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on when HT is initiated in relation to a woman's age and/or time since Clinical Research Center; Helen Hayes Hospital, West . Dr. Shapiro reports Advisory Board for Dairy Tips Working Group. Anderson GL, Judd HL, Kaunitz AM, et al; Women's Health Initiative .. Henderson VW, St John JA, Hodis HN, et al. Shapiro's final UK Top Ten hit single was with the ballad "Little Miss Lonely", which Helen Shapiro has been married since 31 August to John Judd ( real. Helen Shapiro and John Judd Relationship, Pictures, Videos, Timeline - FamousWhy.

It is often contrasted with monophonicor "mono" sound, where audio is heard as coming from one position, often centered in the sound field analogous to a visual field. In the s, stereo sound is common in entertainment systems such as broadcast radio and TV, recorded music and the cinema.

The song was released on September 20, with an accompanying music video, and serves as the first promotional single from his debut studio album Lace Up.

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Background "Stereo" is one of MGK's older songs, being previously featured on his mixtape: It was released on September 20, with an accompanying music video, on his Vevo account. On his Twitter account, MGK stated that the music video was shot and finished over a year before it was officially released but wanted to wait for his upcoming album's release date to be closer. Lace Up - The Prelude was released on October 2, The video, switches between MGK either riding in a custom painted tourbus also occupied by what appears to be prostitutes, or with a girlfriend whose father dislikes him, or rapping in an empty room.

The second scenario portrays the songs lyrics; MGK is deeply in love with a girl but her father, a police officer, dislikes him and will go to great lengths to keep them apart. While the first scenario displays shots of MGK running from the police or him and Alex Fitts in the tourbus with all the other girls. The third scenario is shown after MGK is chased away by the police. The first and second scenarios eventually coincide with one another at the end of the video.

It was Cronenberg's first feature-length effort, following his two short films, Transfer and From the Drain. It is a brief feature film, with a running time of a little over one hour. This film is set in Chicago, Illinois U.

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The Records of the University of Chicago Press contain correspondence, minutes and other administrative material dating from The largest part of the collection consists of files on books published by the Press during these years. Information on Use The collection is open for research.

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Citation When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: University of Chicago Press. Boxes contain valuable material on the earliest years. The document of incorporation, signed and sealed, is bound in a legal size volume marked Vol. Some correspondence of early directors with President Harper, who took a personal interest in and responsibility for the Press, is in box 1, folders D.

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Newman Miller's annual reports submitted to the President for the fiscal years through are in twenty legal size bound volumes in box 3, foldersthrough box 6, folders Financial reports of the publication department for fiscal years through are in bound volumes in Boxes10 and 11, and financial information for the years is bound in a large volume in box Some information on grants and departmental publication funds may be found in box 14, folders Information about the Press staff and their activities in the s may be found in box 6, folder 5, and in Boxes 8 and 9, especially the volumes of Press Impressions.

Donald Bean's miscellaneous memorabilia in Box 13 throw more light on this period. Bean's bound "Report on American Scholarly Publishing, " folder 5written at the behest of the Rockefeller Foundation, is the first survey of university press publishing in the United States, and the only one until ale University Press director Chester Kerr's A Report on American University Presses, also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

A sampling of advertising brochures, publications, and lists will be found in Box 15, foldersthrough Box 16, folder 7. Various unbound seasonal catalogs are in Box 16, foldersthrough Box 17, folder 2, and miscellaneous general, or annual, catalogs are in Box 17, foldersand Box 18, folders Two useful compilations are the list of out-of-print titles,and an account of all the journals published by the Press up throughBox 18, folders 5 and 6, respectively.

MINUTES The copy of minutes from the Trustees' Committee on Press and Extension from to in Box 19, folderswas evidently preserved from Newman Miller's office, for there are notes in his handwriting and some letters included with its pages. The complete official copy of the minutes of this body, from toare in two large volumes with the University Board of Trustees' records in the Archives. Of most interest for the publishing history of the Press are the minutes of the Board of University Publications, for the first thirty years known as the Board of the University Press or, alternatively, as the Administrative Board of the University Press.