Hinamori and toshiro relationship with god

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hinamori and toshiro relationship with god

VERY FUNNY AIZEN. #hinamori #toshiro #bleach. Toushiro Hitsugaya Stabs Momo Hinamori bleach Bleach Anime, Book . My GOD Bleach is awesome!. How crazy would it be if Hinamori and Hitsugaya NEVER met, no childhood a strange black and white outfit and soon finds out he is a Death God. . way to go back and be friends after you've had a relationship with them. Hitsugaya to Hinamori: why you should date me As requested by anon. “Also, since you've had um less than healthy relationships, it's.

Rukia cursed as she took the box that was mysteriously given to her last night in 'her' closet, she look at the side of the box and it ha Urahara's face on it grinning and making a peace sign. Well that explains a lot! She takes a look back in the mirror before she goes out from the cubicle. This flat as a board doesn't make any sense! She glared at her breast about to punch the mirror. Why do I even bother…? Let's show those other bitches what we got!

Rangiku wink at them, making them blush and die in nose bleeding. Don't use that weapon that could make other people's life in danger! Orihime is the first one to react, "Kuchiki-san is in danger!

Hitsugaya to Hinamori: why you should date me

She might have captured by the aliens and the aliens might make her to conquer the world and there will be a huge alien and robot invasion! They were deep in thought. That made them blush as red as Renji's hair.

Rangiku punch him in the face and said, "Did you just come here to flirt with me, didn't you! They all laughed at their whereabouts and then suddenly they heard a familiar voice, shouting and bickering along the way towards them. Well, this is interesting! Wait I just rhyme something.

what is the relationship between hinamori and hitsugaya?

What do we have here! Toshiro stole your place, what are you gonna do? Yachiru grab the crab to god knows where and put it on Ichigo's V-line. Urahara sweat drop, despite their size they could act so strong together as he's in front between the raging fire he said, "Okay, we'll settle this to a battle and let's add a little wager in here shall we. Why does Hinamori have to be in this fuss!

Urahara grinned pushing his damn hat down as his habit and started to explain, "Three Games with only three rounds, if either of you win the final game, I'll return either of these girls to you and if either of you lose the final game there is a consequence and plus the loser will be the slave of the champion.

hinamori and toshiro relationship with god

Toshiro could hear cheering his name and assisting him the direction of the watermelon. You think that I could lose; it's watermelon for heaven sake!

hinamori and toshiro relationship with god

Toshiro started to listen his friends direction and he feel in his gut that he could win this battle and destroy the Kuchiki Rukia.

Wait I sound evil. Rukia, on the other hand whose in big trouble because of the noise of cheering her name and cheering Toshiro's name. Damn, where the hell are you? Rukia concentrates to the game and to her friend Inoue, this is for you, Inoue! Rukia smirked, she'll win this thing. Rukia ran to the right and smack the watermelon. You think you could win, do you? At least I tried the harder way! Children isn't good at this stuff. Skinny and short isn't good at this stuff.

Don't you ever underestimate me you fool! Damn Kuchiki, I won't lose to a girl like you! Yeah, sounds like a movie right? I wish it was a movie with some sort of happy romantic ending where I find my soul mate who understands my situation but, honestly finding true love? Try somewhere else cupid or fire an arrow that you can't miss.

Use a bazooka or heat seeking missiles… Seeing dead people is not fun. Sometimes they look like normal people and I can touch them as if they were alive. Sometimes, I get confused if they are ghost or not. But, in real life you look crazier than a mime who can talk. My parents taught me never to let myself be down and always be strong and keep your head up high.

Mostly all the ghost I've seen are wandering spirits and sometimes there are the scary ones… I can't explain what they are but, they are large black monsters with a bone-like mask over they face. I've seen different shapes and sizes of them, it's always best to walk the other way and not to make any eye contact with them.

Heading to her classroom hearing other students chattering and laughing. She slide the door open as everyone stopped talking and stared at her. Girls giggled, Hinamori looked at her ex who didn't bother to look at her. Hinamori reached inside and placed a book on her desk to hide it.

She was used to this type of treatment yet, she felt proud that she hid this secret for this long. Until, she let her boyfriend-now-ex her huge secret. First he thought it was a joke but, later on he became more distant away from her.

Mostly it was because he was scared or disgusted having such 'special' girlfriend. She looked out the window hearing the girls giggling and the guys talking quietly. Without doubt they were talking about her.

hinamori and toshiro relationship with god

Give me a break already In front was her ex and his friends walking and looking over their shoulder to take a glimpse of her. She knew break ups were awkward but they went home on the same path. They would always go home together holding hands and laughing now it seems he had completely forgotten about her.

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Hinamori looked and saw a park 'I better go home through the park now…' It was the longer way to get home, she looked back her her ex '…Better than walking behind this jerk. She let out a scoff and rolled her eyes 'Friends my butt…' She knew there was no way to go back and be friends after you've had a relationship with them. It's just like putting a band aid on the wound but the cut is still there and probably will leave a scar.

I don't care, it's better this way anyways! Hinamori saw some swings and took a seat. Slowly swinging, she lowered her head and felt her eyes filling up with tears. Quickly wiping them off "BAKA!

Why are you crying for him!?

Momo Hinamori

He doesn't deserve your tears…Not a single drop! Soon, she started to have fun as she went back and forth. Closing her eyes, she felt the wind going through her hair as if she was flying. How wish she would go somewhere far away from all her problems, where she wouldn't be judge on being different.

She was swinging high and started to remember when she was young she used to swing high and launch herself as she would fly up and land on her feet. Hinamori let out a smirk and began to swing higher and higher She was at the highest point "Alright Let's see if you still got it Momo! Feeling the soft breeze in her hair, she felt she had wings. The freedom she always wanted but, the moment was too short as she felt gravity pulling her down.

Time had moved slowly as she looked down and saw someone walking right under her.