't throw it away. That's the spirit of environmentalism!

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Haruhi is an inverted Tsundere, abusing people when she's happy with them and affectionately braiding their hair when she's about to rewrite the Universe out of jealousy. She plays it straight occasionally such as the conclusion of Disappearance. This is compounded by the fact that the two have such widely diverse personalities; Kyon frequently strikes me as almost having a wet blanket effect on Haruhi.

That's fine to a degree, but what makes Haruhi such an awesome character to me is, in very large part, her bold and relentless personality. And while I can like nice subtle moments such as the frequently referenced pony tail scenesa good romance has to be more than just subtlety in my opinion.

You need some real bells and whistles to compliment the subtle moments. The episodes most frequently sited as providing good KyonHaruhi scenes are Live Alive, Someday in the Rain, and the one with the kiss in it.

haruhi and kyon relationship test

Live Alive has some splendid friendship moments between Kyon and Haruhi, but there's nothing there that strongly stands out as romance to me. It's just more of the same subtlety that can be taken as cute friendship as easily as it can be taken as serious romance. Put it this way: If these were two girls acting and talking to each other this way, would it strike you as yuri, or just as good friendship?

I believe that K-On has the answer to that. Kaisos and Ithekro even seemed to suggest that this one small gesture on Haruhi's part and Kyon's acceptance of it means that KyonHaruhi is a done deal. I have a couple issues with that Someday in the Rain doesn't seem to have altered the standing of their relationship at all from where it stood before 2 I'm sorry but For Heaven's sake, if KyonHaruhi is the way that the franchise goes it better involve a spoken romantic confession at the absolute least.

It's a charming moment to be sure, but real romance goes farther than this. All of the above being said So, to any KyonHaruhi shipper reading this, don't let my words detract from your appreciation of this pairing.

I'm mainly trying to explain why I'm personally still not sold on it So, what is it that I like in a romance? It should involve more than love at first sight, but it shouldn't take forever either. Some bashfulness and hesitancy is cute, even for strong-willed characters like Haruhi.

But after a year or two of being friendly with one another, it really is time to get on with making it an established romance.

The developing stage is a good point for subtle scenes. If the personalities are too different, it clashes nastily for me. If the skill sets are identical, it makes the characters seem redundant to each other to me. Thankfully, Haruhi and Kyon do have complimentary skill sets.

Say the guy is really good at being upbeat and cheerful, and the girl needs added self-confidance in her life. Or say the girl is great at school and the guy needs help with his studies.

See Hitagi in Bakemonogatari for a modern example of a good romantic confession. Dancing with one another. Sharing laughs with each other. Energetically celebrating shared successes. Each showing real congratulations and happiness for the other's successes.

Acting like an item. You don't need to actually show sex, but you usually need to show a lot of the above. For 'casual love', I again reference Bakemonogatari with Hitagi and Araragi man, that is such a good canon pairing - a lot can be learned from it. Check out how casually Hitagi calls Araragi her lover, and shows concern over his future.

Folks, this is how real people talk to one another once they're firmly in a committed, long-term romantic relationship.

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If a romance has five or more of the seven, I'm game. Six or more, and I love it. Which is why I'm not sold on KyonHaruhi yet. So, am I a shipper for any alternative pairings? Definitely not in Haruhi's case. Taniguchi loathes Haruhi, and it shows. They're about the same height, which is neat, but aside from that, no way. Either of the girls? So, yeah, in-universe, Kyon is definitely Haruhi's best option, I have to admit that.

But as for Kyon I kind of like the idea of Kyon and Mikuru big. I get a chuckle out of the idea of Mikuru big going back in time to help the teenage boy that eventually becomes her husband. It kind of would explain why Mikuru big told Kyon that he could steal a kiss from her sleeping younger self too. Kyon and Yuki had some really nice cute moments in Novel 4. Yuki is an exception to my "sparks must fly! So, I'd be willing to forgive an understated romance of subtlety between her and Kyon.

But that's such an unlikely possibility that I don't know if it's even worth considering. I'm totally game with any fanfics that go with this pairing, though. I kind of like KyonYuki best. No one pairing is totally sold on me yet though.